Friday, March 4, 2022

how to make your next makeup look bolder

Sometimes, my makeup falls into a bit of a routine. Quick and easy neutrals on the eyelid, a coat of mascara, and some winged eyeliner. Nothing too over the top. Nothing unexpected. This has especially been true lately, since leaving the house is a rare event. I have found myself sticking to the basics a little too often...and it is time to change that. I am eager to mix things up, embrace colour, and be a little bolder with my makeup looks. Thankfully, there are many different ways to do just that. Are you in the same boat? Here are a few suggestions to make sure your next makeup look is both unexpected and unforgettable. 

There are many different ways to make your next makeup look bolder. Here are some suggestions to consider: 
  • Get Playful With Fake Eyelashes. One way to make your makeup look a little more glamorous and over the top? Lashes. Adding on fake eyelashes can instantly transform a look and make it stand out even more. There are many different lash styles to choose from, including natural fake lashes, thicker styles, longer styles, and even lashes with 3D accents. One thing is clear: it is possible to mix things up, get creative, and embrace a bolder look with a set of dynamic lashes. One tip? Application is always easier when you have the right tools. I personally like to have a lash glue that dries clear and a good pair of tweezers on hand for a seamless application process.
  • Go Brighter on the Eyes. Though it is hard to believe...spring is just around the corner. That means it is the perfect time to be a little more playful with eye makeup. Ditch the warm neutrals and basic brows and create a bold pink eye makeup look instead. (Like the one pictured above. Now that is bold and dramatic in the best possible way.) Reach for spring inspired colours, like pinks, purples, soft blues, and greens. This is a wonderful way to express yourself and make sure your makeup stands out. Another way to make your looks bolder? Combine matte and shimmer shadows. This combination creates contrast in the best possible way. 

  • Go a Little Heavier on the Highlight. Though the eyes are definitely my favourite part of any makeup is important to consider the cheeks as well. This is the perfect time to mix it up and go a little bolder there as well. This can be done with a pop of colour on the cheeks (a brighter pink or a purple is always a good idea) and even with highlight. Be a little heavy handed with your highlight for lots of shimmer and shine. Or look for a highlight that is colourful. That's right! Instead of reaching for the same variations of white, champagne, and gold, look for a highlight that is pink, blue, or purple. Incorporating colour is a wonderful way to get out of your comfort zone.

Feeling inspired? Me too. There is no better time to do something different, have fun, and express your creativity. Share your own suggestions for bolder makeup looks in the comment section below!


  1. these artistic make-ups are really very beautiful!

  2. wonderful ideas! I so want to go bolder with my makeup lately (as you might have already noticed in my latest posts) so this post most welcome. I will try gluing stuff too, I wonder if it would work on me