Thursday, November 25, 2021

new in: hallmark must haves (candles, books, and ornaments)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....or at least a very Candace Cameron Bure inspired Christmas thanks to Hallmark. I have been a fan of Candace Cameron Bure for as long as I can remember. I looked up to her iconic character on Full House, DJ Tanner, and continued to follow her career in the years following the original show. Since Full House is one of my all-time favourite comfort shows, all of the actors hold a very special place in my heart. Especially Candace. Over the years, I have watched her on various TV shows, have purchased lots and lots of her movies, read all her books, and have fallen head over heels in love with her style. She has inspired me in many ways. So...when it was suddenly possible to infuse my favourite holiday with items from my favourite actress, it was a no brainer. Looking for a little inspiration this season? Ready to make the season bright? Then be sure to check out these Hallmark must haves from Candace Cameron Bure. 

Hallmark Star Ornament. My husband and I were walking around the mall doing some holiday shopping and popped into Hallmark to look at the ornaments. There was a wall overloaded with lots of fabulous holiday decorations, but on the other side of the shop, I noticed a haphazard pile of Candace Cameron Bure products. They were in the process of setting up a full display, and for the time being, they were piled on the shelves for people to look at. Since I already knew what every single item in her line looked like (thanks to social media)...I quickly recognized what I was seeing. Cue excitement! This is the first time that the Hallmark store in my area had ever sold something from Candace. There was the Candace Cameron Bure Geometric Metal Wreath, which I love, but could not really justify buying, and two gold ornaments. It took me a few minutes to decide which ornament to purchase (I wanted both, but to be honest, my Christmas tree is pretty full as is) and ended up with the gold star. The geometric design is beautiful, the gold colour is perfect for Christmas, and there is a dangling charm on the bottom that says: good news and great joy. This Hallmark ornament will be a wonderful addition to my tree. 

Hallmark Scented Candle Set. It is no secret that I love a good candle. Especially a Christmas themed candle. (My obsession with Christmas knows no bounds.) It was a month or so later that my mom and I were at the mall so she could make a return. Before heading home, we quickly went to check out the Christmas items at Hallmark. Though the wreath and ornaments were long gone, there was one little Candace Cameron Bure Christmas item tucked away on a shelf with an assortment of other seasonal products. Once again...cue excitement. The candle set was more than I wanted to spend (approximately $40 CDN) but it wasn't every day that Candace Cameron Bure holiday items were at my fingertips. And so, it became an early Christmas present to myself. The set comes in a lovely box that is tied with a gold ribbon and inside there are three small jar candles. Each one of the candles has a name and a wonderfully themed holiday scent: 

  • Love Came Down (Winterberry Citrus)
  • Peaceful Manger (Vanilla Fig)
  • Oh Holy Night! (Pine)
I love the presentation and the incredible scents. Though these are not necessarily candle scents that I would normally choose (I tend to gravitate towards things like Marshmallow Fireside, peppermint, or something that smells like a baked good)...the three scents just scream Christmas. I actually don't plan to burn these, though. Partly because they were so expensive and partly because they look so beautiful on display. I have the box propped open on my desk with a few other Christmas items scattered around. It looks (and smells) wonderful and instantly makes me feel festive. 

Hallmark Advent Christmas Book. Last on this Hallmark must haves list is something that my husband ordered for me as a birthday gift. Though my birthday was in late October, the Candace Cameron Bure book, Bring on the Merry, is an advent book. So I needed it before the holiday season began! Though I haven't started reading it yet (only a handful of days until I can start)...I did flip through it already. There are classic holiday stories, poems, journal prompts, and inspiration pages. I cannot wait to incorporate it into my days as soon as the countdown to Christmas starts. Though I have all of Candace's more traditional books (books about her life and style books), this is the first Candace book that I have that was published through Hallmark and DaySpring. I could not be more excited to start reading and to soak up every moment of the holiday season. 

Are you a fan of Hallmark? What are your holiday must haves this year?


  1. Hi dear! I've never bought any products of Hallmark but these are beautiful 😍

    1. Thank you so much! Hallmark is definitely an important part of my holiday season!

  2. They're awesome, I especially love the candles, it's a must-have for autumn and winter ^^

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