Thursday, December 23, 2021

#FOTD: classic holiday makeup look

All dressed up with nowhere to go. That has been my motto during the pandemic. Some days, I just felt like doing glamorous makeup, even though my plans involved working from home. It was nice to feel a little bit...normal. That being said, recently, I was all dressed up with somewhere to go. Sort of. For the last few years, a couple of my friends have had what we call Friendsmas. Basically, we exchange gifts and either go to dinner or watch Christmas themed Friends episodes together. Last year, we did a socially distanced gift drop off and then video chatted afterwards. This year? It was another pandemic get-together. That meant a socially distanced gift drop off, a video chat, and streaming a movie at the same time. Even though my friends were only going to see me at a distance and on the video call, I decided to do something a little more glam for the festivities. There really isn't much reason to get dressed up these days. So, I figured I should make the most of every single opportunity that I have. That is what inspired this #FOTD post, which features a classic holiday makeup look. 

The wonderful thing about seasonal makeup is that it is fairly simple...but it still looks super glamorous. To create this #FOTD, there were several items used. Some were drugstore and some high-end. The products included: 

  • Too Faced Glimmer Dust in Glitterally
  • Too Faced Pretty Mess Eyeshadow Palette
  • e.l.f. Blush Palette
  • Revolution  Lipstick in Simmer
  • Kylie Cosmetics Shimmery Black Eyeliner

To create this holiday makeup look, I started with the Too Faced Pretty Mess eyeshadow palette. This is a palette that I have been totally obsessed with ever since finding it at Winners. The colours are gorgeous and easy to use. Which made it the perfect choice for this glamorous Christmas makeup. To start, I used Show & Tell (a soft matte brown) through the crease and blended out with Clothes Off (a cream shade). Then it was a bit of Private Jet Setter (rich brown) to deepen the crease and Clothes Off all over the lid. Since this was a holiday makeup look, there needed to be some glitter. So, I used the NYX Glitter Primer and the Too Faced Glimmer Dust in Glitterally (my favourite glitter) on the lid. This is a glitter that has been in my collection for ages, but I never seem to run out of. A little goes a long way! Then it was the Kylie Cosmetics gel eyeliner pencil in Shimmery Black to add a little extra drama. A coat of mascara finished off the eye look.

Ever since Emily Noel posted a video dedicated to "in from the cold blushes," that has been on my mind. What a perfect way to describe that winter flush! I looked through my collection to find something that perfectly encapsulated that concept and ended up with the e.l.f. Blush Palette. Though the blushes themselves don't have names, it is the warm pink on the upper portion of the palette. It definitely delivers on that flushed appearance. Then to finish it all off, the Revolution lipstick in the shade Simmer. It is a warm red that is ideal for the holiday season.

All in all, this was a holiday makeup look that made me happy. Not only was it classic for the season (glitter and a red lip is all you need) but it was nice to actually have a reason to get a little dressed up. Even if it was only for a socially distanced present drop off and a video call. These days, I will take what I can get. It was nice to have some holiday plans, at least. 

What do you think of this #FOTD? Are there any special holiday plans on your calendar? 


  1. Thanks for your review:) have a lovely day...

  2. You look amazing my dear! Gorgeous makeup!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, the shadows in that palette are so gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Oh yes I like the Pimp Your Drink set a lot, it's so fancy. Yes the napkins are really cute =) Thanks.

    Nice post =) The eyeshadow palette looks beautiful, so wonderful colours. I like your christmas look a lot, it looks pretty cute. Have wonderful holidays <3