Thursday, March 31, 2022

too faced: palm springs dreams cocktail party eye shadow palette

Some people like beauty products that look sleek and sophisticated. As for me? I love items that are fun and whimsical. Life can be serious...but makeup doesn't need to be. Perhaps that is why I love Too Faced so much. All of their releases are colourful and have a cute theme. They are fun! Makeup is a form of creative expression, but it is also a stress reliever for me. I absolutely love the process of creating a look, and when the products are downright adorable, that just makes the process even better. Not too long ago, the Palm Springs Dreams Cocktail Party Eye Shadow Palette was at Winners. Since I love both Too Faced and discount prices, it was a match made in heaven. For only $25 CDN, it was possible to try this wonderfully themed release. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

virtual event: mocktails, makeup, and a movie (2022)

Special events are difficult these days. It is hard to know what the right move is. Should it be in person? Online? A mix of the two? Last year, the Mocktails, Makeup, and a Movie event was virtual and it remained virtual this year. Though it made sense to keep it online...I have to admit that I did miss the in person experience. Previously, there were makeup demonstrations, raffles, games, snacks, and a brand new movie to watch at the theatre. (You can read more about that here.) It was more of an experience. At home? You definitely have to put in a little extra work to make it feel like an event. That being said, there were some highlights and lots and lots of beauty items to test and try. Ready to hear more about the event? Keep reading...

Sunday, March 27, 2022

review and reveal: charmed aroma harry potter (hogwarts express)

There are many things in the world that bring me joy. Harry Potter is one example! I have so many wonderful memories of reading the books, watching the movies, collecting memorabilia, and attending themed events. Harry Potter has been a significant part of my life for a very long time. So, even though the Hogwarts Express Candle from Charmed Aroma was expensive at $60 was something that I could not resist. It was one of those love-at-first-sight moments. Not only would there be a Harry Potter themed necklace inside, but the Hogwarts Express train itself would look perfect on my Harry Potter shelf. (Yes, there is a shelf in my home office dedicated to Harry Potter items.) Without further ado, let's take a closer look at this Harry Potter themed candle and find out what was hidden away inside the Hogwarts Express train.

stay stylish this spring with durafits

Somehow, the spring season has arrived, and with it comes optimism about the future. Many of my friends and family members have started to purchase concert tickets, make plans, and think about travel. (I am far more reluctant, but am trying to be more open to the possibilities.) After two years of staying indoors, many are eager to get out there and do something fun. That means that right now is the perfect time to embrace fashion - and wear all the clothes that have been hanging at the back of the closet. To make the most of those pieces, it is important to give careful consideration to what goes underneath. Need somewhere to start? A little inspiration? DuraFits has a wide selection of items to consider.

Friday, March 25, 2022

spring makeup look feat. violet voss (violet sunset palette)

Spring is here! Though the weather is anything but sunshine and flowers. On the plus side, the temperatures continue to rise, and before long, it will be nice enough to head outside every now and then. The spring season is the ideal time to have a little fun with colourful makeup. Thankfully, there is an eyeshadow palette that has been helping me out with that. Violet Voss is known for their bright and bold shades. (The Care Bears Mini Eyeshadow Palette is a favourite of mine.) They consistently deliver on colour...even in a slightly more neutral palette. The Violet Sunset palette still delivers on lots of bright and bold colours, but balances it out with some warm everyday shades as well. It is the perfect palette to kickstart the spring season.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

review and makeup look: nyx shadow and liner set

It is no secret that makeup is a passion of mine. I love to use it, test out different products, and have fun tapping into my creative side. Since it is such an important part of my day-to-day life, my loved ones often treat me to different products. Some are gifted around holidays and some are gifted for no reason at all. The NYX Shadow and Liner Set falls into the latter category. It was such a lovely surprise and completely perked up a more difficult day. Since then, I have been putting this drugstore set from NYX to the test. It included two different items: That's The Point Eyeliner and the Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette. Ready to take a closer look and find out how these products perform? Here are all the details  you need to know.

Monday, March 21, 2022

spring will come and so will happiness.

