Tuesday, November 27, 2018

rosegal haul (dress, top, and accessories!)

Remember a little while ago, when I posted about my wardrobe lacking a certain something lately? Not anymore, thanks to Rosegal. There are plenty of new items that are sprucing up my closet. (You may remember my recent post featuring some gorgeous new tops.) It was thrilling to open up my mailbox and see a package full of beautiful new pieces. That includes a new top, dress, and pair of earrings. Ready to take a closer look? Here is my latest Rosegal haul....

Long Sleeved T-Shirt

As much as I love a good party dress or an ultra glamorous outfit....deep down, I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. Which is why the Thanksgiving Skew Neck Graphic Print Top, shown above, really spoke to me. It had everything I love most: comfort and style. This deep grey long sleeved shirt has a casual neckline that always looks good. Plus, my favourite thing? The words. Thankful. Grateful. Blessed. Those are the words that I actively live my by so I love the fact that it is on a shirt. Especially when you add in glittery gold lettering. This is such a fabulous piece and I absolutely adore it.

Plaid Handkerchief Dress

This Asymmetrical Tartan Print Insert Dress - Black dress immediately caught my eye. While I was browsing the Rosegal website, this plaid handkerchief dress was something that I could immediately see myself wearing. It fits well, the quality is impressive, and I love the design. Plaid is always a good idea and I love the shape on the bottom. The top is simple but stylish and I love the fact that the straps are adjustable so you can always get a perfect fit. Though the weather outside is super chilly where I live....I am still planning to wear this dress for a girls night out

Moon and Star Earrings

I may have mentioned once or twice that I adore accessories. Especially when they are dramatic and sparkly like the ones shown above. Those moon and star earrings are perfectly cosmic. I love that they are bold, blingy, and super dangly. There is so much drama going on and yet these have a very whimsical vibe at the same time. That combination makes these glittering earrings even more fabulous. The Rhinestoned Stars Moon Drop Earrings - Silver are stunning. 

With so many beautiful new pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe, I have definitely been feeling inspired lately. I love getting dressed up - whether that means getting glam or keeping it casual. There is something so enjoyable about the process.

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Do you like these pieces? Have you done any shopping lately?