Monday, November 15, 2021

review: violet voss x care bears mini palette

Some things you never grow out of. Like the Care Bears. Though this show has been a part of my life since I was a young still holds a special place in my heart. In fact, I have a few Care Bears dolls in my home as well as episodes from the original series. It is a classic! When it was announced the Violet Voss was doing a Care Bears inspired interest was immediately piqued. Especially since the first Violet Voss eyeshadow palette that I tried was phenomenal. I could not get over the intense colours and the overall quality. Was it a one off? Or would the Violet Voss x Care Bears Mini Palette perform just as well? Here is everything you need to know about this colourful collaboration. 

When it comes to colourful eyeshadow shades...Violet Voss seems to do it best. Just take a look at those bold and bright colours! This mini palette certainly doesn't shy away from over the top options. Not only is the packaging fabulous (look at the adorable Care Bears on the front and the rainbow printed inside) but the palette itself is so well themed. The shades are all named after different Care Bears and are inspired by their colours. As for the shadows themselves, there are six options in all, with four velvet mattes and two shimmers. The matte shades are really colourful and buildable. They can be worn a little more subtly or they can be worn with full colour payoff. The shimmers are creamy and instantly make a statement. 

The Violet Voss x Care Bears Mini Palette has a lot of standout shades. Even though this is a mini palette, there are many different options. Sometimes, I like to pair Secret Bear and Harmony Bear together for a unicorn inspired makeup look. Other times, the shimmers are paired together for a look that is totally unforgettable. Though there is not a weak shade in the bunch, the absolute best has to be Bedtime Bear. That particular shade of blue is so different to anything else in my makeup collection. I love that it has these cool undertones and ends up looking like a classic sky blue.

To create the look (pictured above) three shadows were used. Obviously, the stellar Bedtime Bear was applied all over the lid and Birthday Bear was applied just above. There was a bit of the golden shimmer, Champ Bear, applied in the inner corner and above the crease. All in all, it was a fun, colourful, and easy look to create. As someone who typically wears warm neutral was really exciting to create something so colourful and vibrant. 

Recently, a YouTube video was posted to my channel dedicated to this Violet Voss mini eyeshadow palette.  Be sure to watch the video for another peek at the palette, some swatches, and a closer look at this colourful Care Bears inspired makeup. 

The Violet Voss x Care Bears Mini Palette met all expectations. Not only was the packaging adorable and the theme well implemented...but the quality of the eyeshadows was downright stellar. Violet Voss certainly knows how to make shadows that stand out. If you are a fan of the Care Bears or just happen to love colourful eyeshadow shades, this is one mini palette to add to your collection. It is cute, compact, and makes a statement.

Have you tried anything from Violet Voss? What do you think of this Care Bears palette?


  1. Very beautiful and interesting makeup!

  2. It is so cute!! I love the look you created, that baby blue is gorgeous :D xx

  3. Oh my god the Care Bears 😍 this palette is so cute and your makeup is great 👍

  4. Very beautiful palette colors.

  5. Oh you're cute, thank you <3 Yes my december will be perfect with this advent calendars <3 :D
    I love my mermaid blanket, it's so fluffy and comfortable =) Absolutely cosy =) Thanks.

    Great review =) This palette looks so cute, the Care Bears were one of my favourite series in my childhood :D The colours are special and beautiful. Your look is amazing =)

    1. Oh sorry there was another comment from you :D

      Yes this selection of food is amazing =) After Eight is so delicious <3 Yes you're right.

    2. Thank you! Oh, so happy that you love the Care Bears as well. They are amazing :D

  6. that is So cute! not that I wear makeup with similar colors often but I absolutely LOVE the packaging and colors here.