Tuesday, June 30, 2015

review: bite watercolor lip gloss library

Out of all the lip products I own....few of them are glosses. This is because I am excessively picky about lip glosses. The reasoning is simple. There is nothing I hate more than that sticky, goopy feeling on my lips. Ick! Which is why I shocked even myself when I bought the Bite Watercolour Lip Gloss Library from Sephora. Without testing out the glosses first. Without hesitation.

It was one of those moments. I took one look at the colours and got ridiculously excited. Pastels? Purples? Reds? Sold! Here is the thing. The lip glosses I own all various shades of pink - with a couple of nudes thrown in there for good measure. What drew me into the Bite collection was the diversity of shade selection. Yellow, mint green, coral, purple, oh my! There was a little big of everything. Don't believe it? Here is a look at the colours in the Lip Gloss Library.

As you can see, the colour selection is fabulous. The simple fact that there was a mint green included was beyond exciting. Not to mention the yellow and light purple. So so gorgeous. Lately I have been all about lipstick shades that are a little bit different. To find glosses that were a little out of the box? Well, it is no wonder I simply had to add this lip gloss library to my makeup collection. 

Let's get to it! How did the shades deliver? What was the texture like? When it comes to the shade selection, I applaud Bite for taking some risks. There was so much going on here - and that aspect of it really worked. As for the glosses themselves? I found them to be a bit of a hit or miss. Some of them were super pigmented and had just the right amount of colour payoff. Others were more sheer and needed to be paired with an additional lip product. 

Going in, I really wanted the yellow and mint green to wow me. Sadly, they didn't. The colours were pretty sheer. They had just a hint of colour rather than being a bold, look-at-me kind of lip product. They played it a little too safe with the more unusual shades in this set. All of the other glosses? Fabulous. The soft pink? Amazing. The light purple? Gorgeous. The coral? Stunning. Those rich deeper shades? Out of this world. The darker the colours were the stand outs for me. They had all of the pigmentation I wanted - and then some. I love that they can be worn all on their own.

Now for the texture. As I mentioned before, I am picky about lip glosses. Very picky. Which is why I was so happily surprised with these! The texture was smooth rather than sticky. It applied easily and had great staying power. Actually, these reminded me a lot of the NARS lip glosses. (Those are my absolute favourites. I cannot get enough of them.) In terms of texture and quality I had no issues whatsoever. That is always a good thing when it comes to makeup products.

This is a look at one of the shades in action. While my favourite happens to be the dark purple, I recently used the coral shade for a summery makeup look I put together....

This is one impulse buy I was very happy with. The Bite Watercolour Lip Gloss Library had some gorgeous shades and great quality to boot. The only downside? Some of the pastel shades were not as pigmented as I hoped they would be. Despite this, I find myself reaching for these glosses regularly. As a lipstick fan....this is pretty telling!

Have you tried this set? What do you think of the colours?

xo Shannon

Sunday, June 28, 2015

whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.

There are so many wedding traditions. Pictures, dinners, showers....the list goes on and on. One of the most recent I took part in was my Bachelorette. I'll be honest. I was kind of nervous about the whole thing. There was so much pressure for things to go well, to have an awesome time, and look perfect. The whole evening felt stressful and overwhelming. Especially because I only knew bits and pieces of the plan and guest list. And me? I am a bit of a control freak. I was so anxious about the who, what, when. But guess what? It all turned out really well.

My sister did a fantastic job organizing it all. She decorated the hotel room, made dinner reservations, got us our own table at the club, and even danced the night away. It meant so much that she went to all of that trouble. The fact that so may of my friends showed up? That meant a lot too. It was really great - and a little strange - to see so many people I adore all at once! There were friends absolutely everywhere.

How did the night play out? My friend and I took the train down to Toronto, got ready in the hotel room, and then a few of us went out for dinner. After that we went back to the hotel to finish getting ready, play Bachelorette games, have a few drinks, and get social. Next up was the club. We danced, made friends, and listened to Britney Spears. Overall, it was a fun night out. Nothing crazy or anything. Just fun and friends.

