Sunday, March 31, 2019

meeting fergie + new fergalicious shoes

fergie hudson's bay

I met Fergie. Just typing that felt strange as the reality of that statement hasn't fully sunken in yet. For many years, I have been a fan of Fergie. (On the odd chance you don't know who she is, Fergie was a member of the Black Eyed Peas, has had a stellar solo career, has collaborated with makeup brands, released perfume, and even has her own shoe line.) In the past, I have written about her line with Wet n Wild multiple times and her eyeshadow palette even made my list of the top celebrity makeup releases. Fergie isn't just a performer, entertainer, and all around talent. She is a force to be reckoned with. Recently, she came to a nearby city to promote her line of Fergalicious and Fergie shoe lines. Though I didn't think it would be possible to meet her, I was somehow able to get a wristband. Here is a little bit about my experience and some pictures of my brand new Fergalicious shoes.

Friday, March 29, 2019

fun and exciting ways to wear pastel

It’s official. Spring is here. It’s really here! No more dreaming about a new season. The wait is over…. and that means fun, fresh, vibrant fashion trends. One of the most enduring spring trends has to be pastel colours. Year after year, high-end designers incorporate soft pinks, blues, greens, yellows, and lilac shades into their collections. And for good reason. These colours are the perfect way to put the winter blues behind you and celebrate life in bloom. Looking for new ways to wear an old favourite? These ideas will help get you inspired and look better than ever before.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

lime crime 10th birthday palette (swatches + review)

My experience with Lime Crime is admittedly limited. I've actually only tried a few of their lip products (read my review of two Velvetine's shades) and an eyeshadow palette (the Pocket Candy set looked like an old-school Polly Pocket). When I came across the Lime Crime 10th Birthday Palette at a steeply discounted price, courtesy of Winners, I decided to give it a whirl. The colours looked bright, vibrant and over the top. Immediately that made this palette stand out from the others in my currently overloaded makeup collection. Since I am always aiming to incorporate bolder colours into my makeup looks...this palette seemed like the perfect choice.

Monday, March 25, 2019

review: elf flawless finish foundation

flawless finish foundation

elf makeup takes me back. It was one of the first cosmetic brands I played around with in the earlier days of the creation of beauty is art. The reason for this was fairly simple: YouTube. Most of the beauty gurus I watched (like emilynoel83 and The Makeup Chair) raved about everything from the elf eyeshadow primer to their affordable eyeshadow palettes. For someone just getting into makeup - with a limited budget - elf products were the obvious choice. If you're interested in checking out some of those older reviews, you can do so here and here. Today, I wanted to get in touch with my makeup roots by reviewing something I have heard about time and time again: the elf Flawless Finish Foundation.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

inspired by: holly madison (cameo video + makeup look)

Sometimes, a celebrity just connects with you. That is definitely how I would describe my feelings towards Holly Madison. I remember watching The Girls Next Door years ago and immediately thinking that Holly was wonderful. I loved her bubbly personality, her beauty, and her perspective on the world around her. After reading Holly's books, I also admired her strength of character. More recently, keeping up with her on Instagram has made me fall for her fangirl side. She is constantly posting pictures and videos from Disney theme parks or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Basically, she is amazing. Holly is beautiful, yes, but she is also relatable. Perhaps that is what has made her so successful over the years.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

gigi hadid: love it or leave it?

When it comes to fashion, Gigi Hadid is one to watch. She is constantly snagging headlines for her unapologetically bold sense of style. Whether she is strutting her stuff on the runway or is heading to an event, she always always looks amazing. (Case in point, the last time Gigi was featured in a love it or leave it? post.) I really admire the fact that she takes chances. It's difficult to pin point her style as just one thing because she is consistently trying out different looks and mixing together pieces to create something totally unique. Recently, she stepped out for Paris Fashion Week. Leaving a lunch date, she looked picture perfect in this casual-glam ensemble. it a love it or leave it? Let's take a closer look and find out.

