Sunday, December 18, 2016

12 Days of Christmas Blogging - Day 5

Can you believe it? Somehow, it is already day 5 of the "12 Days of Christmas Blogging" challenge. Time is going by so quickly. Though it always seems to at this time of year. Every day is loaded with things to go. Like Christmas shopping, decorating, baking, seeing family, meeting up with friends, wrapping gifts, and sending out holiday cards. Not to mention work and all of those other day to day responsibilities. Phew! No wonder so many people feel frazzled during the holiday season. Me? I keep wishing there was a way to slow things down. I love the build up to Christmas so much (the lights, the music, and the magic) that I never want it to end.

Day 5: What Is On Your Personal Wish List This Year

It's true. The holiday season can feel rushed and chaotic. Which is why my personal wish list is not a present or a material item. It is to slow down and appreciate every moment. I have been trying to do things in advance this month (like decorate, write out my Christmas cards, and things like that) so that when it comes down to it....there is more than enough time to enjoy the important things. I want to watch holiday movies with my family, go to dinner with my best friend, and create special Christmas memories that last long after the 25th of December. By being organized - and a little obsessed with Christmas - I hope to make the most of the season. That is my wish.

What is on your wish list?

xo Shannon


  1. A very interesting post !!!
    We'll be in touch!!!!Merry Christmas­čî▓­čî▓

  2. Great post :)

    Kiss from Paris
    Kelly W.

  3. That's AWESOME. I feel like that's the perfect thing to ask for. As I get older, I think less and less about what I want for myself and more about what to get for others. Coming back from school and getting together with friends and family I never see anymore is so fun. It almost makes me step back and realize that traditions don't go on forever. This Thanksgiving I went to a friends house for most of the day to join her family and it was so fun! I want to change things up more often.