What did I wear for the big night out? I found a really cute (and really cheap!) dress when my mom and I went to Niagara Falls. It had a gold pattern on the top and poofy white tulle on the bottom. I paired it with a black studded clutch, a pair of sparkly martini earrings, and my favourite Guess shoes. For my hair, I did a half up half down look and went super smokey for my eye makeup. On the lips, I wore my new Too Faced Melted Lipstick. And super giant fake lashes. Always important for a night on the town!

There has been so much going on lately. Big moments and small ones. All of them important and memorable. That is why I wanted to write this post. Because one day, I will look back at all of this and realize that all of the stress and the worrying was worth it.

xo Shannon

Friday, June 26, 2015

orange is the happiest colour.

What is it about summer? Suddenly colour is everywhere you turn. From clothing racks to the makeup counter...bright and bold is in. Honestly, this is my favourite thing about the summer season. Don't get me wrong. I love dark smokey eye looks, deep blush tones, and ultra glam lip colours. But summer is a time to embrace that extra pop! One of my favourite colours for this time of year has to be orange. It is fun, exciting, and manages to encompass the spirit of the season. Which is why I have been reaching for one lip product over and over again.

It is the Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain in Miami Fever. As you can see from the picture above, this colour is all about vibrancy. It is bright, in your face, and totally orange. Everything about it says summer! Lately I have been wearing this with neutral eyes during the day - and a smokier look at night. Whether I am going to the movies or to enjoy date night....this lip product has been with me every step of the way. Yes, I am a little in love.

According to the Revlon website, the ColorStay Moisture Stain products drench your lips in "glossy wet colour" and "88% of women felt lips were instantly moisturized without stickiness." The claims? Totally true. I am not a fan of sticky lip glosses that I can feel on my lips throughout the day. Those drive me absolutely crazy. Which is why I am loving this so much. You get the look of a gloss, the pigmentation of a lipstick, and none of the drawbacks. Score!

The packaging of this product is simple and sleek. It has a curved applicator tip. That is something I love. It makes it so much easier to get the colour exactly where you want it. And speaking of colour....you just can't beat that gorgeous orange shade. Ready to see it in action? This is a makeup look I put together using Miami Fever.

There is a reason I love summer so much. Fun fashion, bold makeup, and amazing weather. Yes please! This lip product is one of my current favourites. It instantly adds that something special to any outfit or makeup look. In my opinion? Orange is always a good idea. Especially this season.

What do you think of this colour? Is there a lipstick product you are loving lately?

xo Shannon

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

take me shopping and i'm yours.

What would a trip to Niagara Falls be without a little bit of shopping? Despite my best efforts, I managed to pick up a few items on my most recent vacation. I couldn't help it. Outlet stores. How could I possibly resist outlet stores? On the plus side, I managed to get a ton of great items for super cheap. Score! It started on the US side of the falls. We went to Target and then carried on to an outlet mall. After that, we crossed the border back into Canada and went to another outlet mall. My mom is definitely a bad influence when it comes to shopping. But hey - at least I know where I got it from!

So, what did I buy on my Niagara Falls trip? This is my mini-vacation haul.....

Purses. I admit, they are my weakness. Despite the fact that I don't buy new purses all that often....when I fall in love with something, I simply have to have it. Which is how I ended up with two gorgeous bucket bags. The first is from Jessica Simpson. I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous yellow shade. Plus the fact that it was $20 didn't hurt! As for the gorgeous pink snakeskin printed Michael Kors bag.....I saw it and fell totally in love with it. It was originally over $200 but I found it at an outlet for $70. How is a fashion lover supposed to resist that kind of deal? I couldn't. Which is how these bags came home with me. Love!

