Saturday, December 3, 2016

meeting tiffany pratt at hudson's bay

It wasn't what I expected. When my mom and I sat down for a luncheon at Hudson's Bay....we were greeted with a warm hug and a friendly smile. Tiffany Pratt (HGTV star and author) greeted every single person who had come to the event. It was surprising....especially since most people are keen to keep one another at a distance. On our seats there was a small boxed lunch and a copy of Tiffany's new book, This Can Be Beautiful.

We flipped through the book (which was loaded with rainbow coloured pages, glitter, and fun DIY projects) and debated which project we would tackle first. Decisions, decisions. Then Tiffany Pratt began to speak. I assumed the afternoon would be full of decorating advice. Instead, it was an incredible speech - full of motivation and inspiration. She urged us to enjoy creativity and stop worrying about the outcome. She spoke of appreciating our true selves and the importance of having fun in life. She talked about the fact that many of us live life in the future instead of embracing the present. She shared stories of energetic connections and positivity. In fact....she even led us in a guided meditation. It was incredible.

By the end of the luncheon? I felt inspired in a way that I hadn't in a long while. It was exactly what I needed. My mom and I waited a while for the crowd to thin before approaching Tiffany. She signed both of our books and took photos with us. (I have a habit of getting super nervous but I managed to tell her that her talk had been super inspiring to me...causing her to write "love and inspiration" inside my book.) She was super friendly and kind hearted. Her energy was so beautiful. It was truly a gift to be around her, even for a short while.

Meeting Tiffany Pratt was a wonderful experience. It made me so grateful for the amazing things I have in my life...and also made me eager to crack open the book and get creative!

Have you attended any events lately? Do you DIY?

xo Shannon


  1. One can tell by the look at her, that she is truly a friendly and kind person. What a beautiful experience, Shannon. The last event I attend lately was a Fund raising dinner. They did pretty well and raised a lot of money for a very good cause. Happy Sunday, gorgeous.

  2. Nice foto

  3. Like you said, an incredible experience!

  4. Oh very great event darling
    Looks fabulous

  5. wow she sounds like a wonderful person to have done that with every guest :) she deserves to be where she is with a work ethic and personality like that!

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