Friday, October 9, 2015

gorgeous gowns from Landybridal.

It is something we all dream of. That moment of saying I do in the perfect dress. It still amazes me that one article of clothing can mean so much. Like most pieces, a wedding dress isn't special because of the fabric, the beading, or the lace. It is special because of what it represents: being in love. That feeling - combined with the right dress - can make you look and feel more beautiful than ever. What a magical moment that is. Weddings are something I have been thinking about a lot lately. Not only do I have a friend getting married this month but I just celebrated my three month wedding anniversary. Time really does fly! 

Speaking of weddings....I have been busy browsing the latest designs. Even though I already had my special day I cannot help but look at beautiful wedding dresses 2016. Every season there are new designs, trends, and details to admire. It makes me wonder what kind of dress my friend will wear on her big day. Will it be a ballgown? A-line? Lace? Personally I love the latter. 

Lace wedding dresses are classic. They blend sophistication and elegance with timeless romance. No wonder so many celebrities and brides-to-be choose to wear a lace dress. On my wedding day I wore a princess ballgown - but a lace dress was a close second. I absolutely love how they look. Just picture it: lace sleeves and a lace neckline? Talk about stunning. 

Yes, I love looking at wedding dresses. Which is why I have been browsing the selection on the Landybridal website. They have so many incredible pieces to choose from. Long, short, simple, and over the top. There are dresses for every single type of bride. Are you looking for the perfect dress? Then be sure to check out their selection of gorgeous gowns. These are a few of my favourites.....

What do you think of these dresses? Which one is your favourite?

xo Shannon

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

i love coming home to my own bed.

Travel is one of my absolute favourite things. I love seeing new places (as well as familiar ones!) and experiencing the incredible. No wonder I get a little sad when it is time to head back. For me? Returning home from Las Vegas is bittersweet. On the plus side, I get to see my wonderful husband. It is always hard to be away from him. On the downside, it is time to go back to work. And deal with my endless to-do lists. Reality can be a tricky thing. The beautiful part of travel is being to get away from it all....for a little while at least.

I am home. I suppose that was my long winded way of saying that! My flight got in from Las Vegas late last night. Since then I have been trying to catch up on everything. Work, emails, friends, blog pages, and all the rest. It's amazing how much seems to happen when you leave. Even for a short period of time. I suspect the next several days will include me playing catch up.

My apologies for this incredibly brief post. In the days to come I plan to fill you all in on my trip. From the shopping to the shows and everything in between. It was a memorable vacation, for sure! Expect photos, a haul, and some fun stories as well. Until then....thank you all for stopping by the creation of beauty is art. 

What have you been up to lately? Have you done any travelling?

xo Shannon

Thursday, October 1, 2015

adventures are the best way to learn.

Exciting news. I am Vegas bound! That's right. By the time you read this I will already be on my way to sunny Las Vegas. I couldn't be more excited. Travelling is one my favourite things to I try to do it as much as possible. Why am I heading to Nevada? My mom and I have been planning this trip for a while. It actually started last year. We had tickets to see Celine Dion perform at Caesar's Palace. Just before the scheduled trip she cancelled all of her performances. Understandably so, but it changed the purpose of our vacation.

When tickets for Celine went back on sale this year we were a little hesitant. There was no guarantee the concert would go as planned. It was risky to schedule another vacation around the show. Our solution? To make sure we had more than one reason to travel. We ended up buying tickets for both Celine and Donny & Marie. I am a massive fan of all of them. In fact I have seen Donny & Marie twice already. They are amazing! Which is how my mom and I ended up buying the Meet and Greet tickets as well.

Somehow our Celine trip has turned into an oh-my-gosh-I-am-going-to-meet-Donny-Osmond trip instead. Needless to say, I am ridiculously excited. What else do we have planned? Shopping and seeing the sights. This will be my fourth time visiting Las Vegas (once when I was a kid, once with my friend, and once with my mom) - but every time I go there it seems to be a very different experience. Here is hoping it lives up to my expectations.

I won't be blogging while I am away. But stay tuned! After I get back from my trip I will fill you in on everything that happened.

Do you have any travel plans?

xo Shannon

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

review: maple holistics

One thing I have been trying to do? Take better care of my skin. Since moving into an apartment I have found that my skin has undergone some serious changes. It looks dull and lifeless. It is dry and flaky. No matter how much I slather on moisturizer it doesn't seem to do the trick. I don't know what has caused the change....but I cannot stand it! This is why my focus has turned to skincare. I am doing everything I can to give my skin a healthier glow.

