Saturday, October 16, 2021

kylie jenner week: makeup look and mini reviews

It is hard to believe, but this theme week is at an end. That's right...this is the last post for Kylie Jenner Week here on the creation of beauty is art. And this one features mini reviews of some makeup products from Kylie Cosmetics as well as a makeup look that puts them all to good use. Have you been curious about the Kybrow products? The Kyliner? How about the beloved lip kit? It is time to take a closer look at these items and find out how they performed. 

Kylie Kybrow Brow Highlighter in 001 Light Shimmer. First is the Kybrow Brow Highlighter. There were several different Kybrow options to choose from, but since I am pretty much obsessed with the Essence Eyebrow Designer pencil...a higher end option didn't seem necessary. That being said, the Kybrow Brow Highlighter was intriguing. I chose the shade 001 Light Shimmer for something ultra light that would make my eye looks even more dramatic. Luckily, this does just that. The shimmer is bold in person (though it doesn't show up too much in photos) and quickly adds that extra pop! It has been a welcome addition to my makeup routine - especially when I am eager to create an ultra shimmery makeup look.

Kylie Kyliner Gel Eyeliner Pencil in 009 Black Shimmer. Another product that was intriguing was the Kyliner Gel Eyeliner Pencil. Sure, there are a million different black eyeliners in my current collection (from liquid liner to gel liners to pencil liners...I love them all) but this one claimed to be a black shimmer. Anything that shimmers and shines makes me happy, so this was a must. Does it actually shimmer? Ish. When swatched on the hand, you can see small flecks of shimmer, but when it is used to actually line the eyes, the shimmer is hardly noticeable. So on that end, it was somewhat disappointing, but thankfully the formula of the gel liner itself is wonderful and it glides on really easily. So at least there is that! 

Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick and Lip Liner in 808 Kylie Matte. Way back in May 2016, my very first Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit arrived in the mail. Dolce K was the shade I selected and it was an absolute love affair. I loved the colour and the formula of the products. So, I was curious to find out how the new formulas would perform. The lip kit that I selected was 808 Kylie Matte (it seemed like the best place to start). Just like the OG kit, this comes with a lip liner and matte liquid lipstick. As for the liner, it glides on smoothly and the colour is gorgeous. The matte liquid lipstick is very much the same as the original version in terms of the performance and longevity (this stuff really lasts) but it doesn't have the scent as before. The original had a sweet sort of vanilla scent, but this new formula doesn't smell like much at all. 

Ready to see these Kylie Cosmetics products in action? This is a recent makeup look that I pulled together using the Kybrow, Kyliner, Kylie Lip Kit and some additional Kylie Cosmetic products that I had on hand, including a blush shade and an eyeshadow palette. Be sure to let me know what you think of the Kylie lip colour...

All in all, the Kylie Cosmetics products are impressive. I love the Kybrow highlight and the iconic lip kit in the shade 808 Kylie. The Kyliner works well in terms of the formula, though I was disappointed in the fact that the shimmer isn't super noticeable when worn. It has been exciting to test out some new Kylie products and it will be even more exciting to incorporate those new products into future creations. And that's it! Kylie Jenner Week has come to a close.

Have you tried any of these products? Are you a fan of Kylie Cosmetics?


  1. Wonderful set. I would like to try those products.

  2. Boa noite. Esse conjunto parece ser muito bom e farรก muito sucesso aqui no Brasil. Bom inรญcio de semana.

  3. Replies
    1. Aww thank you so much! And yes, I love the design and packaging as well.

  4. Everything looking very nice! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ Have a great week my dear!

  5. Again you did a good job! Beautiful make up :)

  6. You created a great look with them - I like that lip colour on you and it's nice you enjoy these even if they are not completely what you were expecting with no scent and no visible shimmer.

    Hope you had a good weekend :) We made the most of the nice sunny days after a rainy week, with a local market event and a morning at the park.

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, it was a good weekend overall. So glad you had some nice sunny days to enjoy!