One of my favourite trends this season? Matching sets. They are so cute and easy to wear. I had given up on finding the perfect one....and then this fell into my lap. My mom and I were browsing and then bam! There it was. I was instantly drawn to the bright floral print and the super cute pom pom details. It had trendy elements yet was flirty and fun. Perfect for the summer months! The best part? The whole outfit cost $20. Oh outlet shopping. How I love thee.

Something else I picked up on my trip to Niagara Falls? A pair of distressed high waisted shorts. One of the biggest issues I have finding shorts for summer? They are all so short! I am pretty tall so short shorts tend to look a little too short if you know what I mean. Which is why I was so excited to find these at Charlotte Russe (I wish we had this store in Canada). They are a little longer than your average cut offs, have gorgeous distressed details, and are high waisted to boot. Talk about the perfect summer shorts.

One of my favourite stores? Guess. I just love the casual glamour. That is why I picked up this simple Guess tank top. Not only was it on sale for a great price - but I could see myself wearing it many different ways. Simple but fun. While I was at Guess, they had this gorgeous pink beach bag. Honestly? It took all my strength not to buy it! I figured I had bought enough purses on this trip - and couldn't justify any more! Alas.

Now for a few pieces from Target. Sadly, there is no more Target where I live.....so we made the most of it when we crossed the border. The first thing I picked up was a cute and casual romper. It is comfortable and super easy to wear. Next up? A couple of tank tops. I brought home a Smokey The Bear tank and an anchor print tank. To finish it all off, I also bought a couple of cute kimonos. I have been looking to add a few pieces like that into my wardrobe...so this was super exciting. All in all, a successful shopping trip!

My Niagara Falls shopping trip was definitely a success. I picked up a lot of great items - for a relatively small amount of money. Outlet shopping was good to me! Out of everything, I think I had the most fun browsing for bargains with my mom. That is always kind of exciting.

What do you think of this haul? Have you added new pieces to your wardrobe?

xo Shannon

Monday, June 22, 2015

YouTube: 100 Subscribers + Mini Makeup Haul

YouTube is still something new to me. Every time I post a video it feels foreign. Yes, I am still getting used to this whole process. But I have been loving every moment of it! Making videos has allowed me to challenge myself in a new way - while showcasing my love of makeup and beauty. Since starting, I have been overwhelmed by the love and support I have received. Some of it has come from friends, some from the creation of beauty is art. readers, and some from people I am just getting to know. It has been a truly wonderful experience.

What prompted this post? I recently filmed a new YouTube video for my channel. This one is pretty special to me. Why? It is celebrating over 100 subscribers. That is a milestone that seemed fairly impossible when I uploaded that first introduction video. Heck, it even felt impossible when I uploaded my last video!

Generally, I have been trying to focus on improving each video, gaining my confidence, and enjoying the process. Those things are more important to me than views and subscribers. But I didn't want to let this milestone go unmentioned. So....my latest video is a quick thank you and a mini makeup haul to boot. If you have a chance, please check it out and let me know what you think.

Again, thank you for being so kind and supportive. I never would have had the guts to take on this new challenge if it were not for all of you. THANK YOU!

xo Shannon

Saturday, June 20, 2015

review: NARS dual-intensity blush

There is nothing like a good blush. The right shade can pull any makeup look together with ease. Perhaps this is why I have become such a blush addict over the years. Certain shades manage to pull me in...excite me...make my heart beat faster. So you can imagine my joy when NARS released a bunch of new blush shades. The Dual-Intensity Blush duos hit the shelves a while back. I immediately picked up the duo Fervor. All of the available shades were gorgeous - but there was something about this specific duo that drew me in. I simply had to have it!