How am I doing it? By using Maple Holistics products. I was lucky enough to receive two of them to test and review. Thank goodness. They are the Dead Sea Mineral Youth Mud Mask and the Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum. (pictured above.) Does Maple Holistics sounds familiar? It should! You might remember my giveaway post that went up last month. There I talked about the goals of the company. They are all about natural beauty products. From skin care to hair care and hygiene, they carry a little bit of everything. 

The first product I tried out was the Dead Sea Mineral Youth Purifying, Therapeutic, Facial Mud Mask. Here is a closer look....

As you can see from the picture above, the mud mask comes in a plastic jar. It is rounded and has a twist off cap. Simple, sleek, and easy to use. The label is detailed and tells you everything the product is supposed to do. That is something I find useful. Especially when I am looking through skin care products to target specific issues. When you unscrew the cap there is a large amount of the product. It is a deep green mud mask. The claims? "Not only does the Dead Sea mud boost amazing exfoliating and skin-toning abilities, but it is enhanced with a formula that provides additional benefits and a relaxing aromatherapy experience."

My experience with the mud mask was a positive one. There is an awful lot of product so it will last for quite a while. It also has a really nice texture. It is smooth to the touch but feels somewhat gritty as it applies onto the skin. I love that! It is easy to apply yet still exfoliates the skin flawlessly. It takes about ten minutes to dry completely. After that I rinsed the mask with some warm water. Instantly my skin felt tighter and a lot of those flaky patches on my skin were gone. It was fantastic. I felt pampered and good about my skin. I plan to continue using this as the weeks go on.

Now for the Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum. Here is a closer look at the product....

The packaging is again very sleek and easy to use. It comes with a rubber dropper on the top with glass inside and has a beautiful glass case. The product itself is an serum that can be applied all over the face in the morning and at night. It is a fantastic addition to your daily skin care routine. What does it do exactly? "Maple Holistics Vitamin C+ Facial Serum is an anti-aging premium which takes the traditional concept of topically applying Vitamin C and provides a boost of therapeutic ingredients." It is designed to tighten, brighten, and smooth out your skin.  

I have been using this constantly. Every morning after I wash my face and before bed as well. I love that it takes only a few seconds to apply (I tend to be very lazy when it comes to skin care before bed) and works wonders. This has a very soothing quality. It also feels very luxurious on the skin. It is a fabulous way to feel pampered. Since using the serum I have found my skin is smoother more vibrant. That is always a plus. I look forward to using this more and more!

Since I have been loving my Maple Holistics products so much I decided to incorporate them into my latest YouTube video for the creation of beauty is art. Check it out! These are some easy ways to pamper yourself.....

Overall I was very happy with these products. I love using natural skin care items. It makes me feel like I am really doing something good for my skin. Want to find out more? Try these out for yourself? Then be sure to head over to the Maple Holistics website.

Have you tried any of these products? How do you pamper yourself?

xo Shannon

Sunday, September 27, 2015

getting inspired by cocomelody.

Weddings? They are always special. It is amazing to see two people commit themselves to one another. As far as I am concerned, love is a beautiful thing. It deserves to be celebrated. Which is why I love any and all wedding traditions. The decorations, the hair, the makeup, and of course, the dresses. It is exciting to see the bride - and bridal party - walk down the aisle in a dress. The right one can turn heads and create a spectacular moment. It is amazing how powerful an item of clothing can be.

That makes the piece you choose especially important. You want to look your best at every occasion. Maybe you have a wedding coming up, someone you know is saying yes!, or you are looking for a great deal on a great dress. All you need is cocomelody. They have tons of fantastic dresses to choose from. That includes gorgeous beach wedding dresses More and more people are choosing beach weddings or destination getaways....which means you need a dress to match. Think shorter cuts, lightweight fabric, and ultra romantic details. There is truly nothing better.

Searching for a bridesmaid dress? Then you are in luck. Over at cocomelody they have cheap bridesmaid dresses as well. That includes short dresses and long dresses. All of them in gorgeous colours. There are purples, pinks, greens, blues, and everything else you can imagine. That means whatever colour you have chosen for your wedding theme....there will be a beautiful bridesmaid dress to match. For a great price, too!

