Friday, January 30, 2015

new favourite: clinique moisturizer

Dry skin. This is something I have dealt with ever since I can remember. At times, it can be extremely frustrating, especially when it comes to the skin on my face. Certain foundations are a total no go for me. Even after exfoliating and moisturizing, I can end up with flaky looking skin or dry patches. And don't even get me started about the itchiness! So annoying. Does anybody else out there deal with dry skin? I suppose it is like any other skin type....we all have our issues to deal with!

Over the years, I have tried a number of different skin care products designed for dry skin. That includes facial cleansers, moisturizers, makeup, and more. The latest addition to my life? The Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. I have tried a few face products from Clinique in the past and have had largely good experiences with them. Now that the winter weather is here (and my skin was really unhappy) a heavy duty moisturizer has become an absolute must. That is where Clinique came to the rescue.

So, what are the claims? They claim that the cream-gel is a drink for the skin and that it hydrates for a full 24 hours. It "improves the appearance of fine lines, flakiness, and tightness, leaving skin looking and feeling happier and healthier." It all sounds a little too good to be true. Is it? My experience with the moisturizer has been great. This product really does a wonderful job of hydrating the skin - even in the midst of a cold Canadian winter. It is far superior to the other moisturizers I have tried in the past. Does it live up to all of those claims? No. How could it? However, it works well and has managed to combat my dry skin. And that is no easy feat!

Overall, I am quite happy with the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. It has definitely been saving my skin this season.

Have you tried this product? What was your experience like?

xo Shannon

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

stars can't shine without darkness.

Lately I have been loving Kat Von D products more than usual. And I usually love them a lot. There is a good reason for this. I was given the Kat Von D Star Studded Look set over the holidays. So, it has given me the opportunity to try out some new things and get creative with my makeup. What did the set include? There was a bright red lipstick, an eyeliner pen, and a mascara.

In the past, I have been really please with the Kat Von D products I have tried. Gorgeous eyeshadow shades and great pigmentation at every turn. How did these products hold up? They certainly exceeded my expectations. Let's start with the eyeliner pen. The set came with a mini version of the Tattoo Liner in black. The pigmentation is quite good and the pen makes it super easy to apply. It has a little bend to it but it isn't too soft. That makes precise application a snap. I love using this if I am running late or need to do my makeup in a rush. Quick, easy, and looks great. There is nothing else I need from a liquid liner!

Now for the mascara. It is a full sized version of Immortal Lash 24/7 Mascara in black. A couple of years ago, I tried another mascara from Kat Von D and wasn't super happy with it. I found the formula to be quite wet. The Immortal Lash? So much better. It is still a bit wetter than I would like but it goes on beautifully and does a great job of adding thickness and volume to the lashes. One thing I really loved was the wand. As you can see from the picture below, it has spikey swirls going up the length and a rounded end. It is kind of like the Benefit They're Real! mascara in that aspect - which makes it super simple to get to the lower lashes.

The last part of this makeup set? The lipstick. I saved this one for last because I love this one the most! Sure, the eyeliner and mascara are great - but the lipstick is in a whole other league. I have a lot of red lipstick shades in my makeup collection. Some are high end and some are drugstore. Some are glosses and others are tints, balms, matte finish, and the list goes on. Despite all of the gorgeous reds.....I never found the one. Until now, that is. Let's take a look at my new favourite.

The moment I put on the Star Studded Kiss Lipstick in Underage Red, it was true love. The colour was just right. It had a matte finish but didn't feel super drying. It was intensely pigmented, long wearing, and shockingly easy to wear. I absolutely love it. In fact, I am already thinking about all of the different ways I can wear it. My love affair is real! Even just talking about the lipstick shade now makes me excited. So, are you ready to see it? Here is the makeup look I created using the products from the Kat Von D Star Studded Look set.

There is nothing quite as thrilling as falling in love with makeup products. The right shades can inspire you and make you excited to get ready each day. I was so impressed with the Kat Von D Star Studded Look set. Each and every item surpassed my expectations.

Have you tried anything from this set? What do you think of the lipstick shade?

xo Shannon

Monday, January 26, 2015

life is a journey and love is what makes it worthwhile.

