Tuesday, August 31, 2021

nail polish review: essie have a ball collection (part one)

Some nail polishes are better than others. In the past, some of the polishes in my collection have exceeded expectations and others have fallen flat. Looking for a nail polish brand that is both reliable and impressive? Then there is one name to remember: Essie. This is a nail polish brand that I have tried a handful of times in the past (my last review was from the Celebrating Moments collection) and have consistently enjoyed. Recently, the 6-Piece Have a Ball Collection was sent to me to review and enjoy. Since there are so many polishes to test and try...this is going to be a three part series. Each post will highlight and review two different nail polishes from the collection. Part one is all about Love-All Game and Have a Ball. 

The 6-Piece Have a Ball Collection from Essie is all about tennis. This limited edition collection includes a number of bright, bold, summertime shades that are perfectly themed. Just consider the shade names! Love-All Game and Have a Ball are excellent examples. These polishes scream tennis, summer, and of course, fun. Here are reviews of the first two shades.

Love-All Game by Essie. The first polish included in the Have a Ball Collection is Love-All Game. It is described as a bright orange semi-matte and it certainly matches that description. This shade photographs bright but it actually looks even brighter in person. This is such a fun colour and is ideal for days loaded with sunshine! Out of all the colour included in the set, this was the one that caught my eye first. It was just so different from anything else in my nail polish collection. Love-All Game applied easily (the brush is the perfect size...not too big or too small) and required three coats in total. Each coat dried fairly quickly (about two minutes) and it looked beautiful. The best thing about this particular polish? The wear time. Love-All Game lasted for a full two weeks without chipping, flaking, or showing signs of wear. In fact, it only showed signs of wear at the end of the nail after a full day of scrubbing and cleaning. Whenever I need a long-lasting nail polish, Love-All Game is the ideal choice.

Have a Ball by Essie. This is another winner. Bright or neon coloured nails have always intrigued me. In the past, I have tried out different neon offerings but they pretty much all fell flat or didn't have a very good formula. Have a Ball offers the best of both worlds: a bright almost neon kind of colour but with a stellar formula. This is a yellow-green semi-matte that looks just like a tennis ball...hence the name! It is such a unique colour and definitely makes my nails stand out for all the right reasons. Similar to the Love-All Game polish, this required three coats, dried fairly quickly, and was easy to apply. In terms of the wear time? This is actually still on my nails! It has been just over a week and it is still looking fresh and fabulous. I am actually surprised at how well this has lasted, considering the fact that I have been doing a lot of cleaning, rearranging, decluttering, and so on. This stuff is amazing and super long-wearing. I am certainly going to keep it in mind for future vacations or times when I do not want to have to worry about my nails. The formula is really wonderful. 

So far, so great! The first two nail polishes from the Essie 6-Piece Have a Ball Collection are really impressive. Both of the colours are bold and bright...and the formula is fantastic. I just love how well these last. It is nice to not have to worry about whether my nail polish is still intact at the end of each day. These polishes are durable and beautiful. 

Interested in trying them out for yourself? Or checking out other beautiful nail polish releases? Be sure to head on over to NailPolishCanada.com to browse their impressive selection of polishes. And remember, this is only part one of my nail polish review. Part two and part three will be featured on the creation of beauty is art. over the next few months. 

Are you a fan of Essie? What do you think of these nail polish colours? 


  1. I loved the purple and the nude. :)

  2. These are both nice and bold. In my eyes these are Hallowe'en colours :-D Only recently bought Essie and thought them good thus far!

    1. You are definitely right. I will probably wear the orange/coral one around Halloween!

  3. Oh yes those Tupperware bowls are pretty nice =) This colour feels like summer. Thank you =) That Maybelline Matte Ink is so beautiful, I weared it a lot in Hamburg =) Thanks my last week was nice, hope yours too =)
    Yes we had a wonderful time in Hamburg again <3 Last year it was a little bit too hot and now this year it was raining the most time :D But we have so much fun.

    Great review =) I love Essie and this colours are really beautiful =) Even summer is over in Germany I would wear them now. Especially the pink and orange one <3

    1. For sure! The colours are so lovely. Definitely great to wear even after summer is over :D

  4. I really love essie nails! You did a fantastic color selection:D
    Have a lovely day!