The blush duo, Fervor, came with a soft pink shade and a rose shade with coppery undertones. The latter especially appealed to me. Largely because it was the one shade I had nothing like in my collection. It was different yet easy to wear. As you can see from the picture above, both shades are gorgeous and versatile. That soft pink is the perfect compliment to any makeup look. Originally, I was going to wear it on my wedding day. (Until my mom booked a makeup artist to do my makeup the day of. Much to my shock, horror, and dismay.) The coppery rose shade on the other hand is totally different, sultry, and the perfect compliment to a smokey eye.

One of the interesting things about this duo? It is touted as a "wet or dry blush duo," meaning that you can wear the blushes as is or wet your brush prior to application for even more intensity. While I appreciate the concept....I find these blushes look better used dry rather than wet. They are soft, wearable, yet still pack a punch. For me, I found the shades to be pretty applied dry. The dual intensity claim of the wet application? Not so much. Used wet I did not find them to have extra pigmentation. So! It is easy to get a gorgeous cheek look from this NARS blush duo. However, I would recommend using the product as is and skipping out on the wet application.

I am a big fan of NARS products in general. They have consistently wowed me with their focus on quality, pigmentation, and texture. These blushes met my expectations and then some. The colours are gorgeous and the texture is smooth. The only thing I did not like? The wet or dry claim. There simply wasn't enough difference between the two application methods.

Have you tried the Dual-Intensity Blush duos from NARS?

xo Shannon

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

i am on the brink of the great waters.

Phew! Things have been crazy lately. In between the regular day-to-day stuff, there are wedding plans, an endless amount of packing, and even a bit of travel. Okay....I didn't manage to jet off somewhere warm and exotic. My parents did take me to Niagara Falls (USA and the Canadian side as well) for three days. They wanted to have one last trip before I get married. Which was super sweet. If not a bit tricky to work into my jam-packed schedule.

My mom had big plans for this mini-getaway. It started very early on Friday morning. We loaded up the car and drove to Niagara Falls. Then we crossed the border in the USA - to shop of course! We headed to Target and followed it up with a trip to the outlet mall. My dad wandered around while my mom and I went from store to store. The truth? I am really trying to cut back on my spending. So, an afternoon of shopping was not as exciting as it used to be. Sigh! Despite this, I picked up a couple of things from Target, Marshalls, and even a little something from Michael Kors.

Afterwards, we drove back to Niagara Falls, Canada and checked into the hotel. The view from our room was awesome! You could see the falls and the rest of Clifton Hill. It was pretty great. Then we did a bit of wandering and went to The Rainforest Cafe for dinner. Needless to say, it was a busy but fun day. Here are a few pictures from day one of the trip!

Day two was by far the most exciting. Why? We went to Marine Land! This was actually the whole reason for the trip. My family and I went there when my siblings and I were young - and I always said how much I wanted to go again. So my dad decided to deliver on his promise to take me back. It was a really fun day. We watched the show with the sea lions, beluga whales, dolphins, and walruses! Then we wandered to the other marine exhibits, went on rides, played at the arcade, and did a bit of souvenir shopping.

The highlight of the day? Getting to touch and feed a beluga whale. Honestly, that is one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life. It was absolutely amazing to be so close to such a beautiful animal. My mom got to feed the beluga whale, too. Such an awesome experience. During the day, I also fed some deer - though that was less exciting. They knocked the food right out of my hand!

Overall, Marine Land was really fun. (Even if I did get a little sunburned.) After spending most of the day there, we grabbed some food, spent some time checking out the attractions on Clifton Hill and did some more shopping. Here are some of the pictures from day two.....

Day three was the last we spent in Niagara Falls. It was only a half day. We slept in until check out before heading out for a light lunch. Then it was time for mini put! There was a dinosaur themed mini put place on the hill....so we went there and played a round. I came in last. Sigh! Afterwards, we walked down to see the falls. Then it was time to hit the road. The drive felt long - but it was nice to get back home again. 

It was a nice trip - and it was good to get away from things for a while. Niagara Falls is a really great place to visit! Now it is back to reality. Deadlines, work, packing, and all the rest. 

