Thursday, September 20, 2018

transition your wardrobe from summer to fall

Are you having trouble letting go? Of summer, that is. The reality is that summer is coming to a close (the official last day of summer is on the 22nd of this month) and the cool fall weather is just around the corner. That means it’s time to re-evaluate your wardrobe. You may be loving those tank tops and flirty skirts now…. but as the temperatures continue drop, fall fashion becomes a must. Want to make the transition easier? These tips and tricks will help you seamlessly switch your wardrobe from summer to fall.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

gigi hadid + maybelline eyeshadow palette (review)

The first time I heard about the Gigi Hadid and Maybelline collaboration, I was intrigued. I scoured drugstore after drugstore looking desperately for a piece from the line. Nothing. Anywhere. My search was fruitless every single time, which was frustrating to say the least! Especially with beauty gurus from all over the world were discussing the collaboration. Was it good? Bad? It seemed like I would never find out for myself. I had completely given up hope when one day, on a random shopping trip, there it was. Small, simple, and with GH stamped elegantly on the front of the eyeshadow set.

Since this little (emphasis on little) palette had eluded me for such a long time, it was especially thrilling to stumble upon it. And at a discounted price, no less! It seemed that the drugstore beauty gods were smiling on me that day. I just couldn't wait to take it home and see it this product was worth the wait. So...was it? Here is a review of the Gigi Hadid and Maybelline eyeshadow palette.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

love it or leave it? amber heard

New York Fashion Week is always an exciting time. Not only are there plenty of incredible designs coming down the runway but there are also tons of incredible fashions worn by celebrities, fashion lovers, and fans. Out of all the looks I spotted online following the festivities, one stood out. I was immediately struck by the look Amber Heard wore to the Alice + Olivia show. It was definitely head turning....but was it for the right reasons? Her fashion week look is the star of the latest love it or leave it? post here on the creation of beauty is art. 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

current obsession: radiance spin-care system

It hasn't been an easy road. Transforming my skin care routine has taken a lot of time and effort. For years, my goals were to improve my skin care routine, be more consistent, and remember to take my makeup off before bed. And for years, it just wouldn't happen. I don't know what changed exactly. This past year has been one of massive transformation on a personal level - and perhaps taking care of my skin just fell in line with the positive changes in my life! Whatever the reason, my current skin care routine is one I feel good about. I am using quality products, am consistently making good choices, and can see noticeable changes. One of the more recent additions to my routine is the Radiance Spin-Care System from Duvolle.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

#OOTD: Kendall and Kylie for Ardenes

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians and Jenners are here to stay. Though people were quick to dismiss the reality stars as flashes in the pan....they have launched multiple businesses, clothing lines, makeup collections, and more. The latest comes from Kendall and Kylie. The sisters teamed up with Ardenes for a fall fashion collaboration that includes a variety of trendy styles, including t-shirts, sweaters, workout gear, distresed jeans, and even purses. I admit: this collaboration has me excited. Not only are the designs easy to wear, stylish, and fairly affordable, but they are perfectly on brand for the duo.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

end of summer: part two (fan expo canada)

It was a little overwhelming. Though I had long wondered what it would be like to attend Fan Expo Canada, my experience was nothing like I thought it would be. Sure, I'd envisioned lots of people, celebrities, and people dressed in elaborate costumes. But nothing could prepare me for the sheer insanity of it all. Recently, my husband and I took the plunge and spent the Sunday of the Labour Day weekend checking out Fan Expo Canada 2018. The moment we entered the building, it was chaos. There were people everywhere, Funko pop figures lining shelf after shelf, and a full schedule of guests, appearances, and everything in between. It was a crazy and wonderful way to celebrate the end of summer.

Friday, September 7, 2018

end of summer: part one (medieval times + cne)

One quote to summarize the end of summer? "The tans will fade but the memories will last forever." It is so true! Though it is hard to believe, we are nearing the very end of the summer season. School is back in session, the morning temperatures are dropping, and before long, there will be fallen leaves covering every inch of ground. With each passing year, the summer months seem to go by faster and faster. Thankfully, they are always full of special moments and memories. This summer was no different. It was loaded with trips to the zoo, concerts, and more recently, a fantastic day at the CNE and Medieval Times.