Wednesday, October 4, 2017

how to makeover your closet this fall.

Every closet could use a makeover every now and again. Every so often it is a good idea to weed out old pieces you don’t wear anymore. Like that trendy top that seems out of place or a t-shirt that is totally worn out. From there you can donate, trade, or toss. Simple, right? Just don't forget about your actual closet. It tends to get neglected, which is why this season, it is time to make it over. These ideas will help you get organized and beautify your space.

Start With The Small Stuff. It might be tempting to totally re-haul your closet by installing new shelves, racks, and hooks. The reality is that the small details can make a major difference. You don’t need to add more, more, and more. Start with your hangers. Most of us have mismatched hangers made up of different colours, sizes, and materials. This immediately causes your closet to look chaotic and unorganized. That is why it is best to start by making over your hangers. Take out all of the mismatching hangers, buy some new ones, or decorate them so they all look the same. Your clothes will look better in an instant!

Find a Creative Way To Store Your Accessories. Oh accessories. As much as we love them they can be pretty tricky to store. Which is why the closet tends to look cluttered and totally out of sorts. The answer? Get creative. Mount a pegboard to hang your jewellery, pick up a belt hanger, or install hooks to hang your favourite scarves. You can even use the top shelf to hold all of your handbags. These storage solutions will make your closet look better – and keep all of your accessories within reach.

Maximize Your Space With Hanging Shelves. Too many tank tops? Hard to store skirts? Then focus on shelving. Forget the screwdriver and nails. Simply pick up a hanging storage shelf. These shelves made from plastic or fabric hang off of your closet pole like a regular hanger. The difference is that you can store three times as many pieces in the same amount of space! This is ideal if you find your closet tends to look crammed.

Keep Out Of Season Clothes Out Of Sight. You might love that bulky holiday sweater but you probably don’t need to look at it every day. Especially when the sun is shining! Give your closet the makeover it needs by storing your out of season items. It could be in a storage container at the top of your closet or in a roll out bin kept underneath the bed. The whole idea is to free up space wherever possible.

Other Ways To Makeover Your Closet: Add in a few personal touches (a closet on the back of the door, some sparkle on the coat hangers, or some inspiration photos on the inside of the door), colour code your clothes, and continue to work on de-cluttering.

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Is your closet looking a little sad? Give it the makeover it so desperately deserves. With a little bit of time and effort, your clothes will be easy to get to and your closet will look better than ever. It is the perfect fall project! 

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