Tuesday, November 6, 2018

four reasons to wear suede.

Every now and then, a fashion trend takes over in a big way. This season? That trend is suede. The material was featured in collections from Chloe and Isabel Marant, to name just a few. It isn’t just designers that are obsessed with suede right now. Everyone from fashion bloggers, fast fashion stores and probably your next-door neighbour seem to have embraced the trend. You can too. If you are feeling a little hesitant or on the fence, don't worry. Here are four reasons to wear suede.

It is Totally On Trend For Fall and Winter.  There is no denying it. Suede is one of the must-have trends for fall and winter this year. Not only did it impress during fashion week - with everything from suede fringe jackets to suede boots gracing the runways - but it has made a splash off the runway as well. Both men and women have been sporting this trend so far this fall. You’ve probably noticed it by now or will start to notice it fairly quickly. Everything from skirts to shoes and even choker accessories are being worn. So if fashion is your thing, give suede a try. It is exciting, current, and totally on trend.

Suede Has a Laid-Back 70s Vibe. A decade that has taken over the fashion world the last couple of years? The 1970s. Every now and again, this era re-emerges to inspire us and give our wardrobes some much-needed retro flair....and it has happened again. Flared denim is back, along with fringe, and floppy felt hats. There is simply no escaping the 70s influence in fashion. Especially when you factor in suede. This material has a way of giving each and every piece a decidedly 70s vibe. Whether it is a vest, a skirt, or a pair of boots, your look can be fabulously old school with suede.

It Always Makes a Statement. Certain materials stand out more than others. Cotton for instance tends to appear more comfortable and casual. Silk, more luxurious. When it comes to suede, this fabric knows how to make a statement. The texture and finish stands out, especially when it is paired with contrasting materials. That means you can use your favourite suede piece to make a serious fashion statement. Try wearing a knee-length suede skirt with a soft flowing blouse. The contrast between those heavy and light fabrics will look absolutely breathtaking.

Suede Is a Versatile Trend. There is nothing more frustrating than a fashion trend that can only be worn one way. It limits your wardrobe and how you're able to incorporate the trend into your day-to-day look. Not with suede! You won’t find a suede jacket and only a suede jacket. This material can be used for tops, vests, skirts, pants, purses, shoes, accessories, and so much more. It can also be incorporated into other pieces as an accent material. This versatile trend can be worn in many different ways, from accessories only to a head-to-toe look. 

Convinced? Sometimes fashion trends can be an awful lot of fun. They allow you to change up your look and tap into your creative side. Pick up something in suede. You will dazzle all season long.

On another note, be sure to check out my latest YouTube video. It is a first impressions of the Gigi Hadid and Maybelline collaboration. Take a peek at the eyeshadow palette and find out how it performs....

Are you a fan of suede? What is your current favourite fashion trend?


  1. Nice choice ! Looks awesome!


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  3. I love suede!! Fabulous post!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

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  4. I love suede myself. Thanks for sharing

  5. Hi! I love that colour for autumn. Have a nice day!

  6. I love suede, Shannon:) Such a great material to work with, but I must admit I'm too clumsy for such a material:P I drip stuff everywhere that I'd ruin it quickly. And thanks for the first impression review of the palette. It's cute but man...it is tiny!!!

    1. I'll bet you aren't! You are SO talented with everything you create. And yessss....that palette is crazy small. I was so surprised!

  7. I´m in love with the skirt of the pic

  8. Suede is one of my favorite trends as well, I have a suede jacket that is my go-to this time of year. Such good fall vibes!
    xo Annie
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  9. Adoro camurça ❤ combinam bastante com outono e inverno bjs 😙

  10. Totally obsessed with this fabric!
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    Amo qualquer coisa em camurça!

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