Friday, October 22, 2021

2 looks 1 palette: revolution forever dynamic tranquil palette

It was only a few months ago that the Revolution Forever Dynamic Tranquil Eyeshadow Palette was reviewed on the creation of beauty is art. (In case you missed that review, you can take a look at it here.) Since then, this small but mighty drugstore release has been used often in my day-to-day life. As I've mentioned previously, doing my makeup brings me a lot of joy. So, even though I work from home, this is something that I try to make time for each day. This Revolution palette is perfect for the days when I want something ultra shimmery or ultra colourful. Which is why for this 2 looks 1 palette post, there will be a shimmery metallic look as well as a colourful blue look. Ready to see how they turned out? Here are some recent looks created using the unforgettable Revolution Forever Dynamic Tranquil Eyeshadow Palette.

First thing is first. Here is a little refresher of the palette! As you can see, there are two ultra shimmery metallic shades, a mixture of blues and greens, and some soft matte shades. The overall quality is really impressive and the palette itself is fairly affordable. I love that it is possible to create a makeup look that is really quick and easy to wear or something a little more colourful and out of the ordinary. Ready to see the makeup looks included in this 2 looks 1 palette post? Here goes...

Look #1: Bold and Blue

The first makeup look in this 2 looks 1 palette post is all about those colourful shadows. To start, I applied the shade Tranquil (the bright blue) all over the lid and patted down the colour with a flat brush. Then I used Riviera (the dark blue) through the crease. That was blended out using Wish (a light blue-grey) to soften the edges of the shadows. Then to add just a hint of shimmer, the shade Breezy (the shimmery seafoam green colour) was patted on gently over top of the lid. Along the lower lash line, it was more of Riviera on the outer portion and then a little more Tranquil on the inner third. To finish off the eyeshadow, the shade Sparkle (a matte cream) was applied to the inner corner and underneath the brow bone. Some liner and mascara completed the eyes. On the cheeks was a blush from Cover Girl and a soft pink Revolution lip gloss on the lips. That was it! Nothing too over the top and complicated...but the bold colours certainly made this makeup look stand out. 

Look #2: Shimmery Metallics

The second makeup look was all about those shimmery metallic eyeshadows. They are definitely the more wearable (but certainly not understated) colours in the palette. It is possible to create something really bold or something a little more wearable, depending on your technique. For this particular look, I wanted something shimmery, fabulous, but still super easy to wear. That is why Radiant (the shimmery bronze) was applied all over the lid. This is the ultimate one-shadow shade. You really could end it there and move on with the makeup look...but I wanted to incorporate some Vision (the shimmery silver) as well. There is something about the two metallic shades paired together that just works. So, Vision was applied under the brow bone, in the inner corner, and was even used as a silver highlight on the cheeks! Mascara and eyeliner finished off the eyes. The blush and bronzer were from The Emily Edit - The Needs Palette and the lipstick was from Too Faced. The finished look was bold and fun...but not so over the top that it would be out of place at work or a family get-together. 

Have you tried this Revolution eyeshadow palette? What do you think of these makeup looks? 


  1. Hi dear! they are both very beautiful but the latter is my favorite.

  2. They both look so good on you.

    Enjoy the weekend ♥


  3. lovely blue shade!
    have a great weekend,

  4. The colours are really beautiful, and I love both looks! Especially the second one because metallics are my favourite ^^

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