Thursday, December 22, 2016

12 Days of Christmas Blogging - Day 9

Being married is amazing. When it comes to the holidays, though? Things tend to get a little trickier. There is always some sort of debate about who will go where and when. My family is huge into our traditions and our celebration is extremely meaningful to me. That means I do not want to miss a single moment of it. The problem? My husband wants me to share in his holiday traditions. There in lies the debate. But we seem to have a found a system that works well enough. We have our own Christmas celebration on Christmas morning, go to his parents house for a few hours, then to mine to unwrap gifts. After that? My husband heads back to his parents to hang out and enjoy dinner while I stay with my family. It might not be the ideal arrangement for everyone, but I think it works!

For Day 9 of the "12 Days of Christmas Blogging" challenge, it is all about dinner. Who will be there? Where will you have it? What will you eat? This is what I have planned....

Day 9: Who Will Be Sitting With You For Christmas Dinner

Some people love Christmas dinner more than anything. Me personally? I prefer the morning and afternoon to the evening. The morning is full of excitement! The afternoon with a blissful calm. The evening, however, means that the magic of the holidays is starting to wind down. I hate that feeling. Which is why Christmas dinner is not my favourite experience. Ahh, well. This year, I plan to dine with my mom, dad, brother, and sister. That may change a bit (my sister's boyfriend might be there as well) but for all intensive purposes...that is the guest list.

It is a chance for us to come together after a busy day and eat some good food. I personally like to load up my plate with mashed potatoes (my dad makes the best mashed potatoes ever!) and stuffing. Yum! Meanwhile, everyone else will enjoy turkey, gravy, and other fixings. Then there is always way too much dessert. Like Rice Krispie Squares, cake shaped like a snowman, decorated cupcakes, and holiday cookies. By the time the meal is through? We are all completely stuffed.

Looking for an extra dose of holiday spirit? Check out my latest video for the creation of beauty is art YouTube channel. It is dedicated to my collection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

How will you spend Christmas dinner? Who will join you?

xo Shannon


  1. That is so funny! we struggle with scheduling between his fam and mine, luckily we all live in the same city so we squeeze everyone in! Happy Holidays!


  2. I agree being married is a great feeling, I recently got married as well - happy holidays! Benish @ Beenazai