Saturday, August 29, 2020

love it or leave it? sarah jessica parker

The world of fashion has certainly changed in recent months. Large shows have been cancelled or turned into virtual viewing experiences. New lines and releases are scarce. Oh, and masks have become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. Though masks have a practical use...they can also be stylish and fashion-forward. Celebrities and fashion lovers alike have started to match their face masks to their outfits. It is yet another way to accessorize! Which brings me to my latest love it or leave it? post. This time it is all about the fashion icon, Sarah Jessica Parker. She spent time in her SJP Collection Store in New York City not long ago....wearing a floral dress and printed face mask. Is this look a love? Or does it totally fall flat? It is time to take a closer look at Sarah Jessica Parker's late summer florals. 

What I Love: There is an awful lot to love here. I'll be honest, I love a good earth-toned floral print that looks light, fresh, and feminine. This gorgeous dress manages to check off all the boxes and then some. I love the slightly more fitted top and the relaxed way the lower portion of the dress falls. Then there are the sleeves that are dramatic but not too over the top. The length of the dress is beautiful and all in all, it is super flattering. Plus, I love the fact that those warm earthy tones in the floral print and matched to the shoes. Those green kitten heels are elegant and glamorous - but not so dressy that they clash with the more casual dress design. As for the mask, I love that it too plays into those warmer earth tones. It makes a statement but doesn't detract from the overall look. This is balanced and beautiful. 

What I Loathe: Though there are a lot of wonderful aspects to consider...there is one thing that throws off this outfit. That purse. It has a thick strap that is bright neon pink. It is noticeable and stands out but not in a great way. Though I am a total advocate for all things neon, it doesn't work with this particular outfit. That bright pink clashes against the soft earth tones seen on the mask, dress, and shoes. I think another bag or even another bag style (the cross body strap and even the length are a little bit awkward) could have really elevated the overall style.

Overall, this is a love for me. Though the purse itself was a little bit off, the rest of the ensemble is absolutely gorgeous. I absolutely adore the dress and the shoes are a perfect touch. I also love this stylish approach to face masks. All in all, Sarah Jessica Parker looks stunning. She has proven once again that she knows her stuff when it comes to style. 


  1. Boa noite a modelo ficou linda com a roupa e máscara parabéns.

    1. Yes, she looked great! Thank you so much for your comment.

  2. Love it
    Adoro o estilo dela e como ela mistura textura na hora de se vestir
    Beijos ♡ Blog | Instagram | Youtube

  3. Not a fan of the purse but I do like the dress and shoes.

  4. She has sucha unique style since Sex in the city!

  5. You are so right Love the outfit and shoes but the bag is a no no It is completely out of place. Have a lovely week Cris