Friday, November 5, 2021

does it work?? top knot hat review

The idea sounded too good to be true: a baseball hat that could accommodate hair worn at any height. According to Top Knot, the brand was created specifically so women (or anyone with long hair) had the option to wear their hair higher up on the head and still be able to wear a baseball hat. Genius, right? This  product was was clever that my husband actually purchased me a hat based off of an online ad he saw. The reason? Over the summer, we went on a lot of walks (I'm still trying to work off all of that pandemic weight) and it was always irritating to have to lower my ponytail in order to fit it through the back of a baseball hat. I wanted to wear the hat for extra sun protection, but it was seriously messing with my hairdo! So, when my husband came across this product, it was a no brainer. But the question remains....does it work??

First thing is first: the hat. There are several different styles and colours to choose from depending on your preferences. For instance, a more structured or less structured style. The hat that my husband ordered for me is part of the performance wear line and is less structured, waterproof, has a stretch sweatband inside, and the magnetic back closure. Though my husband ordered a white hat, a blue hat arrived. Ahh, is fine! What matters most is that the hat works well and my hair can be wherever I want it to be at any given time. Essentially, you just open the magnetic closure at the back, slip your ponytail through, and put on the baseball hat. Simple and easy! The magnetic closure is large enough that you can really have your ponytail or bun as high or as low as you like. The picture below really illustrates the versatility the closure provides. 

See? Lots and lots of space. The hat is comfortable, easy to wear, and makes it so much easier to wear my hair how I want. No more changing my style to suit a hat. Instead...the hat changes to suit me. A magnetic closure at the back of a baseball hat shouldn't be so revolutionary, but it really is. The fact that a company created something designed for people with long hair in mind is so wonderful. And it makes me so much likely to wear a hat and stay sun safe on walks and outings. Is this pricier than a regular baseball hat? Absolutely. It retails for about $38 CDN. That being said, it is a million times better than a regular baseball hat and really delivers on all of the claims. The design is brilliant and the hat is easy to use, wear, and enjoy. 

So...does it work?? Yes! The Top Knot hat is fabulous. I absolutely love this design and I love being able to wear my hair however I choose to wear it. I don't have to sacrifice a cute hairdo that makes me feel confident just because I want to stay sun safe. The Top Knot hat is something that I would highly recommend. It is stellar. 

Have you tried the Top Knot hat? What do you think of the design?


  1. Wow, this is actually a great piece! Me and my daughter both have long hair and, this is ideal for my ten year old who is always on her toes!

  2. que gorra mas chula, a veces no sabemos donde encontrarlas asi, mas bonitas

  3. Yes I love this song, I have to dance to it everytime I hear it :D You're welcome =)

    Nice review =) This sounds pretty nice and absolutely useful =)

  4. Ohw very cool!

  5. It's a shame that they didn't send you the right colour but it's great that it works and lets you wear your hair however you like! I've seen a few hats here with little holes for ponytails - I was going to get a cute hat for my son when I realised the ponytail hold on the back, haha! But I've never seen an adjustable one like this, good idea!

    Hope that you are having a good weekend. It's a cold and wet day here!

    Away From The Blue

    1. It is, but at least the hat is still cute and works well. It's such a good idea!