Wednesday, June 13, 2018

current obsession: kuckian cosmetics lip kit (brute)

My makeup collection is varied. There are plenty of items from the drugstore, high-end products, and even a few releases from independent brands. An example of the latter, is the lip kit pictured above. Kuckian Cosmetics is the brainchild of John Kuckian. For those who don't know, he is a pretty well-known YouTuber who primarily focuses on creating videos related to the beauty community. A while back, he launched the makeup brand Kuckian with the release of liquid lipsticks and pressed pigment eyeshadows. Though I would love to try out everything from the line, I started with the pigments and then treated myself to one of his liquid lipstick sets. So, how does it perform? Here is everything you need to know about the set.

Packaging. When it comes to Kuckian Cosmetics, the packaging is incredible. (I mentioned this in my review of the pressed pigments as well, which you can see on my YouTube channel.) The attention to detail is fabulous. This set in particular came with a booklet of information on the brand,  along with a sturdy outer casing and gorgeous inner foam box with slots for each item. It also has the Kuckian logo and the name of each product printed in silver. It looks gorgeous and luxurious and there are so many wonderful details. The only downside is that the the inner section is prone to fingerprints, which always seems to be the case with makeup packaging. 

Colours and Quality. Inside the lip kit set is a matte liquid lipstick (in a uniquely shaped tube) and two lip liners. One is a lighter shade and the other is darker so you can use one or the other...or create an on trend ombre look. The colour that I chose was Brute and I absolutely love it. This is a deep rosy shade that looks gorgeous with many different types of makeup looks and is super flattering. As for the quality, let me just say that I am impressed. To start with, the lip liners are really creamy and pigmented. They blend easily and I love the fact that there are two different colours included. This can really change up the look - and it makes the set extra versatile. 

The lipstick itself is perfection. It applies smoothly, the colour is beautiful, and it dries down fairly quickly. This formula has incredible staying power (lasting for a full day out without needing to be re-applied) and doesn't dry out the lips at all. As someone who always has a Nivea chapstick on hand, this is a huge deal. Between the shade itself, the addition of not one but two lip liners, and the wearability of the matte liquid lipstick....this set has absolutely become an obsession. 

Overall Impressions and Finished Look. Kuckian is impressive, to say the least. Everything that I have tried from the brand so far has had it all. That includes well-thought out packaging, striking colours, and excellent quality. The prices are reasonable and shipping to where I live (in Canada) was quite affordable. Though I don't often order makeup online...this purchase was totally worth it. I cannot wait to see what Kuckian Cosmetics will release next! Until then, here is a makeup look that I created using the pressed pigments and of course, Brute. 

Kuckian Cosmetics excites me. Though there are plenty of other lip kits on the market these days, this is one of the absolute best that I have tried. I cannot get over the amazing quality of the products and the long wear time. Out of all the lip products in my makeup collection, Brute has been getting the most use lately. I absolutely love it! 

Have you tried anything from Kuckian Cosmetics? What do you think of this shade?


  1. it look stuning on you let me tell!
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    and pls if u haven’t watch my new video maybe u can tell me what to shoot next

  2. Lovely make-up dear ;) I love your cosmetics :)

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  4. Never heard about this brand before, must check it out as it sounds great =) thanks for sharing

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    1. Kuckian really is a wonderful brand. Everything I've tried has been outstanding!

  5. Uau love the color dear! <3

  6. You look so beautiful in the picture. That shade is just beautiful.

  7. gorgeous shade ❤ 🐞💄