Today is a special day for me. And my fiance. It marks the three year anniversary of our very first date! It is hard to believe that our story officially began three whole years ago. In some ways, it seems like a lifetime ago....and in other ways, everything still feels fresh, new, and exciting. A lot has changed since that night. We have fallen in love, shared some incredible experiences, and now? We are getting ready to start the next chapter of our lives. He proposed this summer - and honestly? It was the happiest day of my life.

Our anniversary plans will be pretty low-key this year. Maybe a comfy night on the couch or a movie night. It may be simple, but it sounds perfect to me. Any excuse to spend time together! Since the wedding is coming up quickly (another five months. Crazy.) we have opted to keep things simple on purpose. A smaller gift for him and no gift for me. Why? We went wedding band shopping recently and it ended up being a little more than we were thinking. This was thanks largely to my expensive taste. So! A nice, laid-back night in with the person I love most. Perfection.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to be thankful today. Thankful for the man I love, for the incredible journey we have to look forward to, and for the last three years of my life. He has made me the best possible version of myself. And I only hope that I have done the same for him.

xo Shannon

Saturday, January 24, 2015

accessories are important.

There is something about accessories. Adding one on can totally change up your outfit. Instantly, you feel stronger, more confident, and ready to take on the world. Sound familiar? I think we all feel that way every now and again. The right scarf or the perfect pair of earrings can give you that feeling. It's amazing how accessories can alter our appearance and our mindset. Equally amazing is how accessories can reflect our personalities. Some of us like drama and sparkle while others of us prefer fun and whimsy.

Looking at the latest accessories in my collection (which came courtesy of some pre-holiday sales), they all reflect different aspects of my personality. The silver spiked bracelet represents my love of edgy glamour, the rose gold House of Harlow earrings relate to my more sophisticated side, and the Betsey Johnson bracelet complete with a cat charm speaks to my love of all things fun and novelty. This is something I like. I love that the jewellery I wear can show the world all the different sides of myself. I love that I can choose the pieces that best represent how I feel on a particular day. That is what makes accessories so powerful.....they help us to be ourselves.

On that note, I thought I would show you the latest pieces in my collection. They may all be different, but they all represent who I am.

Accessories are a beautiful thing. Sure, they look nice and they often make us feel happy and special. But they also do more than that. They showcase our personalities - and give us the chance to be true to ourselves.

What do you think of these accessories? Do you have a favourite piece in your jewellery collection?

xo Shannon

Thursday, January 22, 2015

i have an irrational fear of wasting a smokey eye on an insignificant day.

This is a review I have been working on for some time. Why? I wanted to get a good feel for this palette before I posted anything. The palette in question is the fairly new, Maybelline The Smokes. After being rather happy with their previous The Nudes palette, I instantly made a grab for this super smokey eyeshadow set. If there is one thing I love in a makeup look, it is a little drama around the eyes. I absolutely adore smokey eye looks - and they tend to be my go-to. Which is exactly why I was so thrilled that there was finally a drugstore palette devoted to the dramatic.

What was it like? Did this palette meet my expectations? Before I get into what it did or didn't do....let's take a closer look at the shades themselves. It included some blues, greens, purples, silvers, browns, and even a black. Colour wise, the shade selection was perfect. The set included some great smokey eye colours. There was enough variety there that you could easily put together a number of different looks. Here is a peek at the palette - along with some swatches.

While I applaud Maybelline for bringing palettes to the drugstore.....this was a miss. And I really didn't want it to be a miss. As you can tell from the swatches above, the pigmentation is a hit or a miss. Some shades are absolutely beautiful. Some shades take a lot of work to use. The lack of consistency is what kills this palette. It isn't something I would take with me on a trip or store in my makeup bag simply because I can't make good use of all of the shades included. Such a disappointment!

The highlight? That sparkly silver shade. It looks absolutely gorgeous and is super pigmented. Quite frankly, this is the only stand out eyeshadow in the palette. There are a few decent ones included - but this is the only one that actually wowed me. The low point? The black shade. When I use a black eyeshadow, I expect it to look black. Not kind of grey. Not sort of dark. Black. This does not. It is very difficult to use. I have found myself applying the silver all over the lid and then using a black shade from another palette to complete the look.

