Sunday, May 24, 2020

charlotte tilbury (mini hot lips charms try on + review)

Charlotte Tilbury? In my makeup collection? Never in my wildest imagination did I think there would be anything from this prestigious brand sitting in my beauty room. The reason was simple. The price! If you've been reading my blog for a while then you know that I am an advocate for drugstore makeup items but love to mix in higher end products as well. Though splurging on a pricey eyeshadow palette every now and then is fine by me....the prices for Charlotte Tilbury items always seemed to take me by surprise. I have never been able to (or willing to) justify spending $60-70 on an eyeshadow quad. Or $45 on a nude lipstick. There always seemed to be more exciting or more affordable items to choose from. Though I'd long been curious about the brand, it just seemed out of the cards for me. Until my sister gifted me the Mini Hot Lips Charms set during the holiday season. Though they have been in my possession for a while now, it is only more recently that I truly started putting these miniature lipsticks to the test. For a review of the formula as well as a try on of each of the shades...keep reading. 

Friday, May 22, 2020

i followed a colourful makeupbysaz tutorial

Over the years, I have watched a lot of makeup tutorials. Hundreds. Thousands, even. At first this was because my makeup skills were limited. Thanks to places like YouTube, a world of previously unknown information - as well as various skills and techniques - suddenly became available to me. I was entertained, inspired, and constantly learning how to improve my makeup application. One of my very early inspirations? MakeupBySaz. This fabulous YouTuber, blogger, and Instagram creator has been an important part of my journey with makeup. She has taught me skills and has pushed me to be more creative. Most recently, she posted a video titled, "Summer Makeup Using Affordable Products." I watched in awe. Since I had a lot of the products she was using....I thought I would attempt to recreate the look myself.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

love it or leave it? myleene klass

Lately, there hasn't been a ton of street style inspiration. Mostly because people haven't been spending much (if any) time outdoors over the last several weeks. So, when I came across a recent ensemble from British celebrity, Myleene Klass, it was exciting. Finally there was something. Something that involved more than a comfy pair of jeans or a hoodie. I didn't realize how much I had been craving style inspiration. That is what inspired this edition of love it or leave it? It is time to find out whether this street style look was fabulous or a total fail.

fashion wish list from AlisaPan

One thing my life has been missing lately? Retail therapy. Obviously, life has been very different in the last little while. There have been no trips to the mall, no picking up odds and ends here or there...nothing.  This has been both good and bad. Good for my bank account certainly, but not so much for my summer wardrobe. Sometimes, you just want to mix it up. To do that, all you need is a little fashion inspiration. A new piece or two (or three) to refresh your favourite seasonal favourites. To boost your mood. To incorporate bold and trendy pieces. Thankfully, there is always online shopping. Recently, I've been browsing the selection on AlisaPan. There are so many pieces that I have been loving. The website offers a fabulous variety of pieces. That includes dresses, blouses, suits, jumpsuits, and so much more. No wonder it was so easy to fall in love with so many styles. Check out a few of my favourites in this fashion wish list.

Monday, May 18, 2020

review: morphe x jeffree star (set & refresh mist)

Setting sprays are tricky. They either work really well or not at all. At least, that has been my experience! Far too many offerings struggle to work effectively...whether they are from the drugstore or a high end beauty counter. The price tag on a setting spray doesn't necessarily speak to the overall effectiveness. Which is why I wasn't sure how the Morphe x Jeffree Star setting spray would perform. The Set & Refresh Mist was given to me by my sister a while back and lately, I have really been putting it to the test. Immediately, this setting spray stood out from the others in my beauty room. Not only did it come in a bright pink box but it boasted a berry scent! How does it perform? Is the scent good or totally out of place? Keep reading for a full review of the product as well as a video highlighting this Morphe collaboration.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

inspired by: all things tie dye

Last year, tie dye returned to the fashion scene in a major way. It was one of the hottest trends gracing the Spring 2019 runways. Though many trends were predicted for the current season (including 70s inspired items, tropical prints, and all things mint coloured) mind is still focused on tie dye. There is so much to love! Not only is it a nostalgic reference of decades past, it is fun. It is colourful. It is bright. It is exciting. Tie dye is whimsical in every sense of the word. There may be more than a few fashion editors out there eager to move on to the next trend or the hottest new design. As for me? I am holding onto an enduring style that adds some much needed light to the spring and summer season. Currently, tie dye is a serious fashion obsession of mine. Which is why I wanted to do an inspiration post of sorts. These are some of the designs that have been keeping me inspired lately.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

brune nail polish review + classic nail look

My last nail polish colour? Black. Before that? Yellow. Before that? Pink. When it comes to nail polish colours, it honestly comes down to whatever I am in the mood for on that particular day. My latest nail polish look was decidedly more neutral. Extremely neutral, in fact. After a couple of weeks with dramatic black nail polish on my was time for a change. For something a little more low key. That is why it made sense to put a recent addition to my nail polish collection to the test. Brune is not a brand that I have tried before but their nail polish in the shade 03 was intriguing. I love a neutral nail polish shade every now and again. Especially one that looks clean, classic, and effortlessly put together. How did this nail polish perform? What does the colour look like? Keep reading for all in the information you need about this Brune nail polish.