Thursday, November 29, 2018

new in: avon bracelet set

One of my favourite quotes lately is: "accessories are the exclamation point of a woman." It makes me smile because it is so true. There is something about finishing off an outfit with the perfect selection of accessories. It just makes you feel good! Those final touches can transform an ordinary, run of the mill look into something that looks incredible, and better yet, makes your confidence soar. Yes, accessories are an absolute must. A little while ago, I was gifted this beautiful bracelet set from Avon (pictured above). I have been totally obsessed with it ever since. It's not hard to figure out why...the Avon Safari Stretch Bracelet set has it all.

In the past, I have tried out a fair amount of Avon beauty products. For instance, I have tried out several eyeliners with varying degrees of success (you can read about two not-so-successful ones but for the record....the Always On Point liner is fabulous) and even fell in love with one of their face palettes (I made a video about it for my YouTube channel, calling it the ultimate travel palette, which you can watch here). If that wasn't enough, I've also used their coloured mascaras, brow products, perfumes, and well, a whole lot more. When it comes to accessories, I have tried out a fair few but this specific set is extra special.

So, what makes this specific bracelet set so unique? So intriguing? It comes with three separate bracelets to layer and stack or wear alone. That in itself makes this a versatile set. Then there are all of the beautiful colours. Since this particular design is inspired by giraffes (and I absolutely adore giraffes), the colours are very earthy. There are lots of different greens, blues, and of course, beautiful beads with a giraffe inspired print. The combination is perfection! My favourite detail is of course that adorable dangling giraffe charm. It is so cute and gives this set lots of personality.

Lately, I have loved adding these bracelets to my looks. For something cute and casual, I will put on one or two of the bracelets. For something a little more dramatic, I'll wear all of them....giraffe included. I just love the way these look and of course, I adore all of the different stones. Talk about gorgeous! This bracelet set has definitely been making me smile lately. It has also reminded me how important accessories really are.

What do you think of this set? What accessories are you loving lately?


  1. Look beautiful :) My favourite jewelry are earrings.

    1. Good choice! I love a beautiful pair of earrings. They always make a statement :)

  2. ;D

    Gostei muito dessa pulseira!

    Ótima sexta!

    Beijo! ^^

  3. I love the giraffe one!!
    My favourite accesories are my silver rings.

    1. Yes, giraffes are so cute! And great choice. I love silver jewellery.

  4. Precioso el detalle de la jirafa.

    Me suscribo.

    Pásate por mi blog

    O por mi canal de youtube

  5. I grew up using Avon products! The bracelet looks so beautiful!

    The Flower Duet

    1. They have so many great ones! Avon is definitely a brand I've used a lot over the years.