Despite the negative aspects of this eyeshadow palette, I was still able to create a decent make look using it. Take a look and let me know what you think:

Overall, Maybelline The Smokes was a miss for me. There were some lovely shades....but more often than not, I was left wanting more. They failed to offer the same consistency that their previous palette offered. And that is a real shame. Would I recommend this? No. There just isn't enough bang for your buck here.

Have you tried this eyeshadow palette? What did you think of it?

xo Shannon

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

share your style.

There are certain things I love. Like writing and fashion. Every now and again, I am lucky enough to combine those two passions. Like on my blog....and on Style It Rock It. I have been fortunate to write for the fashion and celebrity based website for the last eight months. There are posts on trends, fashion news, styling tips, and even a Celebrity Looks For Less feature. As the site continues to evolve, change, and improve, I feel even more privileged to be a part of it.

Writing professionally is something I have always wanted to do. I used to dream of it. I went to school for it. And I have worked my tail off to make it happen. Being able to do something I love (even though it has taken a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication) is rewarding in a way that I can't even begin to describe. Which is why I love writing for Style It Rock It so much. It gives me the chance to do something I love - while writing about topics that actually interest me. In the freelance world, that is a luxury rarely experienced.

And that brings me to today's post. There are a few new features that I am working on bringing to the website. One of them is Street Style. Another is an Inspiration page filled with pictures of great pieces caught on the go. Lastly? A Readers Favourites section. That is where you come in! I have been doing my best to get in touch with readers about submitting a picture of their own personal style. Since so many of my wonderful readers are fashion lovers like myself....I thought this would be a great chance for you all to get involved.

Want to share your style with Style It Rock It? You can become a part of the Reader's Fav section! Link an outfit photo in the comments section below, email me at, or submit it to the Style It Rock It twitter page by using the hashtag #styleitrockitreadersfav

Great style isn't just seen on the runways. It is a part of our every day lives. So, share your style, get involved, and have fun with fashion. I can't wait to see all of the gorgeous looks you submit!

xo Shannon

Sunday, January 18, 2015

life is an opportunity. benefit from it.

Benefit has quickly become one of my favourite brands. Over the last couple of years, I have tried out an awful lot of their products. And there is a good reason for that. They continuously deliver on quality products that exceed expectations. Which is why I was so excited to try out a few of their newer products. A little while back, I picked up a set that included the Pose Tint, Pose Balm, the Bene Tint and the Lolli Balm. I already owned the full size Lolli Tint, so I actually made a swap with my mom! I just couldn't resist adding these Benefit products to my makeup collection. Especially after hearing some rave reviews about them.

Where to begin? Let's start with the balms. I personally love lip products that are moisturizing but have a nice wash of colour. They are easy to wear and tend to fade really naturally. That makes them perfect for a comfy night in or a casual date night. As you can tell from the packaging, the Pose Balm is a pretty pink shade and the Lolli Tint is a light purple shade. How do they hold up? These products are just as moisturizing as I had heard.

In terms of the texture, it reminds me a lot of the Nivea lip balm. The difference is that it gives you a beautiful colour as well. I absolutely love these. For a bolder shade, I like to layer the tint on my lips and apply the balm over top. I just love the way these look. Especially the Pose Balm. I find myself reaching for this one an awful lot. It is super feminine and easy to wear. You can take a closer look at the balms below:

Next up are the tints. I have used a few of them in the past, like the Lolli Tint and the Bene Tint. Because of the set, I was able to add a mini version of the Bene Tint as well as the Pose Tint. The first was a beautiful ruby kind of colour while the latter was a pretty pinkish coral shade. As I mentioned earlier, I absolutely fell in love with the Pose Balm....and the tint was no different. I absolutely love the colour! It is just beautiful.

It instantly adds a pop of wearable colour to the cheeks and lips. It is just beautiful. The tints are nicely pigmented, don't dry too quickly, and are long lasting. They are by far my favourite lip and cheek stains. You can take a closer look at the tints I tried out below:

Overall, I am very happy with these products. The colours are absolutely beautiful, easy to use, and have great longevity. I find myself reaching for these often simply because I know they will compliment any makeup look I put together. For me, the Pose Tint and Balm were the standout products. The colour is just too gorgeous for words! Once again, Benefit has wowed me. Since I am currently having a total love affair with the Pose Tint, I created a makeup look using it on my cheeks and lips. Take a look and let me know what you think:

Are you a fan of Benefit? Which products are your favourites?

xo Shannon

Friday, January 16, 2015

love is the only gold.

