Friday, February 24, 2017

new in: toy story vans

It is important to have something to look forward to. At the moment? It is cold, rainy, and the streets are slick with ice. No wonder everyone seems tense, stressed, and down lately. Not me. I keep thinking about all of the amazing adventures that await. In a couple of months....I will be in sunny Las Vegas. And a couple of months following that trip? I will be in Florida. The latter has inspired more than a few recent additions to my wardrobe. My family and I are planning to spend some time seeing the sights in Orlando. I'm talking Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and of course, Walt Disney World.

So, there have been Little Mermaid t-shirts, Nightmare Before Christmas dresses, and Minnie Mouse printed tank tops. And my personal favourite addition? The Toy Store Vans that are pictured above. My mom and I had been searching everywhere for these. Unfortunately, all of the stores we went to had only certain prints or didn't have our sizes. It seemed like an impossible quest. Quite frankly, I had given up on snagging a pair of those super cute Disney shoes.

Then I went to visit my parents. My mom had mentioned she had a big surprise waiting for me. I didn't know what to expect....but I certainly was not expecting Toy Story shoes! I was blown away. They are so fun, cute, and comfortable. And I know they will add an extra special touch of style to our Disney vacation this summer. I can't wait!

Every time the winter blues catch me off guard...I look ahead. I think about the incredible places I will get to see. The amazing experiences I will have. And the fabulous memories that await.

What do you think of these shoes? Are you looking forward to something?

xo Shannon


  1. ;D

    Amei a estampa!

    Ótima sexta!

    Beijo! ^^

  2. This is so cute and funky! I am a fan of Vans and Vans + Toy Story = Perfect Match ♥

    - Gretch of GG Memochou

  3. Grat post.♥

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