Sunday, October 24, 2021

live every day like it's your birthday.

Birthdays are special. Especially these days. I have always been a bit of a birthday brat (I love cake and presents and feeling like a queen for a day) but now that my second pandemic birthday has arrived...this day means more than ever. I am so grateful to be safe, to have my family nearby, and to be able to enjoy all of the little things in life. Like birthday cake with sprinkles! This year, the celebrations will be pretty low key, but certainly more than last year. The plan is to have a virtual movie night with some friends (we will all watch the same movie at the same time and chat about it online) and then dinner with my immediate family. I am very much looking forward to celebrating the day - both virtually and in-person - with the people that I love most. That is what birthdays are for, after all! To celebrate the day, a birthday tag seemed to be in order.

When Is Your Birthday? Today! Hence the reason for this birthday themed blog post

What Is Your Zodiac Sign? Scorpio. I am very much my sign in a lot of ways. For instance, Scorpios are known to be passionate, loyal, and persistent. Not to mention being possessive and jealous. I can fully admit to all of those personality traits.

Do You Know Someone With the Same Birthday? I sure do! My twin brother! I have mentioned this a few times before on the blog, but I actually have a twin brother, and so we both celebrate the day together. 

What Historic Event Happened on Your Birthday? None that I was aware of, but I actually did a quick Google search to find out. Nothing of note seems to have happened on my actual birth day and year, but on October 24th, in 1901, the first successful barrel ride over Niagara Falls happened when Anna Edson Taylor safely rode over. Neat! 

What Do You Usually Do to Celebrate Your Birthday? Before the pandemic, there would be all sorts of birthday celebrations. Dinners with various friend groups, a night out at the movies, maybe a special event or concert, and then dinner with my family on my actual birthday. (Like I said earlier...birthday brat.) This year is definitely a little more scaled back, but still fun. 

Were You Born in the Morning, Afternoon, or Evening? To be honest, I don't remember. I know that my mom told me at one point, but my memory is the worst. In one ear and out the other, I'm afraid!

If You Could Have Any Birthday Present, What Would It Be? I'm not picky. Anything someone gives me is very much appreciated. My favourite kinds of gifts are hand written notes or homemade cards or something that relates to an interest or experience we share. (For instance, my brother and I watch certain shows together, so something related to that would be extra meaningful.) But if I were to choose something for myself right would probably be an order off of the Richard Simmons website. There is a t-shirt, book, and DVD that I've had my eyes on.

What Is Your First Birthday Memory? I don't know how old we were, but I remember my brother and I having two separate birthday cakes that joined together. We both blew out the candles at the same time and then my mom put the cakes together on the table. The memory is fuzzy, so I really don't know how old I was at the time, but it's a nice memory nonetheless. 

How Was Your Name Chosen? My parents wanted us all to have Irish names. So they had a couple of different options they were considering for me and they ended up going with Shannon. 

Have You Ever Forgotten Your Birthday? Never! Has anyone done that before? Certainly not me.

What Was Your Best Birthday? Worst Birthday? I don't know what my best birthday was. Honestly, they are usually pretty great. Nothing better than my moms birthday cake and spending time with the people that I love. My worst birthday was back when I was in university. I had classes literally all day long and didn't get home until almost 9:00 p.m. 

Do You Have a Tradition Related to Your Birthday? The only tradition is spending time with the people I love. There is normally a dinner with my immediate family and homemade cake. Yum! The other tradition that I have is to take the day off of work. No matter what, I do not work on my birthday. 

Well, there you have it! The birthday tag is complete. I hope you enjoyed learning some random facts about this day and my birthday experiences. Now? It is time for me to celebrate...


  1. Happy birthday dear!
    funny this post tag and I found out now that you have a twin brother! what a beautiful thing!

  2. Feliz Aniversário. Muita saúde e paz para você e ao seu irmão gêmeo.

  3. happy birthday dear..may god bless u and stay beauty
    i love the idea of virtual movie

  4. When is your birthday? - Mine are today! There is only a day of difference between us :)
    What is your zodiac sign? - I recently read that sporpions pretend to be innocent and flirt with men : D
    happy Birthday!
    Greetings from Poland!

  5. OMG! Happy birthday sweetie!!
    Hope you had an amazing day and you enjoyed it a lot!!
    Also, it's good to know you also like RHOBH, finally i find someone who watches it too :P

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

    1. Aww thank you so much! Yes, RHOBH is SO GOOD. I love it :D

  6. Thanks a lot =) It was all so delicious <3 Especially the steak <3 :D Thanks my weekend was nice. Hope yours too =)
    Yes the class reunion was pretty much fun, I hadn't expect that :D You're absolutely right. Oh yes the pre Christmas present is so amazing <3

    Happy birthday my dear =) Very interesting post, it's nice to know more about you. I'm so happy when Covid-19 is over, then I will have a big party on my next birthday :D

    1. Oh, that would be wonderful! I hope that you can have a big party for your next birthday <3

  7. Belated HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Shannon! Wishing you so much love and happiness:) That's so lovely that you did the tag! I've forgotten that you have a cool:) And I so agree that spending time with the people you love is the best way to spend it:)
    Hope you're having a lovely Monday...even with all this rain!

    1. Aww thank you so much! Yes, it has been so rainy, so I have been staying warm and cozy inside!

  8. Oh this TAG is very good
    I didn´t know that you are Scorpio very interesting