Tuesday, August 11, 2020

neutral + neon makeup look inspired by bailey sarian

When it comes to beauty gurus....there are many on my subscription list. Probably far too many. Needless to say, finding someone new to watch wasn't high up on my priority list. So when a friend of mine suggested watching Bailey Sarian, I wasn't eager to hit the play button. Until she shared what made this YouTuber unique. Not only does she create gorgeous makeup looks but she also talks about mysteries and true crime. As someone who has watched every single episode of Forensic Files (it is an addiction, for real) this was definitely up my alley. I loved the creativity involved. When that same friend sent me screenshots of a gorgeous neon-inspired makeup look from Bailey, this was immediately something I wanted to try for myself. Could I re-create it? Would it look similar at all? Here is my attempt at this neutral and neon makeup look.

When it came to neon makeup products...my selection was limited. In fact, the only item that came to mind for that pop of colour was the Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions eyeshadow palette. This compact high end item had two neon shades. One was shimmer and the other matte. To best match the Bailey Sarian makeup look, my intention was to use only the matte neon. However, that didn't exactly work out. It just wasn't pigmented enough to reach the intensity shown in the original look. A pop of colour wasn't enough. This needed to be bold! So unfortunately, I had to start by creating the shape with the matte neon. Then I wet a flat brush and applied the shimmer neon shade over the area. It added more intensity but really changed the look from the original to the re-creation. I never knew I needed more neon eyeshadows in my life but alas! It looks like I do.

For the rest of the eyeshadow look, I used Headliner all over the lid (a white eyeshadow shade from the Alyssa Edwards eyeshadow palette) and a combination of warm browns from the Too Faced Christmas Cookie eyeshadow palette. Then it was my Paris Hilton pen eyeliner and some Too Faced mascara to finish off the eyes. On the cheeks, it was just a warm bronzer to try and match the original look to the best of my ability. The finishing touch was the lipstick. In the original video, Bailey was wearing an orange-coral lipstick shade. So I took a look through my collection and chose the NYC Expert Last Lip Color in the shade 445 Coralista. It wasn't quite as bright as the original look but it was a pretty decent shade dupe for this look.

Ready to see the attempted re-creation? Though it didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted (using a shimmery neon instead of a matte one really altered the overall look)....this was a different and exciting makeup look to try for myself. Be sure to let me know what you think of the end result in the comment section below.

Did it turn out perfectly? No. But it pushed me to get creative and incorporate colour in a fresh new way. Though it did highlight that having boldly pigmented neon eyeshadows in my collection is something to consider. All in all, it was exciting to do something different and get inspired by the content from a really talented creator.

Are you a fan of neon makeup? What do you think of this look?


  1. Great makeup.


  2. Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day ! ⛱️🏖️🏖️

  3. You look amazing. I can never do this eye makeup 🙈

    1. You definitely could! The most important thing to do is have fun with the process!

  4. Wow this neon make-up, to die for!

  5. hola, te ha quedado divino, me gusta mucho 😍❤️

  6. Oh my, finally someone who knows about MURDER, MYSTERY & MAKEUP! Love it!!! Wonderful recreation of the look! Love the "lime" around the inner corner so much ❤

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