Have you ever been to Niagara Falls? 

xo Shannon

Sunday, June 14, 2015

creativity is thinking up new things.

I have been trying to shop less. Sort of. Even as I write that sentence, I realize how many times I have written it before. It seems, I am always trying to shop less. Yet there is such a thrill in the experience. Of finding the perfect item....one that will go with everything, complete every outfit, and give you that indescribable feeling of joy. Shopaholic? Me? Okay....yes. Which is how I managed to buy a brand new clutch  bag without even meaning to.

My fiance and I were looking for new running shoes. For him, we went to a name brand shoe store to find him a pair of sneakers he could wear day in and day out. For me? We ended up at Payless. I was looking for a pair of running shoes that I could....well....run in! One of my goals for this summer is to start running regularly. Maybe even be able to run a 5K by the time fall hits. Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen. But we ended up at Payless nonetheless to find me sneakers. (We did. A cute neon pair for twenty bucks. Yay, deals!)

While we were there, I happened to see a few Christian Siriano for Payless bags. On sale. I mean...how could I resist? I wanted literally every single one of them. However, I tempered my shopaholic tendencies by buying one - and only one - bag. I was impressed. My fiance? Not so much. But what can I say? It was love at first sight! The moment I saw the clutch, I knew that it had to be mine. Not only did it say, I love shoes, it was super cute. Instantly I was sure that this would be my favourite bag of the season. Is it yet? Only time will tell. I am looking forward to taking this one out.

Ready to see what my new favourite clutch looks like? Here is my Christian Siriano for Payless clutch.....

Sometimes you look for new accessories. Sometimes, those accessories seem to find you. The later is certainly true when it comes to my new clutch. I wasn't planning on buying a new bag....but it was too gorgeous to pass up!

Do you have a shopping habit? What is the last thing you bought?

xo Shannon

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

colour creates, enhances, changes.

When it comes to eye shadow primers, I have been there done that. Over the years, I have tried dozens of different eye primers. Some better than others. When it comes to face primers? Not so much. I have actually only tried three or four. My favourite is definitely the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer. The only thing I don't like about that one is the price tag. Which is why I decided to try out a drugstore primer. You know, save the expensive stuff for a special night out! 

On my quest for an affordable primer, I came across the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer. More specifically, the Color Correcting Primer. They had a couple of different primers to choose from - but I liked the idea of evening out my skin tone in the process. Bye bye redness! For a tube of this primer, it cost about $6. You definitely can't beat that price. 

How did the primer deliver? As you can see from the picture above, it has a green tint to it. That works to colour correct - and get rid of any redness. This is perfect, especially for the cheeks. The colour correcting aspect was wonderful. It really delivered on that front. Now for the texture. The primer is silky and smooth. It goes on evenly and instantly evens out the skin. This texture was very different to the other primers I have used. Most of those were far more liquid based whereas this one was much thicker. I like both consistencies, but if you prefer something thinner then this one might not be something to skip. 

Overall, I was happy with the way this performed. I noticed my foundation lasted hours longer than it does without a primer. My favourite primer is still the Laura Mercier one...but this is perfect for every day wear. The texture is smooth and it does a wonderful job of combating redness. My foundation looks so much better with this primer underneath. The price was unbeatable as well. Bonus! I can definitely see myself re-purchasing this in future.

Have you tried this primer? Which primer is your favourite?

xo Shannon

Monday, June 8, 2015

people will stare. make it worth their while.

Lately, I have been loving jumpsuits. A lot. Even though I only have a couple to choose from, I find myself reaching for them whenever possible. There is just something about a good jumpsuit! They look chic, stylish, and fashionable. Plus they are easy to wear. Whenever I put one on, I instantly feel confident and sexy. Definitely a bonus! Out of the few I have hanging in my closet, my favourite one comes from Target. This is another piece I picked up before the stores closed down in Canada. (I miss them already! They had tons of amazing clothes for pretty decent prices.) Even though I bought it when there was snow on the ground....the weather is now nice enough to give it some use. 

