Thursday, December 9, 2021

avon mega palette (mini review + three christmas looks)

Lately, my focus has been on holiday themed makeup and holiday themed makeup sets. Some are from years past and some are brand spanking new. Speaking of the mom recently gifted me the Glow Up, Glim Up Mega Palette from Avon. The palette is ultra compact and nicely themed, which makes it an ideal pre-Christmas gift. It certainly was a wonderful surprise! Today, I wanted to celebrate this oh-so-festive month by discussing the palette itself and sharing three different Christmas appropriate makeup looks. Ready to take a look inside this massive (but totally compact) palette? Here is everything you need to know about the Glow Up, Glim Up Mega Palette from Avon.

Glow Up, Glim Up Mega Palette (Mini Review)

As you can see, this compact palette extends out and reveals an awful lot of products. This is ideal if you have limited storage space, are traveling, or want a makeup palette to throw into your purse. It is a great size, but holds so much inside. Love that! There are 30 eyeshadow shades in total, 4 blush shades, a mirror, and a little applicator brush. Some of the eyeshadows perform better than others and there is a bit of inconsistency within the palette itself. That being said, there are a lot of stunning shades to choose from. I love that there are glitters, shimmers, and satin mattes...not to mention a lot of variety in terms of light, medium, and dark shades. This palette has plenty of versatility. 

The first section includes more neutral shadows, with lots of soft browns and cream colours. Then the second section has lots of rich purple and grey colours. And those two sections pull apart to reveal the most colourful section on the bottom, which has burgundy shades, greens, golds, and warm metallics. There certainly is a lot to choose from! Underneath the palette, there is a little space to pull out the drawer of blush shades. I love that there is a bright coral-pink, a soft dusty rose, a light bronzy blush, and a pink infused brown colour. The blushes perform really well and are highly pigmented. All in all, this is an impressive palette that has a lot to offer. From the simple holiday themed packaging to the variety of products and ease of use...there is a lot to love about the Glow Up, Glim Up Mega Palette from Avon.

Christmas Looks Featuring the Glow Up, Glim Up Mega Palette

Christmas Look #1: Neutral and Easy to Wear. This look made use of the first nine shadows included in the palette. There were lots of browns and cream colours to choose from, which made this look really easy to create. (Which is ideal for Christmas morning!) I used a soft matte brown shade through the crease, the light shimmery cream colour on the inner corner and the first portion of the lid, then applied a medium brown to the rest of the lid. A bit of the deepest brown created some depth. Then a bit of liner and mascara finished off the eyes. I used the light bronzy blush shade on the cheeks and a coral lip gloss on the lips. The finished look was neutral, but still looked pretty put together. 

Christmas Look #2: Cool Toned Purples. The next makeup look put the second section to use, which included lots of purples and greys. This particular look was more cool toned, but still had lots of glitter and shimmer. The first purple shadow was applied all over the lid, and then a deeper purple was applied to the outer corner. The glitter shade was applied on top and underneath the brow bone. On the cheeks was the dusty pink blush (to add in a little extra colour) and a cool-toned brown lipstick finished off this holiday look. Thanks to the purple colours and glitter...this makeup look made me think about frosted plum, which is definitely ideal for this time of year. It was a really fun and easy holiday makeup look!

Christmas Look #3: Warm Burgundy Colours. The bottom layer of the eyeshadow palette had an awful lot of eyeshadow colours to choose from...but those warm burgundy colours really spoke to me. I have such a weakness for those kinds of shades! To create this look, I applied the first burgundy shade all over the lid, blended out with the more brown-toned burgundy, and added a bit of the light gold glitter over top for an extra dash of holiday magic. On the cheeks was the pink infused brown blush and my favourite Too Faced lipstick. It was a really warm and glam makeup look! 

The Glow Up, Glim Up Mega Palette has lots of variety, which makes it possible to create many different types of makeup looks for the holidays. From neutral to frosted plum to warm has been fun creating different Christmas appropriate looks and trying to decide which one I will wear for all of the festivities. 

Have you tried this holiday palette? What makeup look will you wear on Christmas? 


  1. I haven’t tried this palette yet, but your looks turned out beautiful!

    Bisma Rauf / Instagram

  2. I really like all the options of colours it has!

  3. Such a large palette! Very beautiful shades!

  4. That looks amazing and love your makeup :-D