Friday, May 25, 2018

love it or leave it: alaska (rupaul's drag con 2018)

It happened quickly. I went from casually watching season one of RuPaul's Drag Race to finishing the entire series, buying tons of drag queen merch, and seeing multiple shows. Now? I anxiously await each new episode of season ten and follow many of the queens on social media. Since Drag Con 2018 happened recently, there has been an influx of videos, fashion, and panels to enjoy. Out of everything I have seen so far....the best is of course, Alaska. The style pictured above was her entrance look for the crowned queens runway. So, was it good? Bad? In between? Let's find out with another edition of love it of leave it.

What I Love: Oh, there is so much to love. When it comes to style, Alaska has it in spades. (As seen in my post about the AAA Girls show.) This is proven by her perfectly over the top entrance look. From the massive braided updo to her classic cut-crease makeup and of course, that amazing dress. Talk about stunning! I especially enjoy the choker that matches the dress, the drama of that long train, and the black detailing that contrasts effortlessly against that grey colour. Then there is the shape of the dress itself. This is a dark and dangerous take on a ballgown and it makes me positively giddy. Essentially, it is half villain and half princess.

What I Loathe:  While I love pretty much everything about this look, there is one little thing that makes me cringe. The fact that the underside of the train is white. Ack! It would have been so much better had both sides of the train been lined in that same grey fabric. Though from most angles, this wouldn't be noticeable, it looks super obvious in photos. When there is so much detail covering every other area of the dress...this seems like a big oversight.

Overall, I think this outfit is absolutely stunning. Alaska definitely brought her a-game to Drag Con this year! She didn't shy away from a dramatic, over the top look, that managed to look fresh and interesting while showcasing her signature style.

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What do you think of this look? Love it or leave it?