There was a long day ahead of me. With running errands, building furniture, picking stuff up, going to dinner, and seeing friends. So I wanted to wear something that could take me from day to night. Which is why I grabbed this Target jumpsuit from my wardrobe. It is sleeveless with a cinched waist, wide legs, and a black and grey arrow print. I paired it with some simple grey flats, a chunky pair of gold earrings, a woven gold bracelet, brown neutral eyeshadow shades, and super glowy cheeks. The combination definitely felt summery. 

Something I am trying to do more of? Taking a few quick outfit pictures on days I am loving what I am wearing! While makeup is my biggest passion, fashion is something I cannot get enough of. Especially during the spring and summer months. On that note....here is a closer look at my recent day to night look. Let me know what you think!

Do you love jumpsuits? What have you been wearing lately?

xo Shannon

Saturday, June 6, 2015

mini revlon haul.

It all started with a coupon. Let me explain. There was a pop up display of Revlon products, from eyeshadows to lip sticks and everything in between. Right below? A rip off coupon. Five dollars off of any Revlon product with the purchase of one full-priced item. Imagine the temptation! Which is how I ended up buying four new products. All because of a five dollar coupon. Oops? I suppose I should feel guilty about it....but I have been too busy enjoying these items to feel too badly about my mini splurge session.

What did I add to my makeup collection? The Revlon PhotoReady Primer, Shadow + Sparkle in Metropolitan, the Revlon blush in Naughty Nude, and two of the Revlon Color Burst Lacquer Balm in Demure and Whimsical. In the past, I have had great experiences with Revlon products. They tend to be of slightly better quality than some other drugstore brands. That gives you a taste of luxury - without having to hit up the makeup counter!

On that note, let's start by taking a closer look at the Revlon PhotoReady Primer, Shadow + Sparkle in Metropolitan.

There were a few different eyeshadow sets on the display. But this one? Instantly caught my eye. It had everything I love most! A gorgeous brown, shimmery pinks, and stunning neutrals. This has a super soft pink shade, a light grey, dark brown, champagne shade, and a gold sparkle top coat. I loved the combination of colours so much. What instantly struck me about this set? The textures were so soft. They apply easily, blend well, and are super pigmented. I also love the details. That primer shade works really well and the sparkle top coat is stunning. This is one eyeshadow set that is easy to use and ridiculously pretty. I absolutely adore it. 

Next up....that beautiful blush shade. Here is a closer look at Naughty Nude.

As you can see from the picture above....this product definitely lives up to its name. It is a nude blush shade that is super sexy and sultry. The perfect pairing for a smokey eye - or just to wear on a night out. There were some soft pink and berry toned blushes to choose from as well. But this one? It was totally different to the blush shades I normally reach for. Which is exactly why I chose it! Lately, I have been reaching for this one a lot. It has a really subtle bronze look, which is perfect for the warmer months. The texture was smooth and the pigmentation was impressive. Another winner from Revlon.

Lastly, in my mini Revlon haul, the Color Burst Lacquer Balm in Demure and Whimsical. 

Now for the lip products! I have a couple of these in my collection already but was excited try out a few different shades. Demure immediately caught my eye. (It is the soft pink shade.) This is probably because it went perfectly with the eyeshadow set I had already picked up. I was planning to stop there - until I saw that brighter fuchsia shade. It was bold yet wearable. Definitely perfect for a night out or a date. It is sultry but fun. The perfect combination!

Now to see all of the products together! This is the makeup look I created using my Revlon mini haul. (The lip product pictured is Demure.) Let me know what you think...