Yes, I am feeling inspired by bridal wear. Probably because a friend of mine is getting married at the end of the month. It is definitely an exciting time. So, without further ado, here are a few of my favourite wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Get ready to feel inspired.

There is no better time to check out gorgeous dresses from cocomelody. Whether you are getting married yourself, are looking for a bridesmaid gown, or just want to find something can! Just head on over to the cocomelody website. You will find everything you are looking for and so much more. They offer beautiful gowns for great prices. Can't do better than that! 

Is anyone in your life getting married? Which dress do you like best?

xo Shannon

Friday, September 25, 2015

you're never too old for candy.

Sometimes I think all I do is review Hard Candy products! Perhaps this is because they are one of the few drugstore brands that is constantly putting out new products. The shelves are always full of new palettes, new liners, new everything. Several months back they released these cute palettes. There were three in total. The Natural Eyes palette, the Sassy Eyes palette, and the Smokey Eye palette. Honestly? I bought all three without so much as batting an eyelash. They were cheap, super cute, and looked gorgeous. They were musts for my makeup collection.

After using them on a fairly consistent basis over the last few months....I finally felt ready to start reviewing them. The first? The Smokey Eyes palette. There was a brief moment when I saw it on the shelf and thought, I already have a ton of smokey eyeshadows. Do I really need this? Then I thought, what the heck! By that point, I had already fallen in love with the cute packaging. Which is how this smokey eye palette made its way into my life. I am very glad it did!

Where to begin? The packaging of course. It comes in an embossed tin. I love that extra detail. It gives this affordable palette a higher end feel. When you open up the tin you see three large shadows and six smaller shadows, along with an applicator, a small pencil liner, and an eyeshadow primer. This definitely gives you everything you need to create a stunning eye look. They really took steps to make this palette complete and cute.

Now for the good stuff. The primer works surprisingly well. As does the liner. While this is not my go-to eyeliner it has an intense black colour that really really compliments the smokey shadows included in this set. As for the shadows themselves? They are phenomenal. Here is the thing about Hard Candy shadows. Sometimes they are absolutely amazing and other times they are simply okay. All of the shadows included in this set fall into the amazing category. They are nicely pigmented, easy to use, and long lasting. These had a really pretty shimmery effect that I love for a good smokey eye look!

Something else I love? The range of shades. There are navys, black, browns, golds, silvers, and cream colours. I absolutely love that there are both dark and light colours. You would be surprised at how often smokey eye palettes fail to include those necessary lighter shades! Bonus points to Hard Candy for keeping that in mind. This palette can create a number of beautiful looks....and is perfect if you are getting ready for a night out.

Overall, The Smokey Eyes palette was a total winner in my books. I love the shade selection, the quality, and the presentation. For such a reasonable price this is something you will love to have in your makeup collection. Promise! 

Have you tried this palette? What is your favourite Hard Candy product?

xo Shannon

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

YouTube: Review - Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation

I wouldn't exactly call myself a foundation junkie. I know a lot of product lovers out there who simply have to try every foundation on the market. That is not me. Which isn't to say I haven't tried out my fair share of foundations. By this point I have tried dozens of different types. From high end to drugstore and back again. After finding a foundation that I loved....the search was over. I didn't feel the need to try out product after product. (Shocking, I know!) Which is why it was unusual for me to pick up a new foundation for no reason at all.

A little while ago I posted my big beauty haul video on YouTube. One of the items I picked up was the Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation. There was a reason I chose to add this to my collection. Over the years, I have heard amazing things about the Bourjois foundations. Blogger after blogger has raved about the different foundations on the market. So I decided to finally take the plunge. I was going to try out a Bourjois foundation. Finally! That is exactly what I have been doing for the last several weeks. I have incorporated this product into my daily routine to see how it fares.

How did it work? You will have to watch my latest YouTube video to find out! I recently posted my full review on the creation of beauty is art. YouTube channel. It is my 15th video...which is a crazy thought. It is hard to believe I have been able to film, get more comfortable on camera, and push myself creatively in this way.

So.....was the Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation a fabulous foundation? A total flop? Check out my video below to find out.

There are some foundations that wow and others that fall flat. This one? Sort of in between. Despite this, I am glad that I was able to finally try a Bourjois foundation. Especially after hearing about them for so long! For my day-to-day routine though? I think I will stick with my tried and trusted Rimmel Clean Finish.

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think of it?

xo Shannon