Phew! We made it. Spring has officially arrived. Some years, part of me wants to hold onto the winter season a little bit longer, and other years, my heart longs for springtime. This year, I am kind of on the fence. On one hand, I like watching the snow fall when I am warm and cozy inside. On the other hand, I miss going on walks with my husband when the weather is nice. I suppose change is inevitable! It is time to tuck away those winter boots for another year and welcome in sunny skies. This spring, I feel a combination of excitement and anxiety. There is excitement that I will be potentially be able to meet with friends in outdoor settings, but there is anxiety about getting back out into the world, even in small ways. I think it will be a significant adjustment for me to really live life again. For the last two years, I have been inside my home almost all of the time. The idea of having outdoor distanced meetings with friends, or going somewhere just because, is overwhelming. If I'm being honest...I am afraid. So, the spring season is a little bittersweet for me, but today, I want to focus on the sweet. On that note! Here are some inspiration photos to welcome in a new season and add a little hope to your day. 

Saturday, March 19, 2022

one/size eye popper sparkle vision eyeshadow (review + makeup)

One/Size is a brand that has long intrigued me, thanks to the fact that it was created by YouTuber and makeup artist, Patrick Starrr. Since I've been a fan of his work for many years now, it was only natural that I would also be interested in his makeup line. I'll be honest...the initial products didn't cause me to run off to Sephora. (They were makeup removers.) That being said, the One/Size Visionary Eyeshadow Palette has become a staple in my makeup collection. I reach for it often, because it has unique neutrals, and an incredible formula. Though I love that palette, I haven't tried anything else from the brand. Until now. As you probably know, I love eye makeup the most, so the One/Size Eye Popper Sparkle Vision Eyeshadow was on my wish list. Recently, I was able to put the shade Everything & More to the test. Ready to see what it looks like? Find out how it performs? 

Thursday, March 17, 2022

may your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! This holiday always makes me smile. Not only because all holidays are fun, but because on St. Patrick's Day (many years ago...) my husband and I met for the first time. So, it always makes me sentimental. In the past, we would head to a restaurant to celebrate or we would have a little themed dinner at home. Since the pandemic, our celebrations have been much more low-key, though we still try to make it special. This year? It will be another low-key celebration. Even though restrictions are starting to lift where I live, the idea of going out to a restaurant is totally overwhelming to me at this point. I'm still trying to stay inside as much as possible and limit interactions with others. Maybe one day that will change, but for now, inside it is. That means it is my job to bring St. Patrick's Day into our home. We don't have a lot of decorations, but I put up what we have, and even planned out some St. Patrick's Day makeup. Ready to take a peek at this holiday inspired look? 

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

ariana grande perfume review: god is a woman

It is no secret that perfume is a love of mine. Over the years, there have been plenty of reviews and favourites lists on the creation of beauty is art. dedicated to different scents. There is just so much to enjoy about perfume! From the stunning bottle designs to the actual all makes me happy. The most recent perfume in my collection? God Is a Woman from Ariana Grande. This was given to me over the holiday season and has been used many times since then. Now, it is time to share my thoughts about the packaging, the bottle design, and the scent itself. Ready to find out more? Here is everything you need to know about the latest perfume from musical phenomenon, Ariana Grande. 

Sunday, March 13, 2022

review: morphe x jaclyn hill (divine neutrals eyeshadow palette)

YouTube is a passion of mine. I love watching videos related to makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and even theme parks. (Especially theme parks. I've been watching a ton of theme park related content since the pandemic began. I suppose I am living vicariously!) There are some YouTubers that I love more than others. One that has been on my list of loves for several years is Jaclyn Hill. I actually started watching her videos after falling in love with her original eyeshadow palette with Morphe. Since then, I have tried several different products from her...though I haven't yet tried anything from Jaclyn Cosmetics just yet. One day! For now, I am putting the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Divine Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette to good use. 