Saving money is always a good thing. Especially during this time of year. Thanks to holiday spending and seasonal outings, my bank account has certainly been feeling the pinch. With tons of expenses coming up in the next several months....I am cutting back wherever I can. Except when I head to Marshalls, of course. While browsing the selection downtown, I came across a gift set of my favourite Kim Kardashian perfume: Gold. It was a great price and included a full sized bottle, a body lotion, and a body wash as well. I couldn't resist!

I remember the first time I smelled it. There was this set with four mini-versions of her fragrances that I picked up a few years back. The other scents were pretty and floral but Gold? Gold was something special. It had this spicy kind of undertone that was totally different to her other perfumes - or any other perfume I had in my collection. The scent isn't super girly. It's strong, powerful, and dynamic. This is the kind of perfume I reach for when I am feeling super confident.....or when I'm not feeling particularly confident and want to turn it all around.

As for the packaging, they did a great job. The picture of Kim on the box is glamorous. I also love the Gold lining inside makes the whole set seem elegant and luxurious. I love the combination of the black and gold. This was definitely a winner as far as I am concerned.

Some perfumes I love more than others. And some I reach for more than others. But when it comes to Kim Kardashian's Gold, I can't get enough of it. I don't know what it is about this particular scent, but it just makes me feel good! This set may not have been something I needed.....but I am certainly glad that I came across it. The perfume, lotion, and body wash are absolutely gorgeous.

Have you smelled Gold? What do you think of the scent?

xo Shannon

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

true happiness is an acceptance of life as it is given to us.

I have this tradition. Every year before the holidays, I buy myself one from my wishlist. It might be small or inexpensive - or it might be a little more extravagant. It really depends. Why do I do it? I think it is important to treat ourselves every now and again. And the holiday season is the perfect excuse to do just that. This year? I went for a little something from Bare Minerals. I was actually at Sephora shopping for a gift for my mom. And then I saw it. The Happy Place Ready Eyeshadow quad. The moment my eyes fell on those eyeshadow shades, I knew it was the one. I guess you could say it was love at first sight! There was something about the bold neutrals that made me positively giddy.

The packaging was just like the other Bare Minerals products I have tried. Sleek and simple. The only thing I don't happen to like about the packaging is that it tends to get fingerprints all over it. And those fingerprints are hard to wipe off. But that is a minor issue considering the shadows themselves are so wonderful. I have a couple of other products from Bare Minerals in my makeup collection I knew what to expect in terms of the quality and texture. The shadows from The Happy Place palette held up to my expectations. They are quite pigmented, buttery soft, and easy to blend. I absolutely love using them.

As for the colours, they definitely represent my happy place. I am a big fan of smokey neutral shades. Browns, blacks, navy, bronze, and the like. Those are my favourite kind of eyeshadows to create makeup looks with. I just love the drama! It comes with four colours: Peace (a muted apricot), Exhale (a rose gold), Imagine (a taupe), and Euphoria (an eggplant). I love the combination of the browns and bronzes. The shades are so warm and inviting. Ready to take a peek? This is Bare Minerals The Happy Place - and the makeup look I created with it.

It may seem a little strange to buy yourself something before Christmas....but I am very happy that I did. This eyeshadow palette is absolutely gorgeous. Easy to use, great texture, and absolutely beautiful. Lately, I have been gravitating for this palette a lot. It is great for the days when you want something simple and pretty. This is one I would highly recommend.

Have you tried this makeup palette? What do you think of the shades?

xo Shannon

Monday, January 12, 2015

every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.

Know when you love your outfit? Maybe it isn't the greatest thing you've ever put together....and maybe you have looked better in the past....but on that day and in that moment? You feel invincible. That is one of the things I love most about fashion. It manages to reflect how you feel on the inside. The perfect combination of pieces can give you an outer glow, inspire you to smile, and boost your confidence like nothing else. As far as I am concerned, that makes fashion a truly remarkable thing.

