Tuesday, December 7, 2021

seasonal favourites for 2021 (movies, books, music, and more!)

Every year, it seems that there are certain favourites that stand out. Need an example? Last year, my holiday favourites included things like Sugar Rush Christmas (a seasonal baking show on Netflix), the Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, and Marshmallow Fireside candles from Bath & Body Works. Though all of those items on the list are still favourites for me…there are a few different standouts this season. Some are holiday specials, some are tasty treats, and others have been keeping me entertained this month. Each and every item on list has been making me feel extra happy and festive lately. Ready to see what has stood out in 2021? Here are my seasonal favourites for the year. 

  • Christmas With Eddie Fisher (Eddie Fisher) A few years ago, I was listening to a holiday compilation album and the song, "That's What Christmas Means to Me," by Eddie Fisher played. It stopped me in my tracks. There was something so special about the song. I listened to it over and over and over again. This year, I was able to find the "Christmas With Eddie Fisher" album on YouTube and have been listening to it on a regular basis ever since. It is such a fantastic record. There is a nice variety of songs and many of them have a haunting kind of beauty. 
  • Alien Xmas (Holiday Special) It is no secret that I have a complete and total obsession with Christmas movies. I love them all...even the ones that aren't the best. There is something so special about seasonal films. This year, it is a stop-motion animation special on Netflix that has been bringing joy to my life. Alien Xmas has a wonderfully comforting animation style (think the old-school holiday specials) and a heartwarming story. Not to mention aliens, Santa Claus, the North Pole, and an unusual tale about the importance of giving. It is one to look out for. 
  • New Christmas Tree (Pre-Lit Artificial Tree) My mom actually purchased a new Christmas tree for me this year and I am absolutely loving it. My old tree was falling apart, the lights didn't work, and it was in really rough condition. We kept it for many years and did our best with it...but there was a sale on trees and my mom surprised me with a replacement. It was very exciting! This tree is pre-lit and looks much more realistic than the last one. It is a darker green and is much fuller. This tree is a welcome addition to my home.
  • A Kiss Before Christmas (Hallmark Movie) Hallmark movies are an extremely important part of my holiday season. Each year, I watch as many as humanly possible. Though there have been many stellar Hallmark holiday movies this year...my favourite so far is A Kiss Before Christmas. It stars Teri Hatcher and James Denton from Desperate Housewives. Honestly? It was such a thrill to see them together again. They have such great on-screen chemistry. The movie itself felt so cozy, heartwarming, and special. To me, it stood out from many of the other Hallmark movies this year. It is one that I would love to purchase on DVD in the future. 
  • Alexandria Ryan Advent Unboxing (YouTube) Watching videos on YouTube is a serious destresser for me. I like to watch videos from my subscription list throughout the day as a bit of a mental break. Some of those videos are makeup related, some are commentary style videos, some have to do with fashion and some entertainment. This time of year? My absolute favourite YouTube channel is Alexandria Ryan. Each year, she unboxes different advent calendars. Her reactions to the items inside are always hilarious. 2021 is an especially exciting year for Alexandria, because she has decided to unbox 25 advent calendars before Christmas Day. There is nothing more exciting to me than see what is inside all of those fabulous advent calendars. I am absolutely living vicariously. 
  • Christmas Candles (Seasonal Scents) What could be better than holiday candles? I love them all so much. They are a quick and easy way to infuse the day with lots of seasonal joy. Lately, I have been burning Gingerbread House from Michaels a lot. My husband and I picked them up on a whim, and were shocked at how great they smelled. Next year, I will be keeping my eyes peeled for them again. I've also been burning warm vanilla candles, peppermint scented candles, and of course, Marshmallow Fireside from Bath & Body Works.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Hershey Kisses) Chocolate is my favourite food group. While I am always a fan of chocolates and holiday treats...my current favourite are the How the Grinch Stole Christmas milk chocolate Hershey Kisses. Each one is wrapped in a different Grinch themed wrapper. Not only are they delicious, but they are absolutely adorable. My husband bought a package of these chocolates and added them to a glass bowl in the living room. It's nice to be able to reach for a sweet treat every now and then. 
  • Christmas Shopaholic (Sophie Kinsella) Each holiday season, I like to spend some time reading or re-reading various Christmas books. So far this year, I have read, "A Christmas Kiss," by Vicki Pattison and "Murder in Season," by Jessica Fletcher and Jon Land. Most recently, I read, "Christmas Shopaholic," by Sophie Kinsella, who is one of my favourite authors. Life has been extremely busy lately and so, it's nice to unwind with a book that is lighthearted and familiar. Becky Brandon (formally Bloomwood) is such a special character to me. And this year, she is adding to my holiday spirit thanks to this totally unforgettable book. 

What are your seasonal favourites? Share what has been making you smile in the comment section below!


  1. We always watch The Muppets Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve! And I have been buying the Ciate Advent Calendar since it came out in 2012!

    1. Oh, I love that! Muppets Christmas Carol is a definite favourite. I actually watched it yesterday! Those are such fun favourites <3

  2. Absolutely many lovely items =) I love the Essie calendar, today were another beautiful nail colour in there <3 Yeah that's really sad and today there was another repeat product, so I think both inlays are the same =( I contacted the costumers support and hope to get help.

    Nice seasonal favourites =) I like them. I don't know the movie "A Kiss before Christmas" but it sounds really nice, I will definitely watch it sometimes. I think the Grinch is an all time favourite :D Oh yes I love christmas candles, now there a burning 4 of them and it smells so good.

    1. I really hope they are able to do something to make up for that! The Grinch is such a fabulous movie...all versions! So glad you are enjoying seasonal candles <3

    2. Thanks, I hope that too.
      Yeah all versions are great and sometimes I'm feeling to be a Grinch too :D Seasonal candles are great <3

      Thank you very much =) I love this shirt too, this owls are so cute <3

  3. Sophie Kinsella is one of my faves too! :) I haven't read that book of hers though, but I did pick up a Christmas themed book at my library I was a bit disappointed in, haha!
    I'm all about Christmas scented candles as well - they are the best in December!

    We haven't been home in the evenings a lot on the weekends with events on so it's been tricky to watch all the Christmas things I want for our family movie night but I'm glad you enjoyed Alien Christmas - I thought it looked good when it popped up on Netflix, I'll need to add it to my list!

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear the book you borrowed from the library wasn't good! That is too bad. Hopefully you have time to check out another Christmas themed book before the big day. Yes, I am sure the whole family will love it :D