Should I have bought a bunch of Revlon products on a whim? Probably not. Am I happy that I did? Yes. Each and every one of these items exceeded my expectations. I love the way they look together, how they look with other products, how pigmented they are, and how great I feel when I wear them. And after all, that is what makeup is all about. The way you feel when you wear it!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of this makeup look?

xo Shannon

Thursday, June 4, 2015

YouTube: CoverGirl Intensify Me! and The Super Sizer First Impressions

Something that makes me happy? Being sent two CoverGirl products....before their official launch. I'll be honest. This was a first for me. As a product junkie and a long-time CoverGirl fan, getting makeup in the mail was an especially thrilling experience. The moment I saw the package sitting on my kitchen table, I ripped into it with reckless abandon. New makeup? Talk about a great moment.

I was lucky enough to receive the Intensify Me! eyeliner pen and their latest LashBlast mascara, The Super Sizer. The things I love most....eyeliner and mascara. Score! Since I was super excited to receive these products, I immediately went to test them out. I incorporated them into a simple everyday makeup look to see how they held up. Then I grabbed my camera to film a quick first impressions video. I couldn't help it. I had so many thoughts and feelings to share!

Which brings me to today's post. I recently posted my eighth video on the creation of beauty is art. YouTube channel. It is all about my first impressions of these new CoverGirl products. Before I get to the video.....let's take a closer look at the items I received.

Let's start with the Intensify Me! Eyeliner Pen. The claims? "Our all-new paddle-shaped tip gives you two looks in one - thick and dramatic or thin and elegant. The intense black formula glides on smoothly and dries quickly for instant drama." As for The Super Sizer by LashBlast, it "gives you 400% more corner-to-corner volume for full, fanned out lashes. Our amazing Lash Styler transforms even small lashes - just twirl as you apply it to your lashes for an instantly Super Sized lash look."

They sound pretty fantastic, don't they? But how did they compare to the claims? Take a look at my latest YouTube video to find out!

Testing out new makeup? Always exciting. It was such a thrill to try out products from CoverGirl and work them into my makeup routine. To see them in action  - or to check out any of my other videos - head on over to my YouTube channel.

What is your favourite CoverGirl product?

xo Shannon

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

lipstick won't solve all problems....but it's a pretty good start.

My latest obsession? The Maybelline Color Elixir by Color Sensational line of lip products. When it comes to lipsticks and glosses, I tend to go through phases where I am totally addicted to one type.....then totally addicted to another....then back and forth and so on. It really depends on my mood, the weather outside, and what I am looking for from a formula. Recently I have been all about super easy to wear tinted balms, then I was all about bright and bold colours, and now I am loving super pigmented glosses. Enter the Color Elixir line.

Over the past little while, I have tried out a few shades. A bright coral and a fun purple. (Reviews and swatches of those to come!) But the one I have fallen head over heels for? Caviar Couture. As you can see from the picture above, this shade is nice and dark. It is a really rich purple-brown type of shade with gorgeous berry tones. This is definitely a more wearable version of a trendy dark lip.

What I love? The colour itself. It is so gorgeous. Easy to wear and apply yet still has that dramatic effect. I love that. Something I adore about the Color Elixir line in general has to be the formula itself. It gives you plenty of shine without feeling sticky or tacky. As someone who refuses to wear sticky glosses, this is a major plus. The product goes on smoothly, is easy to apply, and has incredible pigmentation. I seriously cannot get enough from this line. In fact, I can't believe it took me so long to try them out. Total failure on my part!

Here is a look at the Maybelline Color Elixir by Color Sensational in Caviar Couture. (On the eyes? My LA Palette 2 from L'Oreal. Yes, I am still loving that palette!)

As you can probably tell from the makeup look above, I was seriously feeling berry tones. I had soft purples on the lid, a berry toned blush from Too Faced, and then of course, my new favourite lip product on the lips. Overall, I was really happy with the way this turned out. I love the rich lipstick colour and how easy it is to wear. That is definitely not always possible with darker colours. Needless to say....I love this.

Have you tried any of the Maybelline Color Elixir products? What did you think of them?

xo Shannon