Thursday, October 28, 2021

fabulous fall fashion with baginning

Some seasons are better than others. There is no doubt about it: fall is one of the best times of year. Not only are there fallen leaves, cooler temperatures, and cozy vibes...but there is also fall fashion to consider. I love the warm colours, oversized sweaters, and stylish purses that accompany the season. Is the latter lacking in your wardrobe? Not to worry. Baginning has plenty of stylish options that are ideal for autumn. (And winter, spring, and summer! There really is a little bit of everything.) This online retailer makes it easy to incorporate a little wow into all of your seasonal looks.

Not sure where to start? What type of purse will be best for you? Consider checking out their selection of bucket bags ( These are an excellent choice for fall, because they are effortlessly chic and pair well with all of those layered looks. There are many different colours and styles to choose from. Some have fringe, some are smaller, some have bold clasps and chains. It all depends on your own personal style and what you like best. Personally, I am really drawn to the bucket bag pictured above. I love that warm brown for fall, the size, and the fact that it will compliment many different autumn pieces in my wardrobe. It is an absolute must for the season. 

Planning on hitting the town? Have some noteworthy plans or a special event? Then a going out purse ( is your best bet. The main difference between an everyday purse and a going out purse? The latter is all about making a splash. It is the perfect time to choose something in a fun colour, something that has a little sparkle, or has a unique design. The purse shown above checks off a lot of boxes. The mint colour is stunning, the print is bold, and the rounded shape of the crossbody bag is downright unforgettable. There is no easier way to elevate your autumn style. Simply use accessories thoughtfully and add on a stylish going out bag. 

These days, clutches have been my favourite purse style to reach for. These small and easy to carry bags are ideal for those quick errands, like picking up packages from the post office or going grocery shopping. Whether you are heading out to check off your to do list or want to make a splash at a family get-together, reach for a stylish clutch. ( The one shown above is an excellent choice, because it has a classic red and white checkered print and a bold chain. It is classic but still makes a statement. This clutch is gorgeous...and is certainly well suited to the fall season.

Feeling inspired? There is no better time to find the perfect purse for the autumn season. Whether you are interested in a bucket bag, going out purse, or a fashion forward clutch, it has never been easier to find exactly what you need. Just head to the Baginning website at: 

What do you think of these purses? Which design do you like best?

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