Saturday, April 16, 2022

easter is about more than candy. it's about peace, love, and family.

Happy Easter weekend! This is always such a joyful time of year. The sun seems to shine brighter, the world feels more colourful, and there is an overwhelming sense of hope. Spring has arrived and so has one of my favourite holidays. Easter makes me think of chocolate, playing games with my family, and my favourite seasonal cartoons. There are so many ways to celebrate this time of year. For me, it is all about being with family and making memories. Normally, my family celebrates on Sunday, so I am very much looking forward to tomorrow. For now, it is time to answer some Easter-related questions.

There is something so wonderful about holidays. They always seem to make me smile. So, this post is all about The Easter TAG. Be sure to share your own answers to the questions below or on your own blog. I would love to read them! 

Do You Celebrate Easter? Yes, I do. I have always celebrated Easter and as a child, was very excited about days off of school, bunny rabbits, and a basket overloaded with treats. Though I love all holidays, Easter was always a favourite, because of all the beautiful spring inspired decorations. Everything about the holiday is hopeful and joyful. It is a true celebration. 

What Was Your Favourite Thing About Easter Growing Up? Honestly, the chocolate and candy. I have always had a sweet tooth, and something that I loved about holidays growing up was the fact that there would be a few special treats just for me. 

What Are Your Plans For Easter This Year? To visit my family on Sunday, bring them some treats, watch lots of Easter movies, and have fun. Just having a good time and being with the people that I love is the most important thing to me. I absolutely love this time of year - and this holiday - and just really want to make the most of all of those important moments. 

Do You Colour Eggs? Not anymore! As a kid, my siblings and I always used to dye eggs. It never really felt like Easter until you could smell the hard boiled eggs...but somewhere along the line, we stopped trying to dye and decorate eggs. I kind of miss it.

Do You Have Easter Traditions? A lot of our traditions are to go through Easter baskets, watch certain movies together, play various games, and just spend time together. The most important thing is just being together. 

Favourite Easter Treat? Oh, this is a tough one, because I do love them all. I love jelly beans and Peeps and those hollow chocolates in the cardboard boxes and well, everything in between. But my favourite treat has to be the foil wrapped eggs. As a total chocolate lover, these satisfy my chocolate addiction, look cute, and feel so festive. 

Least Favourite Easter Treat? I honestly don't even have one. I really do love junk foods, baked goods, and all sugary things. Even though I am trying to be better and cut back on such things, I absolutely love them all. 

Do You Hunt or Hide Eggs? No. I used to hunt for eggs when I was a kid and it was fun...but a little cut throat! I am not super competitive, but my sister was, and she would do anything necessary to grab hold of those eggs. It makes me smile to think back to those moments when we were kids, all of us running around the room in a frenzy, trying to find a hidden treasure. 

Do You Get Pictures With the Easter Bunny? I wish! I don't think they had those sorts of photo ops with the Easter Bunny when I was a kid. At least not in my area. I haven't gone as an adult to get photos done, but who knows. Maybe one day.

What Do You Typically Put in Easter Baskets? Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. I also like to mix in some little candies, Easter themed goodies, and a small gift or two. I fill an Easter basket for my husband (even though he says I don't need to), my mom, and my dad. It's just fun to do and makes the holiday a little more exciting. 

However you celebrate Easter, here is hoping that the weekend is wonderful and you enjoy every moment of it. Happy Easter! 

How will you celebrate Easter this year? Do you have any traditions?


  1. I do celebrate Easter though not too much the last two years after my moms passing and selling the house and moving I have not been focused on Easter too much. But yes it should be about peace, something we sorely needed right now.

    Allie of

    1. That absolutely makes sense! I hope that you were able to have a peaceful weekend <3

  2. Yes I love the variety of products too =) I love snacks and if they're a little bit healthier it's definetely nice =)
    Oh yes it was so delicious <3 The Omellette was so yummie and all of the seafood was nice too <3 Desserts are really nice, love it =)

    Very nice post, I don't celebrate easter that much but I love to eat good food and meet some friends =)

  3. It sounds like you have some lovely Easter traditions in place! We always spend time with family on Easter too. We never did an Easter egg hunt as kids but my mum puts one on for the boys every year, they are very spoiled grandkids, haha! It's fun participating with them!

    Hope you had a nice weekend and a good Easter :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. That is wonderful! I love that your mom does an Easter egg hunt for your children. That is so special! :D

  4. Happy Easter! I hope you have a nice long weekend. :)

  5. So cute post dear. I like it.. kisses

  6. very nice. I don't celebrate Easter so I am always curious to learn more about it. that and next day huge chocolate sales for sure, I can't lie

    1. Ha, the next day chocolate sales are always a good thing!