Sunday, July 2, 2017

review: NYX ombre blushes

I swear, it has been all-NYX-all-the time here lately! There is no specific reason for this...apart from loving the brand. It seems there has been a major influx of NYX products in my life lately. The latest? Two of their new ombre blushes.

It was early on a Sunday morning. My husband had talked me into getting my makeup done at a nearby drugstore. (To learn more about applying makeup on other people, which is something I would like to do from time to time.) Afterward, I browsed the display of NYX products and the display of ombre blushes took my breath away. There were three shades in total: Feel the Heat, Sweet Spring, and Warm Nude. The first two came home with me but I decided against the nude blush, because it looked too much like products already in my collection.

As you can see from the picture above, these are seriously gorgeous. It is pretty obvious why I was so desperate to give these a try. Feel the Heat is an orange/coral toned blush while Sweet Spring is a pink/rose coloured shade. Both are just as beautiful on the cheeks as they appear in the plan. They are colourful, vibrant, and highly pigmented. One thing to remember? Since these are so pigmented, it is easy to go overboard. So, be sure to pay close attention to your application.

Something I really like about this ombre style blush is the versatility. You can wear the lighter part of the blush for a softer finish or use the whole thing for a more intense pop. Feel The Heat is a fabulous summer shade (thanks to those stunning coral tones) and would look great on tanned skin - and Sweet Spring is the perfect match for a romantic floral print dress. Here is a look at Feel The Heat paired with a warm smokey eye look.

If you come across these ombre shades at your local NYX store or drugstore...give them a try. They are the perfect item for any blush addict. And if you're after a more neutral shade? Warm Nude will be your new BFF this season. This line of blushes has it all. They are highly pigmented, look beautiful on the skin, and are decently priced.

Have you tried these yet? What do you think of them?

xo Shannon