Thursday, October 14, 2021

find must have menswear with soinyou

Fall is a wonderful time of year, but to be honest, I am already thinking ahead. Christmas is a little over two months away. Since so much holiday shopping needs to be done online these days, ordering ahead is always a good idea. Whether you or a loved one needs a fabulous outfit for a holiday party or special event...or you want to give the gift of fashion this year...there is no better time to start browsing. That is exactly what I have been doing thanks to Soinyou. This online retailer has an impressive assortment of menswear that is anything but ordinary. That means it is possible to shop for yourself, spoil someone you love with a few unforgettable pieces, or find a special event look that will turn heads. 

Everyone has their own style preferences. Personally, I love a combination of casual and glamorous. When it comes to menswear, pieces that are classic and retro inspired make me positively giddy. There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than menswear that nods to the past. Take the striped sweater, pictured above. I love the collar, the large buttons, the cuffs, and the clean-cut stripes down the front. This makes me think of something an old-school movie star would wear. Swoon! Looking for a stylish piece that is also a bit of a throwback? Check out all of the men's vintage clothing on the website.

Another wonderful example of that retro style can be seen above. How fabulous is this look?! The exaggerated cuffs, the classic button placement, the stripes, and the dramatic neckline make this sweater an absolute must have for autumn and winter. There is no easier way to look stylish and put together...not to mention stay warm and cozy when the temperatures drop. 

Looking for something that can be worn all year round? Then be sure to check out these mens casual tops for lots and lots of fashion inspiration. The shirt pictured above is an absolute favourite. I love the combination of white and that classic blue, the button up style, and that collar. Everything about this screams: fashionable, comfortable, put together, and classic. Whenever I watch old movies, television shows, or even newer releases that are themed to specific decades...outfits like this make my heart beat a little faster. I absolutely love the designs and how effortlessly chic the pieces are. 

Often, menswear is considered boring, dull, or uninspired. That is certainly not the case with the clothing available on Soinyou! I love that each piece has a distinct personality, that many items reference a time gone by, and that it becomes so much easier to really express yourself through fashion. Is it time to elevate your look or the look of someone you love? There are many options beyond the classic t-shirt and jeans. One look at Soinyou is sure to inspire a purchase or two. Whether you are browsing for yourself or a loved has never been easier to enjoy some unforgettable menswear pieces. 

What do you think of these fashionable items? Are you a fan of retro styling?