Saturday, July 22, 2017

music week: fashion icons in music

Quite frankly, it doesn't really feel like summer. At least not to me. Usually by this point, a lot would have happened. For instance, I would be in the middle of an ambitious summer to-do list. I'd have seen friends, had a few adventures, gone to the zoo, and made a handful of exciting memories. Oh, and there would be at least a couple of concerts to look forward to.

Turns out? This summer has been anything but ordinary. Most of my June was spent on a family vacation to Florida - which meant many traditional summer activities were sacrificed. Once I returned home, my entire family came down with an awful cold/flu/whatever-the-heck-that-was. Then the season added a flaky friend to the mix, and well, long story short....this summer is all over the place.

While it is a little disappointing, I haven't given up on the remainder of the summer. Which is why I decided to do something fun on the creation of beauty is art. this week. Since summer concert season is fully upon us....welcome to music week. All of my posts this week will be focused on the beauty-related side of music. Think things like concert fashion, celebrity makeup, and more. To get things started, here are some noteworthy fashion icons in music.

Britney Spears. It just wouldn't be a music post without an appearance from my favourite pop star, Miss Britney Spears. Her music is iconic and so is her style. She is known for rocking bright colours, form-fitting dresses, and boldly unique pieces. It just wouldn't be a red carpet even without her.

Cher. This next fashion icon in music is without a doubt one of the greats. Not just because of her incredible voice and extensive music catalogue....but because of her ability to wear absolutely everything. She is totally unafraid to take fashion risks. And I love that! She always keeps you on your toes, in the best possible way.

Dolly Parton. While there are many other fashion icons in music, I wanted to end this post with one of my personal favourites: Dolly. She is all about over the top glamour. (With a little bit of downhome charm thrown in for good measure.) Her outfits are anything but ordinary. They are colourful, fun, and full of decorative details. Talk about an exciting sense of style!

Thank you all for reading my first post in my music week series. Keep checking back here for even more music-related posts as the week goes on. There will be fashion, makeup, and even a tutorial thrown into the mix!

Who are your musical fashion icons?

xo Shannon


  1. Nice post. I like it when people talk about things with passion.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  2. I love all these styles. I think that my favourite is Cher. She just has so much style and it's so completely out there. She can get away with anything!