Saturday, July 10, 2021

ten years of the creation of beauty is art.

July 10th, 2011 was a milestone moment in my life. Only I didn't know it at the time. I had graduated from university and most of my days were spent working at a fast-food job. Though I was applying for an endless amount of freelance writing positions, no one would hire me without a published body of work. So...I started the creation of beauty is art. It was a way to show potential employers what I could do, but it was also a place for me to channel my creative energy. The decision to start a beauty-focused blog was a good one: it completely changed my life for the better. Today is the ten year anniversary of the creation of beauty is art. and this post is a celebration of everything that has happened here over the last decade.

My first post was simple but it certainly had a purpose. It explained the focus and direction of the creation of beauty is art. (Spoiler Alert: the focus was all the things that make the world beautiful.) Since that initial introduction, there have been well over one thousand posts made. Some were about fashion, some about makeup, photography, art, travel, books, and even some personal experiences thrown into the mix. There seems to be an awful lot of negativity in the world these days...and it makes me happy to know there is a little corner of the Internet that is all about beauty and positivity. 

It's pretty amazing. the creation of beauty is art. has seen me through so many major life events. From my first freelance writing position to my engagement and wedding, anniversaries, meaningful vacations, special moments with friends....not to mention all of the major beauty-related events! For instance, standout eyeshadow palettes, tutorials, and fashion trends that added an extra dose of happiness to my daily life. I've also been fortunate enough to conduct a handful of interviews with fellow bloggers, writers, musicians, and entertainers. So many unforgettable moments have been documented here. 

Yes, through it all....this blog has been there to witness the everyday joys and the standout life events. It has been a safe space for me to write, create, and share. It has given me purpose and passion. It continues to add meaning to my writing. Being able to discuss the things that I am passionate about (whether that is a red carpet outfit or the latest mascara on the drugstore shelves) is a true blessing. Thank you to every single person who has ever paused to read this blog. I am forever grateful. 

As you can tell from my latest YouTube video, the creation of beauty is art. means an awful lot to me. So much so that a few years ago, I decided that on the ten year blog anniversary...I would host a party with some friends. Just a little something to say: hurray! There would be a custom cake and decorations in my blog colours. There would also be a fabulous dress that made me feel my best. It would be spectacular. Well, the pandemic sort of destroyed those plans. There is no party. No custom cake or decorations. No fabulous dress. However, there was a giant Happy Birthday balloon complete with confetti. I ordered it online to commemorate the event. My husband actually filmed a little video of it popping in slow motion so the confetti would scatter everywhere. Just a bit of fun to say: Happy Ten Year Blog Anniversary! Happy Birthday to the creation of beauty is art. 

Ten years. 1877 blog posts. And that is only the beginning. Here is to the future of the creation of beauty is art...


  1. Amazing Shannon happy 10 years :-D

  2. Congratulations! Is so lovely to look back and remember...
    Have a great week,

  3. Happy 10th Anniversary!!! <333

    Mari |

  4. Happy blogaversary! That's a great goal to have reached and I hope you continue blogging for many more decades! Fingers crossed when things are safer you can have a belated blog birthday party!

    Hope you are having a good weekend :) It's another chilly winter day here!

    Away From The Blue

  5. Happy blog anniversary! Wish you and your blog all the best!


  6. Whoa, congratulations! I, myself, have been blogging since 2009 which is just awesome! I still can't believe it cometimes 💐

    Blox de la Licorne
    Youtube 💐

  7. Wow, happy 10th anniversary!! I hope to see you blogging for many more years!

    Bisma Rauf / Instagram

  8. Boa noite minha querida amiga. FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO. Que venham muitos mais.

  9. Thank you =) Yes the brushes are so pretty, love them.
    Oh yes this cactus glass is so cute =)

    Congratulations to 10 years of blogging =) I like your blog very much, so many nice beauty stuff everyday =)

    1. Yes this is really wonderful =) I love testing products. Thank you, my weekend was nice. Hope yours was good too =)

    2. Thank you so so much! I really appreciate that :D

  10. Ahh happy 10 year anniversary to you <3 I'm a new follower of yours and your blog has been a site for my beauty updates. Looking forward on your future posts!

    beyond beneath

  11. happy 10 year anniversary to you

  12. What an achievement! Happy 10 years of blogging!! xx

    lenne |

  13. Congratulations on your blogiversary, Shannon! I always enjoy coming back to your blog and wish you many, many more years and success with it. :)

    ♡ ☯ ☮ P&P style ☮ ☯ ♡