Tuesday, December 20, 2016

12 Days of Christmas Blogging - Day 7

Something I have been doing lately? Looking at old holiday photos. I was organizing some files on my computer when I came across pictures of the last three Christmases. There were photos of decorations, family, friends, presents, lights, and freshly fallen snow. Going through them all made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So when I saw that Day 7 of the "12 Days of Christmas Blogging" challenge was about sharing photos from past or present Christmases, I thought...perfect! I will definitely be sharing photos from this holiday in the next week or so. But for now, take a trip down memory lane with me.

Day 7: Share Pictures of Christmases Past or Present

These are some pictures that I have taken over the last few years. Some are of my family home and some are from the apartment last year. I tried to pick the ones that stood out most to me. (Without posting pictures of my family...they are not keen to be on my blog!) I hope you like them.

Thank you for going down memory lane with me. Honestly? Looking at these holiday photos makes me want to go back even further. I think it is time to pull out my external hard drive and see what other photos I can find!

Do you take a lot of pictures during the holidays?

xo Shannon


  1. Lovely photos:) You look fabulous Dear:)
    Merry Christmas:*


  2. A very interesting post !!!
    We'll be in touch!!!!Merry Christmas­čî▓­čî▓

  3. You look absolutely beautiful! And all the pictures are really nice! I don't know if I thanked you for the Christmas card, it was my favourite! Thanks so much! <3