What made me feel that way? An outfit that I wore out a little while back. Desperate to ditch the winter blues, I opted for a spring inspired outfit. I kept my makeup fresh and pretty, sporting a soft pink lip, brown eyeshadow, and a pretty pink blush. As for the outfit itself, I wore a floral pattered top and a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans. I topped it all off with a curled half up half down hairstyle, pearl earrings, and a pair of sparkly gold flats. By the time I left the house, I felt like a million bucks.

I am sure all of my fellow fashion lovers out there totally understand what I am talking about! There is something magical when your outfit just works. So, are you ready to see the look in question? This is my night out makeup and flirty floral outfit.....

Fashion is a big part of my life. I love to try out different trends, play with colour, and have fun getting creative. Sometimes I love the way it turns out....and other times, not so much. But that is all part of the experience! This was one moment where I felt great and was ready to take on the world.

Do you ever feel that way about fashion? What do you think of this outfit?

xo Shannon

Saturday, January 10, 2015

live your eyeliner, breathe your lipstick, and kill for each other.

Today's post is a little bit...random. Why? I came across this picture (the one above starring Ariel) the other day and it made me smile. It is just so true. When I think about my own makeup collection, I realize just how much stuff I have. Eyeshadow palettes, singles, trios, quads, liners, blushes, highlights, mascaras, primers, and everything else imaginable.

Despite this, I find myself buying more makeup, testing out new products, and lusting after products from Sephora. Will enough ever be enough? Probably not. I suppose there is a thrill in creating a new makeup look. Inspiration can be found in a new eyeliner or lipstick shade. In a new palette or collection. It can get you out of a rut. It can help you feel excited. New products work to remind us of the power of makeup - and expressing our creativity.

My makeup collection should be complete. But it's not. At least not yet. I continue to find inspiration from products old and new. Are you the same? Today, I challenge you to really think about your makeup collection. What inspires you to create new makeup looks? Is it new products? Re-discovered favourites? Think it over - and share your answers.

So, I hope you like this picture - and that it made you smile!

xo Shannon

Thursday, January 8, 2015

hope you can't tell but i hope she smells my perfume.

On my list of favourites? Britney Spears and perfume. Both manage to make me positively giddy. Why? I have been a fan of Britney since I was young. I used to dress up like her, copy her hairstyles, and dream of being that talented. When she released her very first perfume all of those years ago, it started what would become a total perfume obsession for me. I began collecting perfume, wearing it every day, and letting it showcase my mood. That is probably why I have (almost) all of her fragrances. Even though I am still missing a couple, I am working on it! Which is why when I saw Fantasy Twist on sale for a great price....I couldn't resist.

Where to begin? How about with the packaging. It is fantastic. The perfume essentially looks like a ball. It has two separate perfumes included. The ball breaks in half into Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy. That makes this perfume easy to store - and perfect to take with you on a trip or on the go. I love all of the thought that went into it, not to mention the fact that the perfume looks gorgeous on my shelf. Plus, the hanging silver heart adds just the perfect finishing touch.

Now for the perfumes themselves. Fantasy is one of my all-time favourite Britney perfumes. It smells super sweet, almost like cotton candy. It is a very girly and fun to wear fragrance. I personally love to wear it in the springtime or on a day when I am wearing a cute animal print or a pastel blush shade. As for Midnight Fantasy, this scent is a little sexier. It is equally girly and sweet smelling....but it has more of a sultry and sophisticated scent to it as well. This is one that is perfect for a date night or a special event. 

Needless to say, I absolutely love the Fantasy Twist. The whole concept is genius. Having two perfumes in one makes it ideal for travelling, for taking with you, storing in your purse, or just getting the best of both worlds. Both fragrances smell fantastic - so as far as I'm concerned, you really can't go wrong whichever side you pick.

Britney Spears is one of my biggest icons. I love her music, her style, and of course, her perfumes. If you are a fragrance lover like me, I highly recommend giving one of her scents a try. The price point is affordable, the bottles are fun and feminine, and they all smell absolutely amazing. 

Do you own Fantasy Twist? What do you think of these scents?

xo Shannon

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

what i got for christmas.

Phew! It seems that I am finally getting caught up on things. Now that the post-holiday rush is over and life is returning to normal, I have had a bit of time to catch up on my blogging. As you may know by now, my last post was all about my Christmas experience. Today, I will be sharing a few of the wonderful gifts I received from my family over the holidays. I was definitely spoiled considering I only asked for socks!