Monday, March 18, 2019

makeup brush reviews (tarte and juicy couture)

I spend a lot of time talking about the fun stuff on here. Like eyeshadow, lipstick, and lashes. When it comes to the absolute essentials (like beauty tools), I admit they receive far less attention. Maybe because they aren't as exciting. I mean, a brush is a brush...right? Not exactly. Despite how important the basics are - how integral they are to the success of any makeup look - they tend to get overlooked. Well, not this time. A while back, I was given two different brush sets. One from Tarte and one from Juicy Couture. They were a welcome addition to my existing makeup brush collection (which you can see a bit of here). Want to know how they perform? Here is everything you need to know.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

get glam for your next night out

Want to smile? Then pay attention to these three little words: girls night out. There is nothing quite so thrilling as an evening with your closest gal pals. Especially after a long workweek or a stressful experience. Sometimes you need to let off steam and let loose with a few friends. That is the beauty of a girls night out. It is your chance to have fun and leave those pesky worries behind. Ready to have a blast? Turn some heads? This is your guide to getting glam for your next night out.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

new in: disney x TOMS

The countdown is on. In less than two months, I will be back in Walt Disney World. Not only is it my favourite place ever (which is why I have visited time and time again) but it an incredible destination to celebrate important milestones. My family and I will head down to Florida this spring in honour of my parent's fortieth wedding anniversary. Needless to say, I am excited. I absolutely love all things Disney. From the movies to the characters, music, merchandise, and of course, the theme parks...I am a self diagnosed Disney-aholic. Of course, when TOMS released their Disney inspired line of shoes, I was all over it. There were a few designs to choose from but the Cinderella pair (shown above) is easily my favourite.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

seven free things to do with friends.

Funds low? Strapped for cash? There might be clubs, bars, restaurants, and attractions everywhere you turn…. but that doesn’t mean you need to spend hard earned money to have a good time. All you need is good company. Oh, and a dash of creativity. If you're on a budget at the moment, try one of these free activities. Each one-of-a-kind experience will be just as thrilling as a night on the town. Plus, they’ll give you a chance to bond with your closest pals. Ready? Here goes….

Sunday, March 10, 2019

becca week: khloe + malika (ultimate lipstick love)

Becca week is almost over. That doesn't mean the review stop coming, though! Last up as part of this theme week is the Khloe + Malika Ultimate Lipstick Love lipsticks. I have the shades Brave and Hot Tamale. The first is in collaboration with Malika Haqq and the second with Khloe Kardashian herself. In the Becca collection, there were two neutrals and two red shades to choose from. Since I am well stocked on neutral lipstick colours...this seemed like the perfect opportunity to add in some colour. 

Friday, March 8, 2019

becca week: khloe+ malika (bff's glow letters sweethearts)

Out of everything in the Khloe + Malika collection, the Glow Letters intrigued me most. Why? Because of the oh-so-adorable design. Yes, I confess that when it comes to packaging, I always always fall for the gimmick. (A few examples? L'Oreal's Paradise Enchanted scented eyeshadow palette and the candy cane shaped lip gloss set from Hard Candy.) Sometimes those gimmicks are fun and have a quality product to fall back on. Other times, the gimmick was used to disguise something that was really only so-so. When it comes to the Becca BFF's Glow Letters in Sweethearts....I wasn't sure how it would go. Would these X's and O's leave me with a glowing complexion or be a complete and total letdown? It was a toss up. To answer that question, here is a full review and makeup look.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

review: khloe + malika (bff's bronzer, blush & glow palette)

Some people love the Kardashians. Others? Not so much. If you've been reading my blog or watching my YouTube videos for any amount of time, you are likely aware of my Kardashian/Jenner obsession. My favourite member of the family has always been Khloe (and in fact, I have written about her time and time again). There is just something about her. I love Khloe's bold personality and her incredible sense of style. Her makeup, accessories, and hair are always on point, too! Since I am such a huge fan....I knew that her makeup line with Becca (and with her bestie, Malika) was an absolute must. My mom was kind enough to gift me a bunch of products from the line for Valentine's Day, including the BFF's Bronzer, Blush & Glow Palette.

There were two different palette designs to choose from: one from Khloe and one from Malika. The Khloe palette is better suited to lighter complexions where the Malika palette has deeper shades and richer tones. For today's review, I will be reviewing, swatching, and showing a makeup look featuring the Khloe palette.

Monday, March 4, 2019

becca week (reviews, makeup looks, and more)

Highlight is a girls best friend. Or at least, her beauty-related BFF. These days, more and more highlighting products are hitting the shelves. From affordable options (check out my Hard Candy Struck By Light palette review here) to high enthusiasts are obsessed with achieving a dazzling glow. My own personal obsession with shimmer and shine is what first introduced me to Becca Cosmetics a few years back. I kept hearing about the incredible Champagne Pop highlight. That led me to add the Becca Jaclyn Hill highlighting palette to my makeup collection.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

girls night out: isn't it romantic (makeup, mocktails, and a movie)

How do you make a night out extra special? With the three M's, of course: makeup, mocktails, and movies! Recently, I attended a fabulous girls night out event to support a wonderful cause. With friends, family, and even a little was the ultimate movie night. Here are some of the highlights from the evening and a brief movie review.