Tuesday, January 5, 2021

review: essence bonjour montreal eyeshadow palette

Good makeup doesn't have to drain your bank account. There are more and more drugstore releases that are not only noteworthy...but give high end brands a run for their money! One example is the Bonjour Montreal eyeshadow palette from Essence. It was shockingly impressive. And shockingly inexpensive. It included nine buttery eyeshadows with intense pigmentation for only $12 CDN. Though Essence has had an awful lot of hits and misses, this themed eyeshadow palette is without question a must-have. In fact, it is the best Essence product I have ever tried. Ready to take a look inside the Bonjour Montreal eyeshadow palette? Find out what makes it so special? Here is everything you need to know.

Talk about a gorgeous selection of colours! The Bonjour Montreal eyeshadow palette has an awful lot to work with. Inspired by the beautiful city of Montreal (described on the back of the palette as "the ideal urban getaway" that has "a little European flair in North America")…there is a lot to love. Like that gorgeous image on the front of the eyeshadow palette and the warm shade selection. There are three matte shades and six shimmer shades. The matte shades aren't as pigmented as the shimmer shades, but they definitely serve a purpose. There is a soft cream shade (perfect for blending), a medium brown shade (ideal to build the crease), and a deeper brown shade (to add depth). Each colour feels extremely thoughtful and ensures that the palette is well rounded and versatile.

Now for the fun stuff. Those shimmer shades! They totally shocked me with how incredible they are. The texture is smooth and buttery. It has a really high end feel. The colour payoff is also stellar. They have an intensity that is truly remarkable. Though I love all of the shimmers, my favourites are the two golds. They apply so effortlessly and make a real impact. Honestly, this is an eyeshadow palette I would take with me during travel (whenever we are able to travel again) because the quality is high, it has lots of versatility, and each shade serves a purpose. This is an absolutely incredible drugstore palette.

The Bonjour Montreal eyeshadow palette is close to perfect. The only misses? I wish there were names given to each eyeshadow shade. They could've had cute Montreal-themed names to really tie in the theme. It also would've also been wonderful if those matte shades had a little more intensity. That way, they would've been on par with those incredible shimmer shadows. Want to see the palette in action? Below is a makeup look putting those gold shades to the test.

For an even closer look at the palette (and some initial reactions to the Bonjour Montreal eyeshadow palette)...be sure to check out my latest YouTube video. It is a first impressions review of this affordable must-have.

Overall, this Essence eyeshadow palette completely exceeded my expectations. It performs incredibly well, has a stunning selection of colours, and doesn't break the bank. The Bonjour Montreal palette checks of all the boxes and then some! 

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Have you tried the Bonjour Montreal palette? Are you a fan of Essence?


  1. Gorgeous palette and amazing makeup :-D

  2. Oh wow! This palette sounds awesome! I was just at Shoppers the other day and was so tempted with the Essence line...will keep an eye out for this palette for sure. Thanks for the heads up, Shannon:) And yah....too bad they didn't name the shades after Montreal places. That would've been even more awesome:D
    Hope you're having a great New Year so far.

    1. It really is! I was so surprised. Essence is always super tempting because the prices are so reasonable! I hope you are having a great new year as well :)

  3. They look super gorgeous on you, feel so festive, I would love to try it too someday, soon! Thank you for sharing :)



  4. A wonderful palette! And makeup))

  5. lovely colors :) your makeup look is so beautiful :)

  6. Looks so nice. I like your makeup :)