Friday, December 3, 2021

revisited review: revolution snow globe snowflake palette

Time for something a little bit different....a revisited review. Honestly? Reviewing makeup is one of my favourite things to do. I always love testing out different products and seeing how they perform. But sometimes, it is nice to take a step back, and re-examine what is already in my makeup collection. Late last year, the I Heart Revolution Snow Globe Snowflake Palette entered my life. It was immediately attractive because of the packaging and the fabulous winter theme. At the time, I had mixed feelings on the palette, but have since found myself reaching for it over and over again despite those mixed feelings. Hence the need for a revisited review. It is time to take another look at this affordable eyeshadow palette.

This revisited review simply must address the fabulous packaging. This Snow Globe Snowflake palette isn't just called a snow globe is one. The front of the palette has a gorgeous snow globe effect, with loads of snowflakes and glitter that move around inside. It is gorgeous and absolutely stands out from so many other palettes. Even seasonal ones! As for the shade selection inside, it was also stellar. I love the fact that there were some warm neutrals, some shimmers, and some matte shades as well. In my initial review, the shimmer shades were praised and the mattes were not so much. This is still true. Those shimmer shades are incredible. Everything about them screams winter. Perhaps that is the reason that I find myself reaching for this seasonal palette regularly, despite the fact that not every single shadow is a winner.

The matte browns are useable and create a nice amount of depth, but they certainly aren't over the top pigmented. That being said, they work really well for those warm and wearable everyday makeup looks. The real letdown with this palette has to be the purple shadows. They just lack that colour payoff and don't build well. So, typically when I use this palette...I have something shimmery in mind. I am not reaching for it to put those purple shadows to the test. Though it is a little disappointing that there is a lack of consistency throughout this affordable eyeshadow palette, that doesn't mean the palette itself is unusable. It just means that I have shifted the way that I use it. There are so many beautiful eyeshadows to reach for here. Those shimmers really do perform well and make my holiday looks even brighter. 

While the eyeshadows themselves do not have names (which is a real shame, because there are so many cute holiday names to choose from)...they do have numbers on the back of the palette. Some of my absolute favourite shadows from the I Heart Revolution Snow Globe Snowflake Palette are 1 (golden white shimmer), 5 (wintery white shimmer), 6 (warm purple shimmer), and 9 (shimmery champagne). And shade number 8 (warm brown) is an excellent crease shade to start building the shape. Ready to see the revised makeup look? Here is a simple holiday creation....

To create the look pictured above, it all started with shade 8 (warm brown) through the crease. Then there was shade 1 (golden white shimmer) patted all over the lid. I added a bit of shade 2 (dark brown) along the outer portion of the line and along the lower lash line. Then it was a bit of shade 5 (wintery white shimmer) on the inner corner and underneath the brow bone. A little bit of shade 8 along the inner portion of the lower lash line completed the eyeshadow look. Then there was some liquid liner and  mascara to complete the eyes. This makeup look is simple but effective and is suitable for both day and night. 

When it comes to the I Heart Revolution Snow Globe Snowflake Palette, it isn't perfect. There are a few shadows that miss the mark. That being said? It is an eyeshadow palette that I find myself reaching for over and over again. The eyeshadows that work, really work. Everything is so easy to wear and the packaging never fails to make me smile. Sometimes, a makeup product isn't perfect, but it is still special. And it gets an awful lot of use! This Revolution palette certainly falls into that category. 

Have you tried this palette? Are there any seasonal makeup items that you love? 


  1. I said before I love it and saying the same today! I love love love it. Packing and colours <3 And love your makeup and tshirt :-D

    For me, I always love getting the special edition Christmas polishes - have been getting the Kiko and Barry M LEs for about 5 or so years now :-D

    1. Ha! Love this. Yes, the packaging is so fun. I love that you are able to enjoy holiday polishes. That is definitely a great way to enjoy the season :D

  2. The shades are not my cup of tea, but I love its design a lot! And your makeup look is lovely, too 🌸

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