Friday, June 22, 2018

life lately: kathy griffin, lea michele, and aly & aj

Ahh, summer. Can you believe the season has officially begun? Like many people, I absolutely adore this time of year. It's hard not to, with sunshine, carefree days, and lots of activities to look forward to. Though summertime is just beginning (in fact, today is the first official day of summer) life has been pretty busy lately. There have been lots of nights out and even a few concerts thrown into the mix. So today, I wanted to take a moment and share some recent highlights.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

review: wet n wild coloricon palettes + hello halo liquid highlighter

There is no doubt about it....Wet n Wild has the best eyeshadows at the drugstore. For years, I have been reaching for shadows from this brand. (My first post featuring Wet n Wild dates all the way back to 2013, when I talked about the Petal Pushers palette.) So when I stumbled upon three new eyeshadow sets from the brand, I simply had to give them a try. There were actually quite a few other new items to choose from as well, which is how a liquid highlight also came home with me. How do these perform? Did they live up to my expectations? It is time to take a closer look at some new drugstore makeup releases.

Monday, June 18, 2018

why it's okay to break style rules.

There are rules for many things in life. Often, that includes fashion, style, and beauty. For years we have been told what is in, what is out, and what the basic rules are for looking good. Keeping up with it all can be overwhelming at time but in a way, it can also feel pretty limiting. General fashion rules dictate that we don’t wear white after Labour Day, have at least one little black dress in our closets, and that we should never mix gold and silver jewellery. Are you tired of following the rules? So am I.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

my favourite mascara + FOTD

For a long time, the main mascara in my life was Dior's Diorshow. Then it was Benefit's They're Real. And every now and then, Too Faced's Better Than Sex. While I still enjoy all three of these high-end options....they are no longer at the top of my list. My post today will highlight my current favourite mascara (which I recently re-purchased for the millionth time) and showcase a recent makeup look that I created for a casual night out.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

look your best this summer with uniwigs

There were people everywhere, and yet, the only thing I could focus on was her hair. I was waiting in line for a concert and there was a group of girls standing directly in front of me. One of the girls had the most incredible turquoise hair I had ever seen. I vividly remember standing there and thinking, "I wish my hair could look like that." Well, it can. If you've been in a similar situation (or the words hair envy are all too relatable), it may be time to consider  your options.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

current obsession: kuckian cosmetics lip kit (brute)

My makeup collection is varied. There are plenty of items from the drugstore, high-end products, and even a few releases from independent brands. An example of the latter, is the lip kit pictured above. Kuckian Cosmetics is the brainchild of John Kuckian. For those who don't know, he is a pretty well-known YouTuber who primarily focuses on creating videos related to the beauty community. A while back, he launched the makeup brand Kuckian with the release of liquid lipsticks and pressed pigment eyeshadows. Though I would love to try out everything from the line, I started with the pigments and then treated myself to one of his liquid lipstick sets. So, how does it perform? Here is everything you need to know about the set.

Monday, June 11, 2018

my new john denver tshirts

Music has a way of filling in the gaps. It's incredible how the simple sounds of a familiar melody can make you feel whole. Almost like coming home again. Or reconnecting to your true self. That is how I feel every single time I listen to John Denver. Though most people my age have absolutely no clue who he is, let alone his most popular songs, his artistry has inspired me in ways that I cannot even begin to describe. Though I have been a fan for most of my life (which I mentioned in my fashion post here and even my list of favourite Christmas CDs), it is in more recent years that my fandom transformed into a true love affair.