Wednesday, August 11, 2021

beginner series: how to perfect the five minute face

There is always so much to do. So much to check off of that never-ending to do list. While it may be nice to spend an hour and a half leisurely applying each and every beauty product...sometimes the clock is ticking. Maybe you need to run out to handle some errands or a last-minute Zoom call was scheduled. Perhaps you overslept and only have a few minutes before you need to head to the office. Whatever the reason may be, it is always possible to pull together a super quick and easy five minute face. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that the process of getting ready is as enjoyable and seamless as possible.  

Pare Down Your Regular Routine. The best place to start? Remove any extra or unnecessary steps from your beauty routine. For instance, instead of doing a full face of skin care....stick to the basics. Quickly moisturize the skin and apply a small amount of eyeshadow primer on the lids. Skip the contour and highlight routine and use a matte bronzer on the cheeks instead to add in warmth and definition. Consider whether or not there are parts of your normal makeup routine that you can eliminate entirely. Do you really need to curl your lashes? Or will a quick coat of mascara work well enough? Give some thought to how you can pare down that routine before you need to dash out the door. That way, whenever you happen to be in a rush, you will already have a makeup plan in place. Planning and preparation can make a world of difference. 

Keep Your Eyeshadow Simple. This is the perfect time for a change of pace. Do you normally use several different eyeshadow shades? Not today. In order to perfect the five minute face, it is important to keep the eyeshadow look as simple as possible. Create a quick and easy one-shadow look. Reach for something like a warm bronze, a burgundy, or a brown. Apply it all over the lid with a fluffy brush and quickly blend out the edges. It will take less than 30 seconds to create a stunning one-shadow eye look. It will wow in an instant! If you really want to keep the eyes simple, skip the eyeliner and layer on two coats of mascara instead. Your eyes will still look gorgeous and you will be out the door in half the time. It is a win-win.

Use Familiar Products. This is not the time to try something new or reach for a foundation that you haven't used in awhile. The absolute best way to perfect the five minute face is to put those tried-and-true products in your collection to work. Reach for your favourite eyeshadow palette, your most used blush brush, your most beloved mascara, and anything else that you know works easily and works well. That way, there will be no doubts about how the product will perform. One idea? Fill up a small makeup bag with all of those no-brainer products. That way, if you are in a rush, everything will be in one spot. Who knows? Maybe you will be able to transform your five minute face into a three minute face with just a little bit of organization.

Sometimes, less is more. Especially when it comes to a five minute face. While it might be exciting to test out a new product or wear a bold red lipstick shade....time is of the essence. There are days when simplicity and speed will win out. So look for ways to pare down your routine, consider some easy one-shadow shades, and use familiar products when you are in a rush. 

How do you perfect the five minute face? Share your tips in the comment section below! 


  1. important details, Thanks for your sharing:)

  2. I agree less is more. I don't wear makeup though! Just nail polish :-D

    1. Nail polish is very important! And your nails always look awesome :D

  3. Indeed, for the face, minimal makeup is recommended if you are not going to a party.