Tuesday, March 2, 2021

candace cameron bure x dayspring t-shirts (review)

Some people inspire, influence, and add light to the world. Candace Cameron Bure is certainly one of those people. This celebrity has been a part of my life for as long as I can recall. I grew up watching Full House and did my best to keep up with her career following the series finale. As most of you know, Candace has established an impressive resume. From television shows to movies and books...she has done it all. She even created a line of products with Dayspring! The line includes Christmas decor, aprons, books, and inspirational t-shirts. I have ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the items on the website for years but never ordered. This year, my husband ordered two Candace Cameron Bure shirts for me for Valentine's Day. It was so exciting! They ended up being very expensive, thanks to the state of the Canadian dollar, sky high shipping costs, and the additional duties that were added. So....chances are this will be my one and only time receiving something from Dayspring. But on the plus side, the shirts are really beautiful and totally lifted my spirits. 

There was a lot to love about this order. First of all, it arrived in two days. So, I guess that was one benefit of the high shipping cost. There were also lots of lovely little details. For instance, the tag is printed on the inside of the shirt. This is a small detail but it actually makes a huge difference. No itchy tags to deal with. Score! That printed tag also includes Candace's logo and says: Inspiration You Can Trust. It sounds simple but I like knowing that it is there. Then the removable tags on the shirts feel extra special. Not only does it include the Candace Cameron Bure logo and a picture of this beloved actress but there is also a scan code that provides you with free inspirational resources. 

Warrior - Women's Fit Tank. The first shirt was one that my husband saw and instantly picked out for me. It says: Worrier, Worrier, Worrier, Warrior. It was an obvious choice, because I worry about everything. I am an anxious person in general and worry just sort of comes with the territory. For me, the shirt is meaningful because it acknowledges this part of my personality...but transforms that worry into something powerful. It is a reminder to unleash my inner warrior. Even on days when that seems impossible to do. The shirt is soft, high-quality, and absolutely beautiful. One thing I will say? This particular tank runs very small. I sized up based on the reviews on the website but it is still tighter than I would like. (I am not someone that wears ultra fitted clothes!) It is fine for me to work out in or wear at home. But I would've loved a more relaxed fit. 

Kindness is Golden - Women's Fitted T-Shirt. This was the one. The shirt that I'd had my eye on for ages. It was simple but had such a beautiful message. The white t-shirt has gorgeous gold letters that say: Kindness is Golden. The world we live in can be a beautiful place...but it can also be a negative place. Sometimes, it is important to have that reminder to be kind to one another. Just like the other shirt, the quality is top notch. The fabric is soft, the letters are printed on nicely, and it looks beautiful. Though this shirt is also described as fitted, it is not. This fits like a traditional box t-shirt. So, it is a bit roomy on me, but I am totally okay with that. It just means I can be cute and comfy at home or I can tuck it in or tie it to the side. There are a lot of cute ways to wear it. Out of the two, this is easily my favourite. It makes me smile. 

These Candace Cameron Bure shirts made this Valentine's Day feel extra special. They have also been boosting my mood these days. There is nothing like a little inspiration to keep you motivated! 

What do you think of these shirts? Are you a fan of Candace Cameron Bure?