Sunday, May 27, 2018

review: paris hilton cosmetics (rainbow highlight + lip wonderland)

Paris Hilton Cosmetics hasn't been in my makeup collection for long. Despite this, it seems that more and more of their products are entering my life. Whenever the opportunity arises, I browse the selection at discount shops (like Winners and Marshalls) to see if there are new items available. Sometimes there are. Sometimes there aren't. Luckily, on a trip downtown, a few new Paris Hilton Cosmetics items caught my eye. That included the Rainbow Highlight and the Lip Wonderland set.  Needless to say, I was excited to find these treasures. So, are they fabulous finds or total failures? Here is my review (complete with swatches and a completed makeup look) of the products.

Paris Hilton Cosmetics: Rainbow Highlight

The first was instantly exciting to me. A little while back, I tried a rainbow highlight that looked gorgeous in the packaging but was super disappointing when applied on the skin. It looked muddy and unflattering. (In case you are curious, I showed the application in a recent YouTube video for my channel.) So, while I was super excited about this rainbow highlight, I was also a little hesitant. Would it be the same as the last one? Or would it be everything I ever wanted? Happily, I can say that this highlight is completely different than the last one I tried. The texture is smooth, shimmery, and it blends easily on the skin. Each rainbow stripe has a decent amount of colour payoff, but nothing so over the top that it actually looks like anything other than a softly coloured highlight. That means these work well individually or blended all together to create a fabulous - and head turning - highlight.

Paris Hilton Cosmetics: Lip Wonderland Set 

Did my eyes ever light up when this Lip Wonderland set came into view. Not only was the outer packaging gorgeous (with a magnetic closure, detailed how-to instructions, makeup ideas, and that lace design) but there were four different Paris Hilton lip products inside. In the past, I have tried a few of her lipsticks and glosses with varying success. (A few examples? The Holographic Glosses reviewed here were not the best but her liquid lipsticks are fabulous.) Included in this set was a diamond lip gloss, a holographic lip gloss, a matte liquid lipstick, and a metallic lip gloss. The diamond gloss was incredible with tons of shimmer, glitter, and glitz. I love it! The holographic lip gloss was so-so. A step up from the last set I picked up but still delivering so-so results. The matte liquid lipstick is phenomenal and I have been wearing it constantly. Lastly, the metallic lip gloss is beautiful, has a lot of pigmentation, and is perfectly on trend.

Finished Look....

In the picture above, I layered the rainbow highlight over top of a Paris Hilton blush in my collection and wore the matte liquid lip gloss. Overall, I am really happy with these two purchases. The highlight is beautiful and there are some standout lip products included in the set. If you stumble upon these the next time you are out....give them a try. They are well worth the gamble.

Have you tried Paris Hilton Cosmetics? What do you think of these products?


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