Friday, December 16, 2016

12 Days of Christmas Blogging - Day 3

Ahh, food. There is nothing like the scents and smells that the holiday brings. Just think about the mashed potatoes, stuffing, freshly baked cookies, and an array of tasty treats. My stomach is rumbling just thinking about it all! My sweet tooth definitely goes into overdrive around Christmastime. Which is why the Day 3 prompt for the "12 Days of Christmas Blogging" challenge was especially exciting. Finally, I have the chance to talk about my favourite holiday food.

Day 3: Your Favourite Christmas Recipe or Food

I'll be very honest. When it comes to cooking? I am pretty lousy. Even with a recipe on hand things rarely turn out the way I hope. On the plus side, my baking skills are marginally better. So each year I try to bake something special for the holidays. (Beyond my usual Rice Krispie Squares.) Last year it was a chocolate and marshmallow concoction that I got out of a holiday themed book. I am not quite sure what I will try this year - but I can promise that my belly will be very full of gingerbread this month. It is my all time favourite holiday food.

That's right. I am seriously obsessed with gingerbread! The smell...the taste...the cute decorations. What could be better? I honestly love everything about gingerbread. That probably explains why I have gingerbread scented hand soap (I stock up from Bath & Bodyworks and use it all year round) and gingerbread scented candles around the apartment. December is guaranteed to be a month full of delicious gingerbread. Thank goodness!

Speaking of food (sort of)....part three of my three part Too Faced holiday palette review is up! Take a peek at the Eggnog Latte palette:

What is your favourite holiday food?

xo Shannon


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