Wednesday, October 30, 2019

double, double, toil and trouble.

It is just one day away. Yes, tomorrow is Halloween. Though my favourite holiday will always be Christmas....all holidays excite me at least a little bit. There is something so thrilling about it. People are usually in a good mood, make time to have fun, and tap into their inner child. For at least a little while. This year, Halloween falls on a Thursday night so my plans are somewhat limited. That doesn't mean I won't be celebrating, though. After work, I have cleared my schedule for a mini movie marathon. There are plenty of fantastic Halloween themed movies that I have been enjoying this month. However, there are a few that I will be watching (or re-watching) on the day itself.  What are they? And what are a few of my other seasonal favourites? Here is a little list to inspire your movie choices this Halloween.

Monday, October 28, 2019

tarte rainforest of the sea trio (review + makeup look)

It was different. Unusual. The Rainforest of the Sea Foil Finger Paint set from Tarte stood out among the aisles of products...and for good reason. Not only were the colours bold and shimmery but the packaging was pure glitz and glitter. Since all of these qualities are right up my alley, I was intrigued to say the least. There were three different options. One was warm and golden, the other a combination of warm red and a cool white shimmer, and the last...a galactic inspired trio. The latter is the one I chose to test and try. Lunar is a trio that includes three shades, Tidal (a blue glitter), Shooting Star (a shimmery silver), and Moon Rise (a shimmery champagne). How did the trio perform? What was the unique formula actually like? Here is everything you need to know about this high end product.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

testing out new shampoo (ogx + nicole guerriero)

This hasn't happened in a while. A long, while. A few months back....I ran out of shampoo. This was pretty shocking. Especially considering I tend to have a mini stock pile on hand. For a few days, I wound up using my husbands shampoo and whatever samples I had floating around. Thankfully, I wound up finding some limited edition shampoos on clearance. They were from the OGX collaboration with beauty YouTuber, Nicole Guerriero. This clearance bin find was exciting for a couple of reasons. One: I used to watch Nicole's channel all the time. She was actually one of the first beauty channels I ever subscribed to. Two: the line was holiday themed and I am a total Christmas addict. There were both shampoos and conditioners but seeing as I was still fully stocked on conditioner, I opted to pick up one of each shampoo. How do they smell? Do they work well? Would I buy another product from the brand? Here is everything you need to know....

Thursday, October 24, 2019

birthday post + sephora birthday gift (mini review)

Some people loathe birthdays. Dread them, even. Not me! For as long as I can remember, I have eagerly looked forward to my birthday. October 24th has always felt like a special day in my world. Not only is it my my birthday but it is also my brothers birthday as well. (Yes, I am a twin.) Since it is so important to me and my is extra important to celebrate, enjoy, and make special memories. Which is why today I am in full celebration mode. How will I celebrate? And what was my birthday gift from Sephora this year? Keep reading to find out.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

easy fall desserts guaranteed to wow

Is your stomach rumbling? The fall season seems that have that effect on people. Coffee shops are full of pumpkin spice everything and tasty baked goods line cafe windows. Yes, this time of year is certainly tied to its delicious desserts. Maybe more so than changing leaves and rainy days. So, be honest. Have you ever wanted to make something scrumptious and seasonal? Something so tasty that your mouth will water? It's easier than you think. Baking something fabulous doesn’t have to be time consuming or challenging. Just choose your recipes wisely. These easy fall desserts will inspire and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

good? bad? hard candy fragrance mist set review

Did I need another fragrance mist set? Absolutely not. Did I buy another fragrance mist set? You bet. While I realize that my perfume collection is extensive (and more than any one person technically requires)...there is something so alluring about scents. They are magical. Meaningful. Memorable. I can still remember wearing certain perfumes for this special occasion or that exciting event. So many of my memories are tied to my shelves of perfume. That makes it especially challenging to pass by some new and potentially thrilling scents. A little while ago, I stumbled upon this fragrance mist set from Hard Candy. There were four bottles for a mere $10. How could I possibly pass up the chance to fall head over heels in love with a gorgeous new scent? If you are curious about this set, then keep reading. Here is everything you need to know.

Friday, October 18, 2019

everyday makeup look feat. the balm magnetic personality palette

Some days are all about colour, glitter, and pizzazz. Other days are better suited to neutrals and straight forward makeup looks. Typically, I save the glitz and glamour for nights out and special events. Then the warm neutrals and subtle smokey looks are my everyday, going to work, running errands go-tos. A little while back, I stumbled upon the Magnetic Personality eyeshadow palette from theBalm. This is a brand that I've noticed popping up more and more where I live. From mini displays at the drugstore to discount stores like Winners and Marshalls....theBalm is taking over.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

meeting trisha paytas (concert + meet and greet experience 2019)

Editing Note: I no longer support Trisha Paytas, because she chose to mock a victim of domestic violence.

