Wednesday, October 20, 2021

love it or leave it? zendaya

There is no doubt about it. Zendaya is one of the hottest stars out there. She is known for her singing abilities, her hit TV shows and movies, not to mention her style. Zendaya always turns heads on the red carpet. More recently, she appeared at the Women in Film Annual Awards Ceremony in a bold dress that made waves. It was certainly an adventurous and unusual choice. Curious about the outfit in question? Keep reading to find out whether this is a love it or leave it....

What I Love: There is a lot to love here. Zendaya's hair looks so chic and polished. It is slicked down, which really allows the dress to be the focal point. Her makeup is warm, but understated, and those gold earrings are a work of art. I absolutely love them! From the neck up, this red carpet outfit is total perfection. I also love those metallic gold heels that tie everything together. Her hair, accessories, and makeup are so sleek and so elegant. Love, love, love. 

What I Loathe: it is time to talk about the dress. While I understand the concept, the actual execution is clunky. The dress itself is fine, but extraordinarily basic. Without the gold breastplate on top, it would look like any $20 fast fashion dress on the racks. Adding the gold breastplate certainly elevates the design to a degree, but the way that it is placed looks so unflattering. Perhaps it is the shape of the plate itself or the way it lays on the dress, but the end result is kind of strange and off putting. I just do not like it. At all. Everything else is so beautiful and elegant, but the dress seems to be trying a little too hard to be different, and in the end the design ends up looking unflattering and unfinished. 

So, is this a love it or leave it? For me, this is a leave. I love everything except the dress and as a result, it is a pass for me. Zendaya has wowed on the red carpet time and time again, but this particular look just missed the mark for me. 

What do you think of this look? Love it or leave it?


  1. Yes I love holiday items too =) Yeah they're pretty cute and I'm sure mom will love it. Christmas - It's the most delicious (instead of wonderful :D) time of the year <3 :D
    Absolutely exciting =) I'm glad to test it, wine is always good and I love to have yoghurts for breakfast =)

    Interesting post and I love extraordinary styles but this dress isn't my style :D It looks a little bit like a baby bib :D

  2. For me this a leave is ugly as hell
    She is wonderful, the dress no

    1. LOL! I appreciate your honesty! I agree that the dress is a no!

  3. She is so pretty but this dress is awful :(

  4. the idea is not bad but she is so beautiful that she could afford more.