Friday, March 11, 2022

recent self care beauty favourites (february 2022)

When it comes to beauty, the fun stuff always makes me happiest. Blush, eyeshadow, lipstick. Things that are colourful and transformative! The every day items, like moisturizer and hair care stuff never seems to thrill me in the same way. Those are the needs. Fun and colourful makeup? Those are the wants and the wants are always more appealing. Despite this...I have been focused on different aspects of self care lately. Last month, my goal was to make time to pamper myself in small ways. Even though my schedule was busy and my to-do lists were seemingly endless, it was important to prioritize those little moments. Today, I thought that I would share some of my recent self care beauty favourites. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

love it or leave it? zoë kravitz

Red carpet events are always kind of exciting. I love looking at the different outfits the A-listers wear. Some are good, some are bad, and some fall somewhere in the middle....but they are all memorable in their own right. More recently? Zoë Kravitz wore Oscar de la Renta on the red carpet for the premiere of The Batman in New York City. Ready to see this bold red carpet ensemble? This love it or leave it? is dedicated to the ultra talented and stylish Zoë Kravitz.

Monday, March 7, 2022

review and reveal: cinnamon bun bath bomb

I am the first to admit that I do not like cinnamon. At all. Neither does my best friend, which is why she bought me this Cinnamon Bun bath bomb from Charmed Aroma. It was a nod to our mutual dislike of all things cinnamon...and the way the local mall always smells like Cinnabon. On the plus side? I do love Charmed Aroma and the accessories hidden inside of their products. Normally, candles are the must-have item, but this time, there was a Charmed Aroma bath bomb to unveil. Ready to find out what was inside? Then keep reading, because this another Charmed Aroma review and reveal.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

rare beauty week: selena's faves set (review and video)

Ready for the last theme week post dedicated to Rare Beauty? Today it is all about the Selena's Faves 4 Piece Mini Set. This set came with four different items from the line, including a Dewy Liquid Blush, Liquid Luminizer, Matte Lip Cream, and the Universal Volumizing Mascara. It is always exciting to test out new beauty products, especially when there are blushes and highlights involved. (I might have a slight obsession with cheek products lately.) Interested in how these items performed? Keep reading for reviews, a makeup look, and a first impressions YouTube video. 

Friday, March 4, 2022

how to make your next makeup look bolder

Sometimes, my makeup falls into a bit of a routine. Quick and easy neutrals on the eyelid, a coat of mascara, and some winged eyeliner. Nothing too over the top. Nothing unexpected. This has especially been true lately, since leaving the house is a rare event. I have found myself sticking to the basics a little too often...and it is time to change that. I am eager to mix things up, embrace colour, and be a little bolder with my makeup looks. Thankfully, there are many different ways to do just that. Are you in the same boat? Here are a few suggestions to make sure your next makeup look is both unexpected and unforgettable. 

Thursday, March 3, 2022

rare beauty week: magnetic spirit eyeshadow palette

Rare Beauty Week is fully underway here on the creation of beauty is art. That means it is time to look closer at the Magnetic Spirit Eyeshadow Palette. This palette is a limited edition release that has six jewel-toned shimmers to choose from. According to the brand, it is inspired by the light and energy that surrounds us and the chromatic eyeshadows "let you create endless looks that reflect your true aura." The theme and concept were certainly interesting...but did the shadows perform well? Was the colour story impressive? Here is everything you need to know about this Rare Beauty eyeshadow palette. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

rare beauty week: introduction + mini haul

Rare Beauty initially launched in September 2020...and even though the brand interested wasn't something that I ran out to purchase. Probably because of the pandemic. At that time, leaving the house was not something I was interested in doing and heading to the nearby Sephora was something I could not even fathom. So, it seemed that Rare Beauty had to wait. And it did wait, until fairly recently, when I was gifted a few items from the line over the holiday season. Now? I am ready to dive in headfirst and share reviews, makeup looks, and swatches. Over the next several days, there will be different posts dedicated to the brand. That's right! It is Rare Beauty Week.  I will admit that I am a fan of Selena Gomez and have been for some time. (There was a post about her on the creation of beauty is art. way back in 2011!) That being said, my intention is to review the products from Rare Beauty objectively. Ready to start this theme week off right? Here is a mini haul....