Thursday, April 15, 2021

review: st ives skin care set (glow on the daily)

Each and every holiday season, one thing remains the same: St Ives. This skin care brand is an essential part of my everyday skin care routine. Likely because whenever the holiday season rolls around, there is always a St Ives set is waiting for me underneath the Christmas tree! Thankfully, St Ives has a lot of really wonderful everyday products. For instance, the St Ives Timeless Skin moisturizer is my favourite one to use before primer and foundation. And the line of soothing products (previously reviewed here) is another winner. This year? I received the Glow On The Daily Face Regime Set.  

This particular set has the following tagline printed on the side: Cleanse, Treat, Hydrate, Repeat! The products included inside the Glow On The Daily Face Regime Set certainly make all of that possible. is what is inside:

  • Hydrating Daily Cleanser Watermelon 
  • Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
  • Revitalizing Acai Blueberry and Chia Seed Oil Mask
  • Glowing Oil-Free Face Moisturizer Watermelon 
  • Watermelon Skin Care Headband

Something that I really love about this set? It is simple and straightforward. The back of the packaging outlines which product to use in which order. For someone new to skin care (or someone like me that always doubts and double checks)...this is especially useful. Out of the five items included in this set, there is one that I have tried before. The St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub is something that I have used time and time again. Some people aren't a fan of this particular scrub because it is more abrasive than some of the other, gentler, exfoliants on the market. However, as someone with ultra dry skin, it works well for me. It smells great, is effective, and leaves the skin feeling smooth and pampered. Though it isn't something that I would recommend using daily. It is a once or twice a week type of product for me! 

As for the other products included in the Glow On The Daily Face Regime Set, I have to say... I love that little skin care headband. It is super cute and soft. The watermelon print is also totally adorable and makes me think of the spring and summer months. (Despite this set being released in winter.) The Hydrating Daily Cleansing Watermelon is not something that I have tried before but I could certainly see myself repurchasing. The cleanser works well, doesn't irritate my skin, and it smells incredible. This is so refreshing! I love that lovely watermelon scent. Plus, there are a number of beneficial product claims: oil free, cruelty free, non-comedogenic, paraben free, and made with recycled plastic. 

Another new to me product is the St Ives Revitalizing Sheet Mask. It contains acai, blueberry and chia seed oil and claims to instantly hydrate the skin. Personally, I love a good sheet it was nice to see the inclusion of one. It smells wonderful and is easy to use. My skin definitely felt soft and hydrated afterwards. Then to finish it all off was the Glowing Oil-Free Face Moisturizer Watermelon. This product claimed to maintain glowing skin by defending the impacts of artificial blue light from cell phones. Such a fabulous idea! This moisturizer came in a small tub (unlike the Timeless Skin moisturizer, which comes in a tube) and smells fantastic. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling pampered. 

Overall, this St Ives set is definitely my favourite. I love the infusion of the watermelon scent and the overall theme. Plus, the inclusion of a sheet mask was wonderful and unexpected. All of the products are easy to use, effective, and feel ultra pampering on the skin. The Glow On The Daily Face Regime Set is a winner. 

Have you tried any of these products? Are you a fan of St Ives?


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    1. It really is a lovely set! I've been enjoying the products a lot!

  2. I definitely need to try this brand! I never used it before

  3. I know this brand's product:) thanks for your sharing...

  4. Thank you =) Oh yes I'm sure that this products are great =)
    Nice that we have the same taste :D Coconut is so delicious and smells like summer, I love it. Thank you =)

    Great review =) This skin care set looks great. The cleanser with watermelon sounds wonderful, I love watermelon as much as coconuts <3 :D So the moisturizer is also great with the watermelon *-*

    1. It is definitely a really great set! I love watermelon as much as coconut, too! Ha!

  5. Boa tarde, seus produtos são sempre maravilhosos, obrigado.

  6. Love this! St Ives is a great brand.

  7. interesting produkt

  8. I haven't heard of this brand before, but it sounds great. :)

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