Christmas is always a big deal in my house. So, we normally end up surrounded in wrapping paper with way too many presents to enjoy. But, I wouldn't have it any other way. My family's enthusiasm for the holiday is part of what makes it so special to me. This year, I received some DVDs, makeup, accessories, notebooks, and even a new purse. And a bunch of wonderful things from my fiance as well. My favourite gifts from him? A digital picture frame (complete with hundreds of pictures of our adventures) and a hand written note. Everything he gave was so thoughtful and sweet. I am a very lucky girl.

Since I have so many wonderful new things in my life, I thought I would show you some of them. As for all of the new makeup and fragrances? Reviews will come in the next few weeks.....

What was your favourite gift from the holidays?

xo Shannon

Sunday, January 4, 2015

the holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on our blessings.

Christmas is over....but things are only just starting to calm down. Even though the holidays have been over for several days now, I am only just beginning to get back into my every day routine. Why? I blame the hectic holiday season. Oh, and the flu. Unfortunately, I came down with the flu by dinner time on Christmas Day. I ended up going to bed early because I wasn't feeling well. Then I spent the next several days in bed with a fever. It wasn't exactly the experienced I had envisioned.....but I felt very lucky that I had been able to enjoy Christmas Day with my family before the symptoms really kicked in.

Now, I am doing much better. That means I have been able to get back to writing, blogging, and everything in between. Which is why I am just now able to post about my holiday experience. As I mentioned before, my Christmas didn't end all that well...but the rest of it was quite lovely. I spent my Christmas Eve baking, watching holiday movies, and being with my family. Later on in the evening, my fiance came over and we watched Christmas movies - and he gave me an early Christmas present. (An ornament for my Christmas tree. So perfect!)

The next day, I woke up early. Despite my age, I always seem to wake up crazy early come Christmas morning. Unfortunately, the rest of my family does not. That means I have a sizable wait in front of me. This year, I spent it getting ready and watching holiday movies in my room. Not a bad way to start off the day. Later on, I went downstairs and we turned on the trees and decorations in preparation for my sisters arrival. Then we opened our stockings, exchanged gifts, and watched more holiday movies! My dad made us all breakfast and then my fiance came over so we could exchange gifts and spend a little time together.

So, that was my Christmas in a nutshell! Even though I ended up being sick, I had a lovely holiday with the people I love most. Even writing about it now, I feel so blessed and lucky for all of the wonderful experiences I had. On that are some of my favourite holiday photos:

How did you spend the holidays?

xo Shannon

Friday, January 2, 2015

and if you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining.

The confetti has fallen but I am still in a holiday state of mind. The end of the holiday season is always a tough one. Suddenly, you are forced back into the regular day to day routine. There are bills to pay, responsibilities to think about, and to-do lists to tackle. That is why I have been keeping the seasonal spirit alive with my makeup routine. I have been doing this by adding in a little glitz and glam!

Recently, I decided to create a makeup look around a newer item in my collection. It is the Wet n' Wild Color Icon Glitter Single in Spiked. As you can see from the picture above, this is essentially a silver glitter eyeshadow. When I bought it, I assumed that it would be a powder product. However, this has a creamy, almost wet consistency. At first I wasn't sure how it would work in terms of application - but it did a great job of putting the colour and shimmer right where I wanted it.

To go with this shimmery silver shadow? I used a burgundy shadow on the lid, a hint of black in the crease, some liquid liner, my favourite mascara, a pale pink blush, and a nude gloss on the lips to finish it all off. This was my way of bringing a little warmth to winter makeup. Are you ready to see my holiday inspired makeup look? Here it is....

Products Used: 
Flower Beauty foundation, Rimmel 3-in-1 bronzer, Wet n' Wild Glittery Eyeshadow, Makeup Forever Diamond Shadow, Hard Candy Walk The Liner liquid liner, Benefit They're Real! mascara, Benefit Pose Tint lip and cheek stain, NARS lipgloss in Turkish Delight. 

Whether the holiday season is in full swing or things are over and done is a great way to have fun and get creative. This silvery shadow inspired me to do something different and wave goodbye to Christmas and New Years. 

Are you sad that the holidays are over? What do you think of this makeup look?

xo Shannon