Wednesday, December 21, 2016

12 Days of Christmas Blogging - Day 8

We all have our own traditions. Things that we do year after year. Well, the same can be said for every small town, big city, and country. There are always amazing traditions that take place. Thanks to the "12 Days of Christmas Blogging" challenge, I have been giving thought to some of those traditions today. Which ones stand out? How do they add to my overall seasonal experience? After a bit of pondering...I have come up with one Christmas tradition that makes every holiday feel bright and merry.

Day 8: Share a Local Christmas Tradition In Your Town or Country

Every town has a tree lighting ceremony of some sort and maybe even a parade. But there is one Christmas tradition that always signals the "official" start of the holiday season in Toronto and the surrounding area: the annual Toronto Santa Claus Parade. It features floats, marching bands, and enduring favourites like the Celebrity Clowns. Every single year, I watch it. Even though the commentary is corny and it goes on for is a tradition that makes me smile. I remember when my brother and I were in our teens, we would always put up the outside Christmas lights on the day of the parade. We would finish just in time to make ourselves a cup of hot chocolate and watch the parade. It was a lovely tradition! Now, I watch it online or with my family a day or two later. But no matter what, this is one local tradition that continues.

Are there any local traditions in your town?

xo Shannon

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  1. Happy holidays dear.
    One of our local tradition in our town is that on the christmas afternoon people gather on a certain field and just play games although its kinda dying now