Friday, January 15, 2021

#FOTD feat. hard candy blushing on you

Hard Candy holiday sets go hand in hand with the season. Each year, there are multiple sets to choose from. Some are massive and some are stocking stuffer size. At least one of them tends to be added to my makeup collection. (Partly because I love a lot of Hard Candy products and partly because the prices are ridiculously affordable.) It is always fun to test them out. This year, the Blushing On You set struck my fancy. Why? There were six warm and wearable makeup products. Want to see them in action? This #FOTD features this beautiful blush set from the drugstore.

The Blushing On You set has an awful lot going on. Especially since it cost a mere $10 CDN. Such a bargain! It included:

  • Blushful Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
  • Eyes The Limit Eyeshadow Primer
  • Pink Glitter Cosmetic Bag
  • Matteholic Velvet Mousse Lip Color
  • Glosstopia Ultimate Lip Shine
  • Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss

Talk about fabulous. I love the fact that the eyeshadow palette has a combination of mattes, shimmers, and glitters. Plus, the shades are really beautiful and easy to wear. The three lip products can be worn alone or together for a full-on glossy finish. The eyeshadow primer works well and the sparkly cosmetics bag is a cute way to hold all of the products. However, there is one down side to the collection. While I love the theme, the range of products, and the overall quality...those glitter shades. Essentially, the two glitter shadows feel like vaseline and glitter thrown together. The glitter finish is beautiful at first. But thanks to that oil-like creases in no time flat. Even with the primer. The only way they can really use used for long-term wear is along the lower lash line or in the inner corner.

Now that you know what was included in the Blushing On You set from Hard Candy, it's time to see it all in action. Ready for this drugstore #FOTD? Here goes....

For this #FOTD, an awful lot of the Blushing On You set was put to use. I used the last shade in the palette (third to the right on the bottom row) as a blush on the cheeks. There are actually quite a few shades in this palette that can double for blush shades, thanks to those warm tones. On the lids, it was the center shade blended through the crease and a combination of the two shimmer shades (middle shade on the top row and furthest to the right in the center row). The deepest shimmer shade was used along the lower lash line. Then I added on a bit of eyeliner and mascara to finish off the eyes. On the lips, it was the Velvet Mousse Lip Color and the Glosstopia Ultimate Lip Shine layered over top. 

This was a fun holiday set to use and enjoy. Those blush shades are beautiful and the Velvet Mousse Lip Color is absolutely stunning. I'll be honest. These days, I don't leave the house or go anywhere (thank you, lockdown)…but testing out new beauty products always lifts my spirits. 

Are you a fan of Hard Candy? What do you think of this makeup set?


  1. Seems great products 😊 thanks for your sharing...

  2. Aww wow this looks magical! I love it on you, dear. And the small pouch, it looks pretty!


  3. That looks an amazing set. So glittery and sparkly! And love your makeup <3

  4. It's such a cheerful set with all the glitter, it's a shame those shades are hard to wear as they don't stay put! You did great a lovely look with it though! :)

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend! It's a bit of a wet one here.

    Away From Blue

    1. Cheerful is such a great way to describe it! Thank you. I hope you are having a great weekend as well :)

  5. Oh yes I love all my new stuff =) My family and friends are the best. That Burgundy Bar is really beautiful, I love those colours =)

    I don't know the brand but this palette looks pretty cute. I love glitter so this would be perfect for me :D I like your look a lot.