Tuesday, April 2, 2019

#FOTD (with paris hilton natural and glam eyeshadow set)

I am not new to Paris Hilton Cosmetics. At this point, I have reviewed dozens of their products on both my blog and YouTube channel. The reasons for this are fairly simple: the prices are affordable and I adore Paris Hilton. Recently, I decided to put her Eyeshadow Quad set (which features two eyeshadow quads, Nude Eyes and Glam Eyes) to use for a night out look. Take a look at the finished creation and of course, check out the eyeshadow shades.

#FOTD - Paris Hilton Eyeshadow Quad Kit

My goal was to create a makeup look that was warm and wearable but still a little dramatic. It was a girls night out after all! The Eyeshadow Quad Kit includes: two eyeshadow quads. The first is the Nude Eyes set which has a soft beige, a shimmery champagne shade, a warm medium brown, and a cool toned brown. For this particular look, I used that warm brown on the crease to build the shape. Then the shimmery champagne shade was used to brighten up the inner corner and applied underneath the brow bone as well. 

Then there is the Glam Eyes set, which I am slightly obsessed with. It has four shades as well, including a lovely pink, a warm red shade, a deeper purple toned shadow, and a shimmery burgundy. To create this #FOTD, I used that red eyeshadow on the centre of the eyelid and blended the purple toned shadow on the outer corner and through the crease. 

This eyeshadow set impressed me. Though the packaging on the shadows is lacklustre (it is cheap plastic) I adore the eyeshadows. Each pan holds quite a lot of shadow so the amount of product you get is excellent. Also, the level of pigmentation and overall quality was impressive to say the least. I was blown away by how gorgeous the eyeshadows were and how well they performed. Drugstore brands...take note! This is how it's done. 

To finish off this #FOTD, I added on some of the Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous liner and my beloved Cover Girl The Super Sizer mascara. On the face, it was the Rimmel Match Perfect foundation, a Hard Candy contour and highlight stick, the blush from The Needs palette, and Bunny from Kylie Cosmetics on the lips. Ready to see the finished look? Here it is....

Overall, I was happy with the way this look turned out. It was a fun night full of friends, food, drinks, and of course, fabulous makeup! This Paris Hilton Cosmetics set was not only gorgeous...it really elevated my look for the night.

Have you tried any Paris Hilton Cosmetics? What do you think of this #FOTD?


  1. I would totally buy something that may have a not-so-good packaging but awesome product inside. I haven't tried PH makeup but now I'm dying to! Thanks as always for a great review. Love love love your eye look:)

    1. Absolutely! I love good packaging but the actual product is way more important. Thank you so so much. You're the best!

  2. Oh very great makeup darling!
    Great eye makeup

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  3. Oh such a nice post. :)

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    1. Yes, they're both really beautiful! Thank you so much for visiting!

  5. This makeup is so lovely! It looks bright and very easy to see yet it is clam enough. gorgeous color scheme