Some people do more than shine. They inspire. They make you excited about life. They allow you to feel seen and understood. For me, Trisha Paytas is someone that checks all the boxes. She inspires, excites, and always manages to make me feel understood. I have been watching her videos on YouTube for many years now. In fact, I've also purchased all of her music and plenty of her merchandise as well. Needless to say, I am forever in her corner. Though she has certainly had ups and downs (including her most recent controversy)....Trisha is someone I truly admire. She isn't afraid to be vulnerable, to learn from mistakes, and find hope in situations that feel hopeless. Even when past mistakes are thrown her face, she picks herself back up, and keeps shining her light on this world. I believe in who she is and who she can be.

Recently, Trisha had a concert date in a nearby city. This was an event I had been looking forward to for over five months. I bought a meet and greet ticket for "The Heartbreak Tour" the second they went on sale...and had been counting down the days ever since. Finally, the big day came and it was time to see the iconic Trisha Paytas on tour.

Monday, October 14, 2019

combat dry skin this fall

Spectacular. That is the best way to describe the fall season. It is full of natural beauty and plenty of wonder. The downside? The change in temperature can be hard on your skin. Cooler temperatures often cause issues like dryness, flakes, and itching. Not how most of us imagine a fun-filled season! Thankfully there are a number of ways to keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated. Keep reading to find out how you can combat dry skin this fall.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

#FOTD featuring sephora #lipstories (margs matte lipstick)

Sometimes, inspiration for a makeup look just pops into your head. Other times, a particular product inspires the look. Recently, the lipstick shade Margs entered my life. It was a shade so different, so unique, and so unlike anything else in my makeup collection that it became impossible not to be inspired. Though I do own a few green lipstick shades (you can check out one of them here)....this was a completely different kind of green. It was swampy, moss-like, and matte. Not to mention, ultra affordable. The tube of lipstick set me back a mere $10. Not bad for a unique lipstick shade. Want to see it in action? Find out how the product performs? Then keep reading....

Thursday, October 10, 2019

elizabeth and james perfume review (nirvana french grey)

Perfume is one of my many passions. There is something special about it. The elegant bottles....scents that can highlight your mood....or accent your personality....ahh, bliss! At the moment, I have a rather large perfume collection. I love having a wide variety of scents to choose from (to suit every occasion) but I also love all of the different bottles. Some are truly unique, beautiful, and inspired. Though I do not need more perfume in my collection, every now and then, it is hard to say no. Especially when a fragrance seems to sweep you off your feet. That is exactly what happened when I smelled the Elizabeth and James perfume, Nirvana French Grey.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

review: dominique cosmetics (rustic glam eyeshadow palette)

It was love at first shadow. While wandering the aisles of Sephora with a friend one caught my eye. The eyeshadow shade, Desert Queen, that is. It is a soft, peachy, almost orange colour. Warm, bold, and yet still effortlessly wearable. The colour was everything I didn't know I was looking for. That shade is the reason the Rustic Glam palette from Dominique Cosmetics entered my life. Though the rest of the colours in the palette looked beautiful and were also compelling....Desert Queen made me positively giddy. Ready to take a peek inside? See what Desert Queen actually looks like? Here is everything you need to know about this high end eyeshadow palette.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

avoid getting sick this fall

Sniff. Cough. Sneeze. Those are the sounds you can expect to hear as the fall season continues. Getting sick is pretty common during this time of year. Especially as we make the transition from summer sunshine to chilly days and wet weather. It can be tricky to avoid catching a cold or the flu virus. Maybe someone at work gets sick and it spreads around the office. Or perhaps a family member has brought something home. It seems there is no avoiding it once someone you know falls ill. Guess what? You can. Here are some of the most effective ways to avoid getting sick this fall.

Friday, October 4, 2019

fake jeffree star cosmetics palette (rant + review)

I have always wondered what it would be like to try something from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. There are so many YouTubers that rave about the quality of the products. Especially the liquid lipsticks and addition to some standout palettes from the brand. (Like the Blue Bloods palette, which I debated on in a previous post.) Of course, I was excited when a company approached me with the opportunity to try out something from their wholesale makeup website. I selected a Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette, assuming it was overstock or an older release that was no longer available on the official website. Wrong. It was fake, fake, fake. I will not name names, but perhaps be wary of wholesale makeup websites based in China. Not only did the palette take months to arrive but it was fake as fake can be. Today, I wanted to show you the palette, let you know how it performed, and break down the many signs that proved it was inauthentic.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

new in: kendall + kylie accessories (purse and shoes)

At this point it should come as no surprise that I am a big fan of the Kardashian/Jenner family. Over the years, I have dedicated more than a handful of blog posts and YouTube videos to this ultra famous family. From makeup tutorials to product reviews and fashion posts...there are so many ways to get inspired by Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie. Since I am such a huge fan, it was especially exciting to stumble upon a few pieces from the Kendall + Kylie line. (At a discount, no less.) Of course, I simply had to have them. Curious to see what the items are? Not to worry: all will be revealed. Keep reading to check out my new shoes and purse from the Kendall + Kylie fashion line.