Saturday, December 31, 2016

this is your year to sparkle.

It amazes me how quickly things can change. How swiftly time passes. This day is always a time for reflection. It marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. So, like many others, I have been thinking back on the year behind me. It was full of travels (heading to Niagara Falls multiple times, to meet Donny Osmond, see Wave reunite, and check out an incredible David Cassidy concert....not to mention a trip to Disney World with my husband), memorable concerts (O-town was a highlight as was Duran Duran), special days out (Canada's Wonderland with my family and the Bowmanville Zoo with my hubby), and incredible holiday moments (this past Halloween was my best ever). Phew! There were certainly some stand out moments.

In addition to all of the memorable events....there were also some personal victories. Like learning more about myself, channeling my passions in new ways, and writing work that makes me proud. The latter is especially exciting. I have been freelancing for several years now. There were times when I wrote about travel, fashion, and local events. But then there were times that I wrote about carpets, air conditioner units, and catering services. Big difference. Right now? I am taking everything that I learned from LiveGlam (oh yeah...I also became a LiveGlam Certified Pro Makeup Artist this year. Pretty awesome!) and am writing articles that mean something. Ones that help people. That is my ultimate goal as a writer, so needless to say, this specific writing job feels especially rewarding.

In between all of the accomplishments, big and small, there were incredible experiences with my loved ones. I feel blessed to have an amazing family, a loving husband, and a handful of wonderful friends.

Honestly? I am still fine-tuning my goals for 2017.....but one thing is certain: 2016 was a fabulous year.

What are your memorable moments from 2016?

xo Shannon


  1. Great read,for sure 2016 was full of fun times,new meets,great experiences and much more.Hope 2017 brings more happy moments to all of us.

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  3. Great post.