Saturday, December 10, 2016

holiday tips to keep you happy and healthy this christmas

There are many wonderful aspects of the holiday season. For you, that could mean spending time with loved ones, putting up twinkling Christmas lights, or devouring a plate or warm gingerbread cookies. Or it might mean sending out a thoughtful card, wrapping gifts, or DIY-ing something special. Everyone has a different version of the perfect celebration. But one thing we all have in common? Wanting the season to be full of laughter, joy, and happy memories. These holiday tips will help make that a reality....
  • Stop worrying about everything you eat. The month of December is loaded with goodies. There are delicious meals (complete with stuffing and mashed potatoes), holiday cookies (elaborately iced and decorated), and tasty treats (hot chocolate and other seasonal beverages). All of those indulgences can cause us to worry away the holidays. Stop worrying! The average person only gains one to two pounds over the holiday season. So instead of feeling guilty about that turkey dinner....embrace it. Letting go of that guilt allows you to enjoy the holiday season rather than worry it away. 
  • Give yourself time to catch up on sleep. It can be tricky to juggle everything. There are office parties, get-togethers with friends, and of course, all of the other responsibilities you have on a day-to-day basis. Often? Sleep is the first thing to go. That can cause us to be irritable, grumpy, and generally sour. Unless you feel like channeling your inner Grinch, this is no way be about the holiday season! So give yourself time to catch up on sleep. Schedule an extra hour of rest on the weekends or treat yourself to a mid-week nap. This will give you the fuel you need to enjoy every Christmas moment. 
  • Use technology less than you normally would. We all rely on technology. Our smart phones are with us at all times, we use our computers for hours each day, and we have a constant need to be connected. To everyone. At every moment. This can be a good thing....but it can also be emotionally draining. This holiday season, give yourself a break. Put your phone in another room for a couple of hours each night. (Especially when you are partaking in holiday themed activities, like baking or decorating the Christmas tree. They are an unnecessary distraction from your actual holiday goals.) Aim to go as technology free as possible on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Your stress levels will lower and you'll be able to give your full attention to the people you're with.
  • Start making plans for January. The weeks leading up to Christmas tend to be full of things to do and people to see. Then once it's over? Life can feel pretty dull and depressing. So start making plans for January. Not only will this give you the opportunity to thin your social calendar for December (there are too many people to see and never enough time to see them all) but it gives you something to look forward to. Post-holiday. So plan ahead. That way, your holiday season will be full of love...and so will the new year ahead. 
There you have it! A few little tips and tricks for a wonderful holiday season. I hope they help you achieve the perfect Christmas.

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Do you have any holiday tips? Share them in the comment section below!

xo Shannon


  1. Darling, your blog is GOAL! I'm in love. Follow you, follow back?♥

  2. Yes to all of these! It's seriously so great to take a nice break from the tech and the bustle of normal life. And who needs calorie worries...we'll all just be jolly and a bit chubbier together anyway.


  3. Very good tips. I will try to follow them. :)

  4. Very cool tips, i will try all of them
    I love all this post. we can follow each other if you want :) love your blog

  5. Great tips and reminders, I am lacking sleep time these days...

    Madame X
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