Saturday, June 16, 2018

my favourite mascara + FOTD

For a long time, the main mascara in my life was Dior's Diorshow. Then it was Benefit's They're Real. And every now and then, Too Faced's Better Than Sex. While I still enjoy all three of these high-end options....they are no longer at the top of my list. My post today will highlight my current favourite mascara (which I recently re-purchased for the millionth time) and showcase a recent makeup look that I created for a casual night out.

My Favourite Mascara: The Super Sizer by Cover Girl

It was quite a while ago now (all the way back in 2015) that I tried The Super Sizer by Cover Girl for the first time. I was content with my current mascara at the time and had no intention of making a switch....but then I tried the mascara from Cover Girl and it changed everything. It was sent to me all of those years ago for review, which you may remember from the video I posted early on for my YouTube channel. It has a small wand with slightly longer bristles on end and shorter bristles on the others. This particular wand style makes it easy to coat the lower lashes and reach those hard to get inner lashes. 

I also love that this formula doesn't dry too quickly and really packs a punch. You don't need more than one coat to get dramatic full lashes! The colour is jet black and easily creates an over the top lash look. When you add in the affordable price tag (around $7 per tube), it simply doesn't make sense for me to return to those high-end alternatives. This works just as well, if not better, and is a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for a new mascara but aren't sure which one to try....The Super Sizer is the answer. Though I have tried many other mascaras in my time, this is by far the best, in my opinion. 

FOTD: Shimmery Neutrals and Matte Lipstick

Nothing is better than a night at the movies. When it comes to style, this is the perfect place to mix a little bit of glamour with something cute and casual. Which is why I paired my grey Panic! at the Disco sweater from Hot Topic with pearl earrings and a shimmery makeup look. For eyeshadow, I created a smokey neutral look with lots of glitter by using my (fairly new) Tarte mermaid palette, which I reviewed here. I used my Too Faced pen liner for a dramatic wing and of course, added on a coat of The Super Sizer mascara to finish it off. On the cheeks was my favourite Hard Candy baked blush and a matte liquid lipstick from Paris Hilton cosmetics. I absolutely loved the combination of shimmer and matte - and so, I was really happy with the way this look turned out. 

Certain beauty products are game changers. They have a way of becoming absolute must-haves in your collection....and when that happens...there is no going back! For me, that is The Super Sizer. It is one of my all-time favourite products.

Glitter and Grey Makeup Tutorial

Clearly, makeup is a significant part of my life. Though I tend to do more reviews than anything else (both here and on my YouTube channel), every now and then, it is fun to do a tutorial. That is exactly what I did recently. I filmed a look that combined matte eyeshadows, glitter, and a bold grey lipstick. To find out how to create this yourself, take a look at my latest video. 

Have you tried this mascara? What do you think of this FOTD?


  1. Amazing post dear! I love this tutorial, products are awesome! :)
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  2. Look amazing! I don't really know this mascara, I love my Perversion mascara from Urban Decay :)

    Maris Novotná

    1. That one sounds great! I haven't tried any from Urban Decay so maybe I will look into that :)

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  4. Beautiful *_* <3

  5. Beautiful look!! i've never tried the brand covergirl
    but actually i'll check this mascara as it does a good job
    and it's quite affordable! thanks for the recommendation :)

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

    1. Definitely a must-have drugstore brand! So glad you enjoyed the recommendation :)

  6. wow amazing mascara!

    Mónica Sors

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  8. I just started using this mascara, and it works so well on my lashes!

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  10. I've never tried that mascara but now i wanna do it asap!